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Kevin Coyne died on thursday 2 December 2004. He had been unwell the day before but had rallied but in the morning he died peacefully with his wife at their Nuremberg home. Kevin was buried in St. Johannis Friedhof, Nürnberg, Germany.
In 2003, Kevin Coyne had been diagnosed with fibrosis in his lungs, an illness that causes shortage of breath, problems climbing stairs and required him to take in oxygen at least 16 hours a day. But he could still sing with the same power. "Those of you attending the shows will probably note my reliance on a small oxygen tank and plastic pipe throughout. Recent advice from doctors has led to this. Bravely puffing and panting through songs without extra air is now forbidden. I must preserve my health. This rotten lung fibrosis of mine demands I do what they say." (from Kevin Coyne Newsletter).
A press page about the passsing of Kevin.

- A reminder (Feb 2013):
after the 4 CD Anthology I WANT MY CROWN and the expanded MARJORY RAZORBLADE on
Virgin in 2011, we now have on Cherry Red/Turpentine:
• SIREN + bonus
• NOBODY DIES IN DREAMLAND previously unreleased home demos of Kevin before Case History
• CASE HISTORY + bonus
BLAME IT ON THE NIGHT + bonus - first time on CD!
Great job Cherry Red/Turpentine, thanks! It's actually like a fan's dream come true, all these reissues after all these years... Stay tuned to:


Aug 2013:
Extensive review of the Siren reissues by Brian R. Banks for

July 2013:
- BLAME IT ON THE NIGHT 2-CD REISSUE will be out on July 27th. This is the first time this clasic album will be out on CD!

March 13:
- Steve Dinsdale found this on INA website: "RENCONTRE AVEC RICHARD BRANSON" from the French TV show "Pop Deux", Nov 1st 1973. A feature about Branson and the new Virgin label. Features an absolutly great acoustic show of Kevin with Gordon Smith performing Marjory, Good Boy and I Want my Crown. Also a nice interview.
- STOP PRESS - BLAME IT ON THE NIGHT 2-CD REISSUE *** We're overjoyed to announce that EMI have cleared a deluxe double-disc reissue of Kevin's 1974 album Blame It On The Night, which has never before been on CD. The forthcoming 2-CD edition will be remastered by Tony Cousins, who played bass on the original album. Here's the track listing. No release date yet but hopefully sometime this Summer!
CD1: The Original Album Plus Bonus Tracks
1. River Of Sin
2. Sign Of The Times
3. I Believe In Love
4. Don’t Delude Me
5. Wanting You Is Not Easy
6. Take A Train
7. Blame It On The Night
8. Poor Swine
9. Light Up Your Little Light
10. Choose
11. Witch
12. Right On Her Side
13. Queenie Queenie Caroline (B-Side of ‘I Believe In Love’ Single)
14. Poor Swine (Alternate version released on ‘Let’s Have A Party’ Benelux LP)
15. Poor Swine (Live at Hyde Park, June 30th 1974. From the promo film ‘Kevin Coyne at Hyde Park’)
16. Marjory Razorblade Suite (Live at Hyde Park, June 30th 1974. From the promo film ‘Kevin Coyne at Hyde Park’)
CD2: ‘River Of Sin’: Rough Mixes And More
1. River Of Sin
2. Sign Of The Times
3. I Believe In Love
4. Don’t Delude Me
5. Wanting You Is Not Easy
6. Take A Train
7. Blame It On The Night
8. Poor Swine (Alternate Version)
9. Light Up Your Little Light
10. Choose
11. Witch
12. Right On Her Side
13. One More Drink (Previously Unreleased)
14. Heart And Soul (Previously Unreleased)
15. Stoke Your Oven And Let It Boil (Previously Unreleased)

Feb 13:
- Karl Bruckmaier announced a 55-minutes Siren special on Bayerischer Rundfunk 2. The broadcast will be on March 24th.
- This from Turpentine Records: "We finally accepted a longstanding invitation from James Tugwell at the British Library Sound Archive and donated eight of Kevin's albums to the national archive. The albums we donated were the remastered and expanded debut by Siren and its follow-up 'Strange Locomotion', 'Nobody Dies In Dreamland', the remastered and expanded 'Case History', 'Marjory Razor Blade', Live Rough and More', 'Donut City' and Kevin’s final release, 'Underground'. James also requested a copy of Kevin’s son Robert’s debut album, ‘Death Is Not My Destiny’. All were released by Turpentine Records, except for the 'Marjory Razor Blade' 2CD set which was released by EMI. They join the millions of recordings that are available to members of the British Library, and include all manner of rare recordings, broadcasts and – supposedly – the BPI’s collection of bootlegs."

Jan 13:
- This website has been going on for 10 years
now... thanks for the interest everyone!
- Cherry Red And Turpentine Reissue Kevin Coyne's Masterpiece "Case History". Uncut gives it 8 out of 10!
- Record Collector-Mag has a feature about Kevin (issue #410)
- Thank you Pere Ubu and David Thomas: "A book about Kevin Coyne by Pascal Regis is posted online at The 2pbs [The 2 Pale Boys, another project from David Thomas] did a short UK tour with him some years ago. It was a privilege and an honor. Buy everything he ever recorded and treasure it."
- Who knew... Eminem inspired by Kev'???

Nov 12:
- The deluxe 2-CD edition of Kevin's debut album with Siren and of its follower Strange Locomotion are now available!
- Turpentine says: "Newsflash! Here's the track listing for the expanded edition of Kevin's solo debut CASE HISTORY, which will be released on Turpentine towards the end of January 2013!
Bonus Tracks:
10. CHEAT ME (A-Side)
(Previously Unreleased Version)
16. CHEAT ME 3.54 (Alternative version)
17. FLOWERING CHERRY (Trombone Mix)
- There's a double-page spread all about Siren and the forthcoming reissues in the new edition of Shindig! magazine.
- Ian Breakwell's much sought after film "The Institution", starring Kevin - and no one else really - is currently being shown near Spitalsfields Market at a place called Raven Row. It's being shown a few times a day until Dec 16th. Part of a show of various other directors and film-makers.

Oct 12:
- Uncut has a 4-piece about "KEVIN COYNE The story of the troubled genius who should have been an English institution" (Dec 2012 issue, out Oct 23). Scans are here.
- A new, official, Facebook page. Featuring - for a start amazing photos from the Siren area.
- New from Turpentine label:
The deluxe 2-CD edition of the first Siren album (issued on Dandelion Records in 1969) is now up on Amazon... out at the end of November with a whole bonus disc of sessions!
The deluxe 2-CD edition of the second Siren album Strange Locomotion (issued on Dandelion Records in 1971) is also now up on Amazon... out at the end of November with a whole bonus disc of sessions!

Sep 12:
- I put on-line Kevin Coyne, Warts and All, The oral History.
- A new compilation album called Sounds Mirror Records Sampler features a slow version of Eastbourne Ladies recorded live in 1982 in Holland. "This we restored from a dusty cassette found lying under a bed for 30 years! It was recorded from the mixing desk by Steve Ludlam in a small club in Holland around 1982. The band : Peter Kirtley guitar, Steve Lamb bass, Steve Bull keyboards, Dave Wilson drums.". The label is run by Steve Bull who played keyboards with Coyne in the 80s.

Aug 12:
- SIREN – THE DELUXE EDITION REISSUES: STRANGE LOCOMOTION (2CD) Dandelion DAN 8001, 1971 and SIREN (2CD) Dandelion 63755, 1969 Out in November 2012 by Cherry Red!

Great article on Rick Dodd, Coyne's sax player from legendary Virgin years, featuring interviews with Tim Penn and Tony Cousins.

12th July 12: ex Derby man Doug Smith will talk about his involvement in the making of film and video promotional material for Island Records and show some rare clips, including Roxy Music, Eddie & the Hot Rods, Brian Eno and Kevin Coyne. Quad Arts Centre in Derby, Thursday 12th. July 2012. Paul Warren was there: "I think that group members would be interested to see the footage shown by Doug Smith at Derby Quad last Thursday. The footage was described as "internal demo tapes" and unless you were an employee of Island Records in the 1970's you won't have seen them.  Doug Smith was involved in directing the video and he retained copies. He showed four pieces on the night. Kev and a band performing to the camera as opposed to film of a live gig. The band was Zoot Money, Andy Summers, Peter Woolf (I think) and on bass I'm guessing at Archie Legget (I could be wrong there...). The tracks..."Big White Bird"‚  "Happy Band"‚  "America"‚  "I really love you" (Kev and guitar, solo). According to Doug large amounts of alcohol were consumed.... Kev without shoes on "I really love you" and Andy Summers doing arm wheeling (like Pete Townshend...)... all good stuff and of course all the better for never having seen it before... it's possible that there may be more footage, Doug did say he kept a lot of copies‚ but not all. Apparently Island Records acted in a "distributor role" for several "minor" labels of the 1970's, including Virgin Records..."

Mar 12:
A new album!

Feb 12:
- A new Kevin Coyne exhibition is announced in Weiden (a town ca. 50 km north-east from Nürnberg), featuring Robert and Eugene Coyne and Fitzgerald Kusz on April 20th. "In his lifetime Kevin was very productive. He used to draw and paint almost every day. After a wonderful exhibiton at the gallery Lutz in Nuernberg a year ago we're happy to show more of Kevin's work in Weiden , a beautiful town on the outskirts of Nuernberg. Every year there's a literary festival which draws a large number of people. The opening of the festival starts with the exhibition on 20th of April 2012 and includes music by Robert and Eugene Coyne. Karl Bruckmaier, long time friend, journalist and radio DJ introduces." (Helmi Coyne). Read more (report, photos, video...) here
- Here is a Greek guy who likes Kevin Coyne (and Mrs Merkel)...

Dec 11:
- A very informative resonnance FM podcast about the collaboration of artist Ian Breakwell and Kevin Coyne.

Nov 11:
- Thirty-two years after its recording, the Kevin Coyne Rockpalast show is finally issued as a DVD by label Blast First Petite: "1979 Live at WDR-Studio L Cologne" (1979)
- New interview: Werner Steihauser

Oct 11:
- New interview of Helmi Coyne
- Gary Lucas put up four songs, Clockwork Pudding, High Stakes Mama, Our Little Corner of the World and You Don't Believe Me at all to listen on this web page. These are songs they recorded together in October 1998 and are unavailable anywhere else. Amazing stuff.
_ New photos

- New article, "Kevin Coyne Chanter dans le chaos" (in French) by Jacques Serena sur le site de l'Oreille Absolue. Superb article.

Sep 11:
- Uwe spotted a new clip, 15 minutes acoustic with Friedl Pohrer from Zürich 1994

June 11:
- New Babblers entries.

May 11:
- Two new boots from Oslo: Club 7, Oslo (Norway), 11.05.1983 and Waterfront, Oslo (Norway), 11.09.1985. Thanks to Hakon Christensen and Uwe.
- French INA has a video for a 1978 KC show: "Kevin Coyne sur la scène du Théâtre de l'Empire à Paris, Chorus - 12/11/1978" - 19min55s. Extract here. After registration one can buy the 20mn thing for 2,99€ (not sure that works outside of France). ABSOLULTY AMAZING FOOTAGE!

Apr 11:
- "Obscure Classic #8- Marjory Razorblade (1973)". A youtube introduction to the album.
- New live photos in Oslo in 1983.
- A rare showing of the film THE INSTITUTION coming up in London.

Mar 11:
- NEW OFFICIAL WEB SITE!! "Despite recording and releasing albums over five decades on labels such as Dandelion, Virgin, Cherry Red, Golden Hind and Ruf Records, it was always Kevin’s ambition to take full control of his music and create his own record label. In 2004 Kevin finally achieved his goal with the creation of Turpentine Records, and the label’s debut release, ‘Donut City’. Assisted by wife and manager Helmi and close friend and long-time drummer Werner Steinhauser other releases by Kevin followed, as well as the debut solo album by son and frequent collaborator Robert Coyne, ‘Death Is Not My Destiny’, in 2007. Today Turpentine is preparing to finally make some of Kevin’s extensive collection of archive recordings available." We're waiting for the first CD that should be called "Nobody Dies In Dreamland".

Jan 11:
- Frank Bangay released a new CD "AB Normal" including his cover of Something Gone Wrong.
- New exhibition in Nurenberg:|id|30198|template|0

Dec 10:
- "It´s time for a Kevin Coyne revival, folks!"
- New press page about the Oldham/Babble project. Cool to see the whole US indie scene wondering who the hell is this Kevin Coyne and his Babble that Oldham is rambling about...

Oct 10:
- Kevin's performance of House On The Hill from the Old Grey Whistle Test was on BBC 4 on Friday 8 October 9.15. Available now on BBC iPlayer (only in the UK). Kevin on at 42.30 mins (Thanks TOny for the info).

Sep 10:
- On a radio show Wil Oldham played an amazing version of Are you deceiving me and had again many good things to say about Babble: "It's one of those very rare records. When I first heard it, it sort of turned the world on its end in very positive and frightening ways at the same time. And it's a good collaborative record. Kevin Coyne and Dagmar Krause ended up sort of confronting each other musically throughout the record. And very rarely does it feel like they're working together but that's the contruct." He also said he would play Babble songs in his next shows and, indeed, on Sep 30, he sang Sweetheart in Chicago with singer Angel Olson. (check also this article).

- "Atem 1975-1979" is a collection of interviews from Atem magazine, featuring Kevin Coyne who they met in the early 70s. They even booked him in the Hattfield/Coyne Tour. (book in French)

Jun 10:
- June 12 (2pm) : Festival "Filmer la Musique" will show the film "One Room Man", introduced by Pascal Regis. Point FMR 10 quai de Valmy Paris 10.

May 10:
- New link: Robert Ferguson's webpage with memories of the very early years.
- Frank Bangay's review of the Anthology.
- Exhibition in Erlangen, Germany: "Der Comic-Salon zu Gast im Kunstmuseum 60 Jahre Mecki | Kevin Coyne und andere"

Apr 10:
- A website about The Police with a list of Summers-Coyne page, very well documented.
- An illustrated story of KC's recorded works, in French.

Mar 10:
- Mar 2010: new album by Robert Coyne: "Woodland Conspiracy" (Meyer Records), including a live version of Kevin’s ‘Sugar Candy Taxi’, recorded in Köln, Germany in November 2009. Robert Coyne is Kevin's second son.

Feb 10:
- Herz aus Feuer documentary will be broadcasted on German TV station Eins Festival on Tuesday, 9th February. The film is part of “Beautiful Losers” and was originally compiled for German/French “arte” channel. Also features about Marianne Faithful, Willy De Villy and Leonard Cohen.
- New boot: Luxor, Koln, Dec 20 (1984)

Jan 10:
- EMI Anthology and the reissue of Marjory will be out on January 11 2010. More reissues announced but download only: Blame it on the Night, Matching Head and Feet, Dynamite Days. More here about all this.
- Press:
Q, Mojo and Uncut love the reissues!
- We are looking for a London venue for a 2010 Tribute Show!

Dec 09:
- Vic Chesnutt, an amazing musician - and a great fan and friend of Coyne - died on 25 December. When I met him in 2007, we had a long talk about Kevin. Vic even told me: "Kevin was the greatest songwriter!" He said he would record (with REM musicians) a Kevin song for a Tribute album but sadly this never happened. His shows with Silver Mt Zion, and his album 'North Star Deserter", are some of the most intense music I ever heard. Please click here. Amy Rigby (who played the Belgium Tribute shows) reminicices about Vic and Kevin here.
- With a big hand from Uwe, a major update of the Covers page.
- The film One Room Man will be screened on Sunday, 06.12. in 3001 Cinema Hamburg 17.30 info:
- The De Muze show in Meize from March 25 2004 had been filmed by Jos. It will be shown on Dec 13 2009 during the Tribute shows in Belgium at the same venue. Only projection scheduled.
- Report from the Tribute shows.
- Another virtual collection of covers: Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Kevin Coyne!

Nov 09:
The tracklisting for the new Anthology and Marjory reissue is now announced. Read more about these reissues on this new page here.

Oct 09:
- It sems some out-of-print are now available for official download.
- New info about the Tribute shows in Belgium from the Official website:
Dear Friends
We are pleased to announce that the final dates and artist line-up for the long-awaited Kevin Coyne tribute concerts in Belgium can now be confirmed. All the dates are scheduled for this December at the following venues:
Fri. Dec. 11th - Muze en Meisse, Brussels
Sat. Dec. 12th - N9, Eeklo
Mon. Dec. 14th - Fagot, Ingelmunster
Thu. Dec. 17th - GC de Steenhoven, Herzele
Fri. Dec. 18th - Centrale, Ghent
Sat. Dec. 19th - Stadsschouwburg, Brugge
The performers who are coming together to pay tribute to Kevin share a long history with him, as musical collaborators, friends and family -- and all of them as fans. Forming the nucleus of the band for the six dates will be: Brendan Croker, Jon Langford (guitar), Wreckless Eric (bass), Amy Rigby (guitar and keyboards), Werner Steinhauser (drums), Eugene (vocals) and Robert Coyne (guitar). Frans Joseph Goof will also be appearing at all the shows and Brendan Croker at all except the gig in Eeklo on the 12th. Eugene Coyne will join the band for the final three shows in Herzele, Ghent and Brugge, with Patrick Riguelle also appearing at the final Brugge date and Erik Van Den Broeck playing at selected dates throughout the tour.
The setlist of songs will be drawn from every period of Kevin Coyne's long career, with each participant singing their own particular favourites prompted by their personal memories of Kevin. We hope that you'll be able to join us to remember and celebrate the life, work and lasting influence of this great artist. best Helmi Coyne
P.S For further details on venues and reservation please go to the website:

Sep 09:
- 'I want my Crown', the 4 cd Anthology is announced for January 2010 on Amazon. Read more about these reissues on this new page here.
- Frank Bangay recorded a cover of Are you Dreaming on his new CD 'Songs, poems and Prayers'. Frank can be reached at frankbangay (a)
- New boot thanks to Serge Paris, Forum des Halles, 1983 April 9 (download here)

Aug 09:
- Label Blast First Petite announces a DVD of the Rockpalast show. Waiting for more details.

Jun 09:
- This from the official website: "We're very pleased to announce that early 2010 will see the release of a 4CD anthology of Kevin's recordings for Virgin Records, alongside a remastered and expanded Marjory Razorblade, featuring unreleased songs, singles, b-sides and more. Both the anthology and Marjory Razorblade will be available as physical releases and digital downloads through EMI. The rest of Kevin's Virgin catalogue will eventually be available as remastered and expanded editions through Esoteric Recordings. More details about Esoteric are available here:
The anthology will feature three discs drawn from Kevin's studio albums from Marjory Razorblade to Sanity Stomp, with a tracklisting chosen by Kevin's eldest sons, Eugene and Robert. It will also include previously unreleased songs and rare recordings. The fourth disc features Kevin and his band live at Hyde Park on June 30th 1974. More details to follow soon. best
Helmi Coyne (Read more about these reissues on this new page here.)
- New boot, thanls to Chris and Uwe: Objekt 5, Halle, 25 Nov 2004, the 2nd to last concert

Mar 09:
- A new and amazing boot from early 1979: Kevin at Home, Tape by Tony 'Bones
- This online radio seems to be playing A LOT of Kevin Coyne songs.

Jan 09:
- Tony found a clip from The Institution film.
- A great review of Case History by Giallo on Head Heritage
: "Honestly, I can only think of two others who got as deep as Coyne: Blind Willie Johnson and Skip Spence."

Dec 08:
- New Coyne-Croker videos
- A new album by Gordon Smith (guitarist with Kevin in the early years).
- A list of videos available on youtube (thanks to Wil)
- The latest edition of Survivors Poetry features Kevin Coyne on the front cover and some of Kevins paintings and a few of his short stories. This can be found here.

Nov 08:
- A reissue of Gordon Smith early works: "The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions" feat. guys from the original Fleetwood Mac (Smith played with Coyne on his early albums).
- This from Robert Coyne: "It's rather short notice, but if anyone's in London this sunday, November 16th, me and my new band will playing our first gig, an afternoon show at The Underworld pub in Camden. Tony Thewlis (of Scientists fame) is on guitar, Hugo Martin and Tim Lambert (both formerly of mine and Eugene's band, Mean Vincent) are on guitar and bass respectively, and Yan Quellien (of The Barracudas, among many others) is playing drums. We'll be on around five o'clock, after which there'll be further turns from Flamin' Groovies legend Chris Wilson and Barracudas singer Jeremy gluck, who's performing with his new band the Yohawks. It should be an interesting afternoon/evening and entrance is free. If you are able to make it, be sure to say hello."

Oct 08, lots of good news!:
- New DVD: "John Peel's Dandelion Records" out Nov 08 on Ozit/Morpheus Records feat. Siren's reunion show from 2003! Read more about this dvd. Order info: the dvd will be ready for despatch direct on Saturday 15th november- visitors saying they come from Pascal's Kevin Coyne website can obtain a special signed directors copy of the dvd (6 hours with 16 page dvd booklet in total) for a special initial purchase price of £12-50 plus £2 postage  inside uk £2-75 outside uk (regular price of the six hour film is £19-99). You can paypal funds to or send credit card details by e mail to or phone 01565 734066  or 07970 219701. "The dvd contains some of the best film and still photos ever of Kevin and Siren plus extensive film interview about Siren and Kevin with Siren's Dave Clague. Also in the film John Fiddler, Medicine Head, Tractor, Bridget St John, Stackwaddy and a host of other Dandelion related artists".
- New commercial CD "ON AIR", a more complete version of a very good bootleg called "Postaula, Bremen, 1975". Read more.
- A new amazing boot: Kevin Coyne Martin Odstrcil, Lange Zeile Tapes (85). A big thank you to Martin for these rehearsal recordings.
- This is big: UNDERGROUND and the new DVD: Kevin Coyne At The Last Wall can now be ordered through this adress in the NL and paid by paypal! I know many US fans were waiting for this.
- A new compilation by Chery Red: I'LL GIVE YOU MY HEART, I'LL GIVE YOU MY HEART - THE CHERRY RED SINGLES COLLECTION 1978-1983 crcdbox4 - This 4 cd-set includes So Strange and Father Dear Father by Kevin.

Aug 08:
- I began to sort out the lyrics by album.

July 08:
- New DVD: Kevin Coyne At The Last Wall with extra tracks + "The Unknown Famous" documentary, available through Meyer Records and Toca records. Read this German article about the release

June 08:
- Another nice Coyne cover by Frank Bangay: "Are We Dreaming".
- Photos from the Tribute Night (read more below about this event).
- Waldo van Leeuwen says: Brendan Croker, together with his good friend Jo Clauwaert, a famous photographer and designer in Belgium, has an exhibition called "We only look like fools" in a beautiful art gallery. Both gentlemen will be displaying their combined multi-talents during the biggest annual cultural festival in the Lowlands, the "Gentse feesten". Brendan will show his work here and (of course) he will be involved in musical events almost daily." All information (check out for regular updates) can be found here, including this nice photo of Brendan and Kevin (they recorded together in 2002).

May 08:
- There will be a Tribute to Kevin in London on June 5. Read more here.
- Airmail Recordings (Japan) rereleased Siren (Airac 1460), Strange Locomotion (Airac 1462) and Case History (Airac 1470), along with 13 other Dandelion artists cds, all presented in facsimile paper sleeves. The cds are also available as three boxed sets - Set A - AIRAC-1455 to AIRAC-1459 Set B - AIRAC-1460 to AIRAC-1465 Set C - AIRAC-1466 to AIRAC-1470

Apr 08:
- Thanks to Dave from the Whatevershebringswesing Group, we have a new extanded and restored version of the DARBY, FEB 2 1979 boot called Pennine Hotel Derby 1979.
- Also thanks to Dave and Uwe for a
new much better sounding version of the "Pinky" boot.
- A new compilation of covers by Kevin (3 cdr): "Rock'n'roll Bullshit & Stupid Pop Songs" (1974-2002). Download here.
- There are a couple of new covers found on myspace

Mar 08:
- One of the best thing to happen on the Kevin Coyne front for months: Haze unearthed a video footage of the Star Rider tv show and put it to DVD: awsome footage of Kevin with Andy Summers, Zoot Money, Steve Thompson and Peter Woolf in 1977!
- Check these beautiful photos from the derelict Whittingham Hospital where Kevin Coyne worked in the 60s: "extracts from a Kevin interview by Frank Bangay: "I was living in Preston, Lancs, working at Whittingham psychiatric hospital and joined [Siren] for some recording in 1968." - "The album [Case History] reflects my work in Whittingham hospital and as a social worker for the Soho project in London. The intensity of it all reflects my concern and passion for the problems of the underdog. It's a record, dedicated to the unfortunate amongst us." - "House on the Hill is about Whittingham hospital, about the grey atmosphere, the primitive conditions and the rest. It's a song with a glimmer of hope, but not much. My time as an out of work drunk wondering around Brixton is mentioned too. It's a very personal song." More info about this hospital here.

Feb 08:
- A new compilation of unreleased Kevin songs (3 cdr): Unreleased Songs from the Wonderful World of Boots by Martin J. (1973-2002). Download here.
- This is in the Guardian: "Readers recommend: songs about mental illness - Prior to making music, Kevin Coyne was a psychiatric nurse, so he knew better than to treat mental illness lightly. The House On the Hill has the same dishevelled lope as Neil Young's Tonight's the Night: the sound of someone coming undone while asking 'Who on earth will ever understand I'm really trying?'"

Jan 08:
- Pere Ubu put their version of Kevin's Turpentine to download here. For 1$, check this amazing version where Pere Ubu meets Kevin Coyne! This was initially recorded for a forthcoming Tribute to Kev which, as Pere Ubu singer David Thomas puts it "ran out of steam"...
- Pipilotti Rist's video "You Called Me jacky" is now available on youtube.
- A great Gordon Smith interview by Clive Product (this is an edited version of the interview that will be included in the new, updated and expanded edition of "Beautiful Extremes: Conversations with Kevin Coyne" by Clive Product). Smith played guitar on the early Coyne albums.

Dec 07:
- Another song about Kevin Coyne by MICHIKO 66, called "KC". Listen here
- A couple of "video" collages on Coyne songs on you tube: search for MehefinHeulog.

Nov 07:
- The Yahoo Group and the MySpace Page Friends voted for their 4 favorite Kevin Coyne songs - and the winners are...
- I did some update on the "Better to be mad than sad" album by album review (added my reviews of "One Day in Chicago" and "Underground").
- Marjory Razorblade made the « 1000 albums you have to hear before you die » list in the :
"Kevin Coyne - Marjory Razorblade (1973) Kevin Coyne was a singular talent. His vocal delivery was raw and unsettling, but although his songs - often improvised in the studio - largely dealt with society's outsiders and misfits, they were leavened by a warmth and earthy humour. This double album is his masterpiece, a generous serving of English blues."
- Good press for the Cherry Red 3CD box: Word magazine (who mentions The Fall and John Lydon as fans), Record Collector and Uncut who both give 4-star.
- Jackie Leven - an old friend of Kevin, who contributed to the Whispers Tribute cd - has recorded under the name of Sir Vincent Lone, a new tribute song to Kevin, called "Coyne of the Realm", included in his 2007 CD "When The Bridegroom Comes: Songs For Women"
- Pillows and Prayers reissued by Cherry Red Recods (Nov 07) as "Pillows & Prayers - Cherry Red Records ‘81-’84 25th Anniversary 3CD / 1dvd Box Set", includes Love in your Heart: ""Pillows & Prayers": an all-embracing collection of records that are achingly hip, lovably gauche, and bizarrely enduring. This extended 4-disc box set - 25th Anniversary special edition - offers a fantastic snapshot of the surge of creativity that surrounded Cherry Red at the start of the 80s and features early recordings from many pioneering and distinguished artists, including Everything But The Girl, Eyeless In Gaza, the Monochrome Set, Ben Watt, Tracey Thorn, Felt and many others… The Legendary compilation album that attained one whole year in the UK Indie charts, with 19 weeks at No.1!"
- New great photos.
- A new fan-page about Siren (in German)
- A "new" (material was already available somewhere else) boot spotted on the net: "The Andy Kershaw Sessions 1999-2004
". Read a review here.
- And here is another cdr bootleg from the same sessions, remastered by Poor: From Andy Kershaw Session (1999-2004)

Oct 07:
- This spotted by Graham: In the Culture Clinic section of The Daily Telegraph dated October 13 2007 Blur bass-player Alex James submits to a little light therapy. The 38 year old lists his job as "musician, farmer, associate editor of The Spectator". Kate Weinberg's 'prescription' for him under Recommended CD says:-  "Marjory Razorblade - Kevin Coyne (1973). This album is widely agreed  to be the masterpiece of English folk-blues artist Coyne, while being  early and underground enough to have slipped under even your radar. Entrancing, freaky and desolate in turns, it should grab you by the  throat and shake your brains around as well as reminding you why it's  quite nice to be a cheese farmer and writing for The Spectator".   

Sep 07:
- New fantastic (and almost embarrassing for me...) review of Whispers from the Offing in French mag Crossroads (rough translation here).
- New reissue on Cherry Red Records: "The long awaited release of the Kevin Coyne Box Set. Following on from last years acclaimed Dandelion Records singles collection Cherry Red Records are delighted to announce the release of their second 3CD box set: Kevin Coyne (with Siren) – The DandelionYears 1969-1972. Writer, painter and blessed with a voice of rare quality, the late Kevin Coyne was a much loved figure in British music circles and left behind an extraordinary body of work including over 30 albums. This package represents the first 3 chapters of his recording career as released by BBC DJ John Peel's Dandelion Records label between 1969 and 1972, including two albums with Siren, his first solo LP, `Case History', which involved Siren personnel and bonus tracks. Beautifully packaged and lovingly restored this collection will be available to buy in full from Monday 24th September." That called for a major update of my SIREN YEARS page. The boxset got a 3.5 out of 5 in German Rolling Stone.

Aug 07:
- New blog, with loads of music to download "The World of Kevin Coyne" (blog by Poor not by me).
- Read my e-mail interview with Kevin Coyne's bass player Robert Steinhart
- New Tribute CD review: Is This Music
- New on Youtube: Old Soldier, a a
nti war clip with music by Kevin Coyne.
- A reference to Kevin in this article by John Pidgeon about Police: "I had already seen the Police play live, at one of the scant 10 gigs they had played since April [1978]. The venue was the Nashville Room in West Kensington, and I was accompanied by two pals, former Faces keyboard player Ian McLagan, who'd been every bit as excited as I had on hearing Roxanne, and lugubrious, lovable Kevin Coyne, in whose band Andy Summers had played and who was intrigued by his erstwhile guitarist's punk makeover. While Kevin chuckled over Summers' bottle-blond hair, Mac and I scoured the sparse crowd for someone who might be Sting, our only sight of the singer having been an arty Xeroxed image on the single's sleeve. It was the parachute suit and peroxide crop that persuaded us we'd found him, but, to be certain, Mac asked, "You're Sting, aren't you?" to which Sting responded, "Yes, but you're Ian McLagan."

May 07:
- "Whipsers from the Offing", the Kevin Coyne Tribute cd gets 5 stars and is voted CD of the month in Plarer, Nuremberg mag!
- New info on the "Kilburn" film.
- A new LP artwork exhibition in Nürnberg, including Stumbling On To Paradise
- New page on this site: "Burning Head Artwork"
-New photos

Apr 07:
- The strangest cover: one Thomas dedicated his version of Sugar Candy Taxi to... Paris Hilton.
- New photos from the 80s by Adrie (thanks)
- Check this German Music Trival Pursuit card!

Mar 07: "Whispers from the Offing", the second Tribute to Kevin Coyne cd is out !
- John Cavanagh will feature 'Whispers From the Offing' on his Soundwave radio show on the 25/6 March. This goes out on Sunday mornings & Monday evenings on various FM stations in Europe & New Zealand, on Sky (channel 0195) and online.
- Robert Coyne's (Kevin's son) album is available. More info here

Fev 07:
- More info on Whispers from the Offing, the 2nd Kevin Coyne Tribute cd on Life and Living website
- A nice short story by Gary Archambault
- New dvd boots: LIVE AT MUSIC HALL FRANKFURT GERMANY 1991 and LIVE AT WEIDEN, GERMANY, 1989. Again, a big thank you to Georg.
- New boot thanks to Simon Crook: THE SHED BRAWBY APR 30 1994
- A new unidentified vinyl version of Case History appeared... Weird...
- Loads of new German articles, thanks to Horst

Jan 07:
- New boots: Zeche, Bochum, Germany, 1987 and Zeche Bochum, Germany, Oct 19 1982 / Jovel Cinema, Munster, Germany, 1983? A big thank you to Georg.
- New boot: Kevin Coyne Memorial Night Hideout Chicago (Aug 19 2005). Thanks to The Mekons' website for this.
- New exhibition of Kevin's artwork opens on Jan 16 at the Galerie am Schweizer Platz in Frankfurt, Germany

Dec 06:
- December newsletter from Helmi Coyne
- More videos have been downloaded on youtube; list is here . Including a brand new extract from the Waashnin 1986 festival, with Kevin singing 'The World is Full of Fools'

Nov 06:
- NEW The Complete Kevin Coyne Lyrics website! I am very pleased to announce this new website. This has been a long time project so it's a pleasure to see it finally happening. As you'll see in the opening page, your help and additions are very welcomed!
- Lots of Cherry Red Records news: they just released a 3 cd box called "John Peel's Dandelion - The Complete Dandelion Records Singles Collection 1969-1972". It includes much music by Coyne. This release - and Michael Heatley documented liner notes - helped fill a few gaps in the Siren Years Page. Read more. Also, on Cherry Red website, a Dandelion Story podcast. The Cherry Red Records's reissue of Politics/Pointing the Finger is now available for download. And there's a really good article (in French) about this reissue. Finally, read here a 2001 Coyne interview by Michael Heatley for Classic Rock Magazine (Michael Heatley wrote the liner notes to the Coyne and Dandelion Cherry Red reissues)
- A new book (in French): "ROCK, POP, un itinéraire bis en 140 albums essentiels" (Editions Le Mot et le Reste, 2006). Among the 140 essential albums is MARJORY RAZORBLADE.
- A Marjory Razorblade review by Jeff Young, for a Guardian competition "The greatest albums you've never heard" (read it here too).
- This on the Guardian's website: "When I was around 10 years old, I walked into the living room where a truly terrifying object was. My brother had recently decided that he would master the art of ventriloquism and had bought a second-hand doll. I suffered from a long-standing fear of dolls in general and ventriloquist ones particularly put the heebie-jeebies up me. His name was Ginger George and he was hideous. One of his eyes had popped out once and my brother had hastily refitted it upside down, resulting in an even more grotesque look. I walked up to George in order to try to overcome my fear. When I was about two feet from him, there was a horrific screeching that filled the room as a record that my Dad was taping kicked in. It was a song by Kevin Coyne and begins with a croaky, high-pitched scream of the words 'Marjory Razorblade' - the name of the song. If anyone can find a sample of this on the web and imagine me standing alone in a room confronting my deepest fears, then you will appreciate the full terrifying effect that this moment has had on me. Posted by allan

Oct 06:
- A music festival in Nuremberg, featuring several Kevin Coyne related artists: Keili Keilhofer, Andreas Blüml and readings of Coyne's books with Fitzgerald Kusz, Coyne's German translator.
- Robert Lloyd's NIGHTINGALES recorded a splendid cover of Good Boy for their cd "Out of True", Oct 2006.

Sep 06:
- Update of the RARE KEVIN COYNE boot
- New Boot DVD "COYNE CROKER, LEEFINGE, BELGIUM, 16th November 2002"
- A very rare song just surfaced: Love City on a 2 cd album, released in 2000: “Grand Prix – Ein Lied Für Nürnberg (A Song For Nurenberg)”. It was produced for the 950th anniversary of the town with profits going to a Mauritanian human rights worker. Every song is about Nürnberg, almost only German and Franconian singing. Kevin´s contribution is very nice and with wonderful lyrics. Line-up is Henry Beck (keyboards) and Werner Steinhauser (drums); exact time of recording unknown (found by Uwe)
- Wil Oldham (Palace, a.k.a. Bonny Prince Billy) is including his cover of Kevin Coyne's 'I Confess' in his next cd "The Letting Go". The song (from Coyne's LP BABBLE) had been issued by Oldham as a single in the 90s. Check this Oldham article about Coyne and Babble ("Last night, a record changed my life")

Jun 06:
- New boot DVD: FILM "Van Oekels Discohoek" Dutch TV show, broadcast Jun 20 1974. Kevin lip synchs to Marlene.

May 06:
- 'Underground' is awarded the 'German Record Critic Award'
- Two new unofficial myspace pages, "Kevin Coyne" and "Kevin Coyne Books", each with a couple of songs
- A very cool 'Matching Head & Feet' beer mat! (thank you Bones)
- New boot: GLR Radio (1995)
- This on Jackie Leven's website:
THE DEEP POOL - MAY 2006 And does God help us? - A crucifix hangs over the bed in every room. Five saintly priests visit our establishment in rotation. Cocksucking is forbidden during waking hours. We take our pills and dwell upon the afterlife. We apply ourselves to all therapies with a diligence that astounds the casual visitor. Who amongst you in that outside world of yours could live as we do? It takes discipline and order not to thwart the devils within. That horned beast of a being has no place on our tennis courts and football fields.'
A small piece from a wonderful book called 'That Old Suburban Angst' by the late Kevin Coyne which i've been re-reading each night before i go to bed (my ba-by). It makes me laugh out loud - bits like that bit quoted above aren't funny ha-ha as such, but as you immerse yourself in his world, the images pile up inside you and give you a fleeting comedic protection from this terrible world - i'm especially fond of his interest in sausages...The book is published by Tony Donaghey Publishing - England For
I correspond with Tony - a man who only wants the world to know more of the genius of Kevin Coyne - buy this book for yourself for Christmas and disturb your loved ones!
I've been thinking about Kevin ever since Michael Cosgrave and i toured in Germany and Austria last month - that suddenly seems like an era ago - (the Pool is late this month because i've been so busy finishing writing a new album which starts recording at the beginning of June - i need staff...). We played in Nuremburg which was the adopted home of Kevin - the venue was very full, possibly too full, but people tolerated the circumstances, and when i name-checked Kevin from onstage, there was a beautiful round of warm affectionate applause for the man - a lovely moment.
After the show, in the heat and noise I met Helmi, Kevin's widow and we talked about Kevin, my respect for him, his loveliness as a person, and the song that i've written and recorded about Kevin called 'Here Come The Urban Ravens'. Helmi is a charismatic woman of total charm, and she made me think about the resilience which you see in people who are prepared to stand by outsider/borderline folk of genius like Kevin, David Thomas, me, Davina McCall, Grant Mitchell, Anne Widecombe, that depressing Jewish bloke in Friends, the Daleks, Osama Bin Laden, Al Gore, the CILLIT BANG! man, Lee Bowyer - the list goes on...

Apr 06:
- Undergound review in Uncut (Apr 06)
- New boot: Basel, Parterre, 2nd set, Nov 18 1999
- A French article from Mar 78 in Atem mag.
- A new page with exhibition flyers

Mar 06:
- Uwe found 'Geraldine', an unknow song from a charity various artists CD called STRASSENKREUZER IN ROCK VOL. 3 (2004)
- New info on the Berlin LP boot, by Harald who actually recorded the show in 1981
- A ballet about 'Good Boy'? Well yes indeed...
- A review of "Underground" and "One Day In Chicago" in "Nürnberger Nachrichten" from last Mar 18, 2006, by Kevin´s friend Steffen Radlmeier. New cd is compared to late great work by Dylan, Cash and J-L Hooker (thanks Uwe)
- 2 new Mojo reviews ('Sugar Candy taxi' and 'Let's do it') in the Press page (thanks Frank)
- Update on the 'Compilation' page
- An interesting blog talking about the film 'One Room Man' (entry is Tuesday, February 14, 2006)

Feb 06:
- New info on the collaboration with Coyne and Gary Lucas.
- New info about the film Angel Dust (thanks to Tony)

Jan 06:
- New CD Underground is out! Order here. Read "Underground" press release by Mike Barnes (French version here).
- Who would have thought? Kevin Coyne and Barry Melton (Country Joe and the Fish) played together!
- Unpeeled website ("The small, but perfectly deformed publication that covers the kind of music played by John Peel as well as material he’s never heard of!") has a nice article about ONE DAY IN CHICAGO.
- Tony found a copy of the Robert Lloyd session where he played "Good Boy".
- Tony also spotted this book/CD called "Autant en emporte le Rock" (2000), feat. a Coyne interview. More here.
- Added some stills from the Va Banque film.
- In an on-line Blog for BBC 6 Music, Andrew Collins has extolled the virtues of the Artic Monkeys and each time has mentioned Kevin. In this month 'The Word', he reviews an Artic's gig with "Yes the music has spunk and style, an impatient dash past the plangent beauty of The Smiths, the rumbling belligerence of The Fall, the choppy funk of Orange Juice, the unflappable self-belief of the Libertines and the colloquial quirk of Kevin Coyne, but it was the words that spoke to me."
-THE RAVER was a regular column that appeared in Melody Maker; here's one, rather good:
8-16-75:  One way to cool off in a heatwave - get thrown in a swimming pool.  It happened to MM's Karl "Streaker" Dallas at the Manor Recording Studios' little soiree on Saturday night.  It was a relaunch for the legendary Oxfordshire rock haven, and among the jammers were Ollie Halsall, Kevin Coyne, Rob Tait and the incredible Gordon Smith, electric slide guitarist, who actually stood up to play (he usually sits down), and who should be signed to a band forthwith.  Andy summers was seen looking for a guitar to play in the jamming tent, while Karl Dallas beat a tambourine, which was probably why he got pushed into the pool.  There was quite a crew of celebrities joining in the festivities ˆ Robert Wyatt in straw hat and clutching a flask of tea, Ivor Cutler, Henry Cow, Anthony "Wild Man" Moore, John Cale, Chris Spedding, Lady June, Mike Oldfield, and Roy Harper.  Ollie Halsall was enthusing about his new band Boxer, which features Mike Patto and Tony Newman.
- New boots: "50 Boots DVD-R" (MP3 collection), "Luxor film " (DVD).

Dec 05:
- 'UNDERGROUND' NEW KEVIN COYNE CD TO BE RELEASED IN JANUARY, 2005. This from Helmi Coyne's December newsletter: "It's the result of recordings Kevin made on and off in that last year, between April and October 2004, and it's thanks to the joint effort of Kevin's band, friends and family that we've managed to get it out. I'm proud to say that renowned artist Ralph Steadman did the cover and, to coincide with the album's release, journalist Robert Chalmers wrote a fine article for the Independent ("Britain's Bob Dylan"). You'll find further information about the CD and how to order it on the website. I hope you like it and I look forward to hearing your comments."
- A scan of Going Underground", an article by Robert Chalmers, in the Independant Sunday Review, Dec 11 2005 is here
- New compilations: "Gloomy Afternoon" and "Yard Dog 10 Years" (feat. "Havin a Party" live in Chicago, Dec 2002.
- A Tribute show in London on Dec 2nd 2005, for the first anniversary of Coyne's passing. Feat. Sexton Ming, Frank Bangay, Dave Russell and Nigel Burch (who have all contributed to the forthcoming Radio Resonance tribute CD) . The Sussex Arms, 104, Culford Road London N1 Friday December 2nd. 8.30 FLYER Read more
- On Thursday 1st December and Friday morning at 1 am, on BBC 6, Chris Hawkins broadcast four Kevin Coyne tracks recorded at the Golders Green Hippodrome in 1974 (see here for the boot of this 1974 recording).
- New boots: Kevin Coyne on Film and "Millionaires and Teddybears" Erinnerungen an Kevin Coyne (radio).
Four-stars for ONE DAY IN CHICAGO in Mojo, Dec 05!
- A review of ONE DAY IN CHICAGO in The Daily Telegraph, Dec 3, 2005
- A Brighton band, The Informers, play Coyne covers. more

Nov 05:
- "The World is Full of Fools - A Fan Tribute to Kevin Coyne" is released. Featuring 18 Coyne covers by members of the Kevin Coyne Group plus an unreleased song by Kevin Coyne. Free cdr, just ask! Chris McGorey from Chicago did a great job in coordinating this project! CD ART Full list of contributors.
- New info about England England, thanks to Paul Bennets.
- The Carpenter Ants, who backed up Kevin in his US tour, just released an album: “In addition to getting to march all over some well-penned originals, the album also showcases a wild and colorful painting on the cover by one of the Ants' dear musical brothers, Kevin Coyne, who died last Dec. 2. The album is dedicated to the late West Virginia artist the Amazing Delores and to Coyne, the globetrotting English musician, painter and writer. "He was certainly the most talented guy I had ever worked with," Lipton [Carpenter guitarist] said. "His use of language and his spontaneity in everything he did was incredible."
- Some new photos (Argenteuil and a 'Show Business' show).
- An exhibition in Spain: October 13th to 25th, Monday to Friday 9:00 - 20:30. Venue: UPV/EHU-BBK Etxea Address: Banco de España, 2 (Zazpi Kaleak / Casco Viejo). Bilbao Poster
- An article about "That Old Suburban Angst" in The Stride Magazine

Oct 2005:
- "John Peel's record collection threatened to overtake his Suffolk home. But in a small, battered wooden box, the much-loved DJ kept a precious selection of 7 inch singles that meant more to him than any of the others." "The Stride / I wonder where" a single by Coyne-Clague is one of those. (
- Ian Breakwell, old friend of Kevin Coyne who wrote several films and plays with him in the 70s (see films), died from cancer on Oct 14.
- October-December 2005: De la Warr Pavillion in Bexhill on Sea hosts an exhibition called 'Variety', run by Ian Breakwell . The exhibition features the cover of In Living Black And White.
- The Neil Innes-Kevin Coyne song mystery is solved!
- Added a Record Collector 'Short Takes' from Jul 2002.

Sep 2005:
- Added a new page about the EMI Music Publishing page.
- Great: in Mojo's September issue, Will Oldham tells how "Babble changed his life". In the same issue, a very good review of the book "That Old Suburban Angst".
- Excellent review of ONE DAY IN CHICAGO in Rolling Stones (issue Sep 2005, 22), by David Fricke, with photos by Chris McGorey! As Chris noted, David Fricke goes way back on the Coyne front: he wrote Kevin Coyne: Laughing Gnome, for Trouser Press in January 1978!
- New concert footage found: 'Let's Work Together' filmed by Musikfilmen in 1975.
- New Soundmaker articles added: Page 1 and 2 and 3

Aug 2005:
- On Aug 19 2005, Jon Langford, Sally Timms and The Pine Valley Cosmonauts hosted a memorial show for Kevin Coyne at The Hideout (Elston & Wabansia) in Chicago. Report and photos here.
- New boot: "Dog Hat" The Middle East, Cambridge, USA, Aug 28 (1999)
- Uncut article about One Day in Chicago
- New ROCKPALAST DVD boot with a great sound

- Added to the website Arno's book mentioning Coyne. Also added new links and obituaries.
- Added info on the Coyne-Smith-Cousins-Charles on the "KC Bands" page (thanks Tim and Tony)

Jun 2005:
- New CD out! Kevin Coyne with Jon Langford & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts
"One Day in Chicago"
Recorded in December 2002. Order here.
- Very good review of the "That old surburban angst" book in Uncut.
- Added Siren's "new" CD RUFFSTUFF. More Siren updates needed I'm afraid...
- New boots: 11 x Sunday Morning Sunrise + Bonus Tracks (1975-2005), "I Was Wondering" Windsor Arts Centre, UK, 2nd March 2002
- New photos from Ypres
- New in Press page: interview by Franck Bangay and two articles by Rychard Carrington.
- Sweedish Radio press page (thanks Martin)
- Life and Living (Resonance radio) will broadcast an interview about Kevin Coyne on Tuesday June 14. read more here
- Gordon Smith, Tim Penn and Tony Cousins (who played together with Coyne back in '74) will be playing together in W.London-Hammersmith at a place called Brooks Blues Bar
on Friday June 17th, 8:00PM.

May 2005:
- May 19th: BBC6 featured Dynamite Days as Andrew Collins' Great Lost Album. Read the guestbook here.
- New photos from a show in Nijmegen, Doornroosje on October 22, 1981.
- Updates and new photos on the Kevin Coyne Bands page.
- New compilation spotted PROGRESSIVE ROCK (1997)
- New press page: Trousers Press

Apr 2005:
- Brian Godding has completed his Kevin Coyne years memories on his website: lots of fun and emotion. The GLS years have left a deep mark on Godding. (and I consider it a true consecration when Brian says: "Well, I suppose it was the end of 1980, beginning 81 (I'd better check that or I'll be shot down in flames by Pacal Regis!!)" :)
- In Feb 2005, GEERT PELZER, a Dutch artist, recorded Sunday Morning Sunrise (once in English and once in Dutch, (Thanks Wil). In April 2005, the Dutch dialect version, called "De zondágmaerge is van meej" went Nr. 1 in a regional Top 15! The song came out a 100 copies single IMAGE. Buy the single here
- New boot compilation by Wil: Live Bootleg Compilation 1973-2004
- Incredible photos from the 70s (Winchester, Rock Club, Brighton, Marquee, Babble...) by Michael Jennings. Also added Brian Godding photos (thanks!).
- More updates on the KEVIN COYNE BANDS page
- New restored versions ("Chris' versions") of the Live at Zaal De Schaaf Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, Jan 19 1984 + Live at the BruPop Festival Bruinisse, Aug 9 1980 boots; also a new restored version of Pumerent 82.

Mar 2005:
- New boot: Cafe 'T Podium, Venray; NL, Feb 23 (1997) (acoustic)
- Cherry Red is releasing a new CD of POINTING THE FINGER and POLITICZ (CD MR ED265) IMAGE
- The March edition of Mojo has a poll and Kevin Coyne comes 4th as "Unsung Hero of the Year: 1.Mark E. smith 2. Van Dyke Parks 3. Joanna Newsom 4. Kevin Coyne 5. Bob Harris.
Also in the same issue a letter bemoaning the non CD issue of a classic LP gets this response "We want to hear from readers with suggestions for albums that aren't available on CD but bloody well should be. We'll make them into the basis of a MOJO campaign and , where we can, lobby the powers that be to put them out. Mail with the subject heading: Please Release Me!
- New page on this website: "KEVIN COYNE BANDS", a compilation of every musician who played with Coyne. This will be regularly updated with band photos.
- Five new pages of photos of Kevin: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

Feb 2005:
- New DVD: LEFFINGE, BELGIUM, 16th NOVEMBER 2002 BOOTLEG DVD: Thank you Waldo!
- New boots: Live on Dutch Radio (1974 + 1998), Bootleg CDR De Lantaren in Rotterdam, June 10 1979, Live in De Melkweg, Amserdam, April 16 (1979), VPRO Radio: VPRO Night train radio 14-12-2001 (see link for correct info)+ Club Lek Radio 06-10-1999 + Muziek met een verhaal 14-12-1999
- Lots of new articles in Dutch (thanks Will)

Jan 2005:
- NEW BOOK!: "That Old Suburban Angst" More here. The 'Kevin Coyne Books website' has also a list of every book or short-story Kevin published and lots of unreleased stuff
- NEW SIREN CD: RUFSTUF, released by Siren's bass player Dave Clague - order here
- New info about the first Kevin Coyne band (thanks Tim Penn and Will Gommans)
- New Siren photos.
- New boots: Kevin Coyne & Martin Odstrcil 1984-1986 and Strandgut Perlen Der Rockgeschichte, A Kevin Coyne Special (interview) (2004)
- New compilation spotted by Will: Der Sampler 26

Dec 2004:
- New photos from the October 2004 UK tour, new press page about the passsing of Kevin.
- Photos from Kevin's burial, December 13, 2004
- French rock mag Crossroads #27, Dec 2004, features "Mieux vaut être fou que triste" ("Better to be mad than sad") a 11 page review of every album Kevin Coyne recorded, signed by one Pascal Regis... (the article is in French). The paper went to the press on December 2nd so we just had the time to add a few words to announce Kevin's death. Only regret, the layout guy made a mistake and releases dates are all wrong... He also forgot to credit the photos. Read an English version here.
- New boots: "Crucifixion", La Nuit des Chanteurs de Récits (acoustic) (1986), "Boy with Prancing Dog" De Fagot, Ingelmuster, Belgium, Oct 11 (2004) , 100 Club, London, "Flight To Paradise" (Oct 29, 2004, the last UK show).
- This show was schedulded inTafelhalle, Nürnberg, on Dec 10 2004: A Special Night With Kevin Coyne: Music Poems & Film. Guests: Prof. Peter Angermann, Nick Cudworth (ex.Siren), Andrea Fleissner (ex.Trillergirls), Peter Hammer, Keili Keilhofer, Fitzgerald Kusz, Dan Reeder, Boris Tomschiczek. MC: Steffen Radlmeier.

Nov 2004:
- NEW BOOK!: "That Old Suburban Angst", soon to be published by Tony Donaghey publications. More here.
- ANDY KERSHAW, BBC RADIO SHOW (recorded Oct 28 2004, to be broadcast Nov 7 between 10:15pm and 12am). Feat. Smile Right Back, I Hear Voices, Dark Dance Hall, Weirdo. Kevin also did a tribute to John Peel. The show was also available on the web.
New boots: "Mad artist with aeroplane" Andy Kershaw, BBC Session, Oct 28 2004, "Our Happy Home" Tietz, Chemnitz, Germany, Oct 23

Oct 2004:
- Kevin and band played a small UK tour; more here.
- Due to popular demand, ROUGH is reissued on Kevin's label, Turpentine Records: LIVE ROUGH AND MORE, 'THE FUN IS ABOUT TO BEGIN' IMAGE
- New excellent Excalibur releases: 'Anyway Comrades...', Het Paard, Den Haag, The Netherlands, Sunday 21 March 2004 ; A Ballad For Kevin (The Excalibur Sampler)

Sep 2004:
- New boots: "Flight to Paradise" Live At Passage Du Nord-Ouest, Paris, Jan 30 1992 (acoustic), "Disguised" Forum des Halles, Paris, Apr 7 (1983). Thanks to Patrick for all those French boots!
- New DVD "Pinkpop vol. 2 The Vintage Years 1975-1979" with 2 tracks by Kevin: Lonely lovers and It's not me. THIS DVD IS A TOTAL RIPP OFF!! Don't buy it! Lonely Lovers is the track from the LP and shows nothing but footage of the festival audience. It's not me is, again, from the LP and shows the Kevin Coyne band, totally out of sync. All of this, they forgot to mention on the DVD artwork... For shame... when will sharks from all over the world stop feeding on Kevin?( who by the way did NOT know about this dvd...). Liner notes: "Not so long ago (august 2002) Ruud van Wersch (Pinkpop filmer since the beginning of the festival) took contact with Kevin Coyne about the video footage taken in the first 5 years of Pinkpop. After listening Kevin went totally out of his mind from enthousiasm, so he wanted to see the footage. After watching the footage Kevin will find out which songs he has played, as the footage is without sound."
- New exhibition in Fürth, Germany
- Sally Timms (The Mekons) plays Kevin's 'I'm Just a Man' on her new cd 'In the World of Him'. "From our friends at Touch and Go comes this ambitous new record from Sally. She has been collecting these songs for the past few years, the developing theme being songs written by men and sung from their perspective. They cover war, marriage, abandonment and the inability to articulate and range from the apologetic to the analytical. Songs were written by Ryan Adams, Mark Eitzel, Kevin Coyne, Johnny Dowd, Jon Langford and Sean Garrison." buy it here." There's no better anthem of surrender than Kevin Coyne's I'm Just a Man. A covers album supreme." (Mojo)

Aug 2004:
- Definitive "Kevin Coyne Covers" cd
- New boots: Live At Bibliothèque-Discothèque, Argenteuil, France, Jun 8 1993 (acoustic) (1993), Live At Cave Dimiere, Argenteuil, France, Oct 10 1998 (1998) (acoustic)

- New tour dates:
25.10.2004, Sheffield, England The Boardwalk, Snig Hill
26.10.2004, Lincs, England Spilsby Theatre, Church St., Spilsby
27.10.2004, Leeds, England The New Roscoe, Bristol St., Leeds
28.10.2004, Henley on Thames, England The Crooked Billet, Newlands Lane, Stoke Row
28.10.2004, BBC Radio Show
29.10.2004, London, England Club Bang Bang @ 100 Club 100 Oxford Street, W1 ONLY LONDON SHOW

Jul 2004: Tim Penn reminisces...!
New covers tracked down

Jun 2004:
- La Grande Guerre en Chansons CD reissued, featuring 3 unreleased songs by Coyne! Read about it here.
- The Kevin Coyne and Jeffrey Lewis interview I made in Feb in Paris is published in French rock Mag "Crossroads"
- NEW: PHOTOS! Also some new articles in German in the Press page.
- New boot: Remastered Hyde Park (1974)

May 2004:
- NEW: guitar tabs, by Sébastien Oddos.
- New boots: Kevin Coyne Covers, Herent, Belgium, Oct 25 2001 (2001), "M. Industry" Kevin Coyne In German Democratic Republic (1986) which is a surprising compilation from the early Paradise Band and which was provided by bass player Robert Steinhart!, Gent, Belgium, May 19 2004 "King of the Assholes" (2004), De Walk, Lier, Mar 23 2004 "Old Red Face" (2004), De Muse Van Meise, Belgium, Mar 25 2004 (2004)

Apr 2004:
- The New cd "DONUT CITY is just excellent!
- New boots: Leuven (Belgium), Mar 22 2004, "Let Kevin Come in" (2004), Manuscript, Oostende, March 28 2004 "Party Girl" (2004)

Mar 2004:
- Lots of updates on the Film page. New film ALABAMA 84.
- The Press pages are done! The entire Tony's collection is now on line! Thanks also to Uwe, Horst and Alain for German and French articles.
- New boots: Kneistival 2000, "Green mountain", Chemnitz, Germany" (acoustic) (1994) and "Grey Attack" Chemnitz 1998
- New photos from the Paris show.

Feb 2004:
- Read all about the Feb 9 204 Paris show with JEFFREY LEWIS AND KEVN COYNE!
- New cd "DONUT CITY to be released on March 20 on Turpentine, Kevin's new label! Order here
- New boots: Jeffrey Lewis And Kevin Coyne, Live In Paris, Le Nouveau Casino, Feb 9 (acoustic-2004), Sendung Zum 60. Geburstag (acoustic-2004)

Jan 2004:
- Kevin is 60!


This on the Kevin Coyne Newsletter: "Just to let you know Bavarian Radio 2 (under the excellent moderatorship of noted D.J. and journalist Karl Bruckmaier) are presenting a "Kevin Coyne 60th birthday Zuendfunk Nachtmix Special" at 23.00 on the 31st of January. The special will feature tapes made for Karl's Nachtmix programme between 1999 and 2002 and promises to be a winner. Also of note: The Sueddeutsche Zeitung are featuring an interview with Kevin where the Coyne passion for football and Derby County comes under deep scrutiny. It's in Saturday's (31st January) paper. Look out for it." (Karl Bruckmaier is a true KC expert.

New shows: "They Love Each Other", Live At The Blackwood Hall (Monash Uni), Australia (1976) (thanks Jonathan!), "The World Awaits My Genius" Live At Franz Club, Berlin (1992), "Little Bad Bear" Live at Scheune, Germany (1991) (thanks Chris and Uwe!)

- New boots: Live At Reichelsdorfer Keller, Nurnberg-Reichelsdorf "Life In Bird Asylum" (1982), Fun Boy Radio, Bamberg, Interview, 1987, "Boy And Dog" Downtown Club, Hamburg Feb 26 2003

Oct 2003:
- New 'Related' links: (mostly musicians who played with Kev)
- Steve Bull reminisces!!
- The 60th birthday show is canceled.
- Tony provided me with copies of almost every line ever written about Coyne since the late sixties... hundred of pages! I'll be scanning and adding them to the Press page over the next months...
- The Dandelion Reunion took place in Shrewsbury, UK on October 5th 2003 my report here
- UNCUT MAGAZINE, interview (Oct 2003) read this article here
- "Don't forget as part of the 17th Leeds International Film Festival on Thursday 9th October there's the UK premiere of One Room Man. Directed by Boris Tomschiczek the Festival Guide says, "Eccentric British bluesman, Kevin Coyne should be a national institution, but he's overlooked in his own country. This fascinating documentary features the singer in a single room over one night, improvising confessional thoughts and occasionally bursting into impassioned song". The popcorn's on already!!"

Sep 2003:
- Photos of the Kevin Coyne-John Langford show in Dec 2002 in Chicago provided by Chris McGorey
Latest news about the Dandelion Reunion in Shrewsbury, UK on October 5th 2003: Kevin Coyne will perform with Dave Clague AND Nick Cudworth, making Siren complete! And John Peel will be there too! [in the end, he did not show up].
- New boots: Mountain Stage Trilogy (1999-02), thanks to Chris McGorey; Interview fur Feine Adressen (1996), thanks to Horst Spandler; Schoneiche, 2003 09 13 (2003), thanks to Alexander.

Aug 2003:
- This from Kevin's newsletter: "Helmi, my everloving wife and manager, has decided to put an "all star" show and recording session together in Nurnberg to celebrate my sixtieth birthday in January 2004. Paul Wickens, a seventies member of my band and long term McCartney pianist, has already agreed to come, as has my former manager and guitarist Bob Ward. It should be quite a party (especially if ex Police superstar and former Coyne man Andy Summers answers the call)" Latest news: Zoot Money will be there! [sadly, this event was cancelled].
- Kevin also played a show near Brussels with ex-sixties stars Slade! poster
- Added a transcription of the Babble live at the Rock Club text.
- Added a 'Press' page, with a catalogue of the articles provided by Tony (thanks!)

Jun 2003:
- An Interview with Boris Tomschiczek, director of One Room Man.
- The One Room Man film with Kevin Coyne was awarded with the "Centaur" for the best debut documentary at the Message To Man 2003 Festival in St.Petersburg (Jun 03).
- "The Executioner's Last Songs Vol. 2 and 3" by The Pine Valley Cosmonauts (John Langford of the Mekons) and friends features Kevin Coyne ("English folk-rock weirdo genius ") on one song (a new version of Saviour). Available on Bloodshot Records on June 17th, 2003. The record aim is to "celebrate/mourn America's grim fascination with the savage cycle of crime and vengeance". All artists' proceeds benefit the National Coalition Against the Death Penalty. See also this.
Uncut Mag says: "The greatest moments, however, aren't all where you'd except. The Meat Purveyors' trembling mandolin-fested "John Hardy" is narrowly edget out as Vol 3's highlight by Coyne's snarling "Saviour"."
- Many updates, especially in the Radio section.
- More info on the Siren cassettes (Thanks to Robert Olver)
- Kevin Coyne will perform - solo and with Dave Clague, his old Siren mate - at the Dandelion Reunion in Shrewsbury, UK on October 5th 2003. Tickets from tel in UK: 01565 734066 or e mail ticket order enquiries to or fax ticket orders to UK 01565 734196. Flyer
- New boots (Tony's and more):
"Here We Go Again", Rock Garden Oct 9 (1979) (acoustic)
"Party Girl", Torrington, Finchley, London Jan 25 (1981)
"Hey There's A Monster On TV" Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Dec 16 (1988)
"The Envoy", Mean Fiddler, Mar 2 (1990)
"Oh Oh Oh " Half Moon Putney, May 7 (1984)
"Drunken Woman", Winchester, Mar 8 (1990)
"Knife", Rock Garden, London UK, Apr 17 1982 + Darby Jan 19 1993 (1982-93)
"Blind", Half Moon-Putney, UK, Mar 24 (1994) (acoustic)
"Elvis And The Evil Angels", Half Moon-Putney, UK, Jan 24 (1993) (acoustic)
"Outlaw" In Concert and More (1974-02)
"Mr. Tit Head", Edinburgh, Belle, UK, Apr 4 1994 + Darby Nov 2 1979 (1979-94) (acoustic)
"Hat With Baby Dragon", Wolverhampton, UK, May 23 (1993) (acoustic)
"Delicious", Half Moon Putney, Dec 26 (1982)
"Baby" Loddiswell May 5 (1995) (acoustic) + Poetry Olympics (1982)
"Hell Creature" Manchester, Apr 6 (1976)
"Pinky", Midland Theatre Group, Nottigham, Jan 21 (1980)
"Prophet" York, UK, May 13 (1995)
"Party People", ITV, Star Rider (1978) + Radio London Aug 12 1978 + Radio Leeds interview Oct 1978
"Green Queen", Band on the Wall, Manchester, May 10 (1995)
"It Gives Me Pain London", UK, Dec 13 (1980)
"Revolution" Greyhound Fulham Palace Road, Feb 2 1981 (1981)
"Terrorist" Duchess Of York, Leeds, UK Feb 10 1991 + Hastings Mar 9 1990 (acoustic) (1990-91)
"Chicken Walking" Paradiso, Amsterdam, Mar 28 80 + Radio Darby Mar 1990 Interview
Spirit of '66, Nov 10 2002 (with Brendan Crocker)
Rare Tracks (including Kevin Coyne Producer) (1969-81)
"Old Red Face" Rock Club Covent Garden, London (1980)

NEW EXCALIBUR CD: "The new Kevin Coyne 2 x cdr "Across the Borderline : In Memory of Steve Smith" is complete and available for delivery from stock. It is priced during May at 16 pounds sterling including free postage anywhere in the world. The set covers the whole (18 track) soundboard recording of the show at The Borderline, London on 24th April, 2001."

- Since Apr 2003, Tony's huge Coyne boots collection (and others too!) is slowly but surely put from cassettes to cdr and added to the Discography:
"Kevin is a Girl" Osterend, Sweden (1976)
As 'DJ' On Radio Hilversum (1980)
"Mad Hat" East Anglia University, Norwich (1982)
"A Most Unusual Friendship" Band On The Wall, Manchester, Mar 17 1982 (1982)

"Elvis is Exercising" Capitol Radio Session, Richard Digance Late Show (acoustic) (1983)
"Elvis Lives", Marquee, London (1983)
"Party Boys", Pinder Of Wakefield, London, Uk, Nov 10 (acoustic) (1983)
"The Banana Brothers" Scala Ludwisburg (1987)
"Elspeth Presley, Memphis 1962", Willesden, Feb 9 1990
"I Dream Of Sausage" Bradford Wool Exchange (acoustic solo) (1990)
Frankfurt, Germany Fev 27 92 or Oct 7 91 The Complete Show (1991 or 1992?)

"James Joyce at The Bar", Harrogate, UK, Jan 28 1993 (acoustic) (1993)
"My Amazing New Disguise" Half Moon, Putney, UK, May 24 1993 (1993)
"Rock'n'Roll Is Dead", Manchester, Jan 27 1993 (acoustic) (1993)
"I'm The Captain Of Your Soul", Hebden Bridge (acoustic) (1993)
"Mother In The Rain", Leeds May 5 94 (acoustic) (1994)

March 2004:
- Many new additions, artworks, documents and corrections, thanks to Tony.

- LINKS: May Days .... Third album in the series of collaborations sees the collective originally put together by German pianist Wolfgang Mirbach now including a stellar cast of legendary jazz, blues and rock talents. Included on this recording is poet Pete Brown, who has written lyrics for Big Deal and Something Wrong With Time and co-produced the album. Other musicians involved also include, on keyboards, Zoot Money, vocalist, Kevin Coyne who wrote the lyrics for Strange Little Story, saxman Dick Heckstall-Smith, trumpeter Henry Lowther, ex-Soft Machine drummer John Marshall, sax player Lol Coxhill, ex-Collusseum guitarist Clem Clempson and ex-Mainsqueeze keyboards man Dave Moore. Recorded in 2002. Release date March 2003.
- Kevin recorded a number of new songs with Jon Langford and The Pine Valley Cosmonauts in Chicago in december 2002. A new version of "Saviour" is already due to appear on "The Executioner's Last Song" Volume 2 on Bloodshot Records, a collection of anti death penalty tunes.
- NEW KEVIN COYNE CD! "CARNIVAL" is on sale since Dec 2 2002!


Don't forget that most of Coyne's albums from the 70s will again be available in early 2010. Most of the albums from the 'German years' are available too (some of them through the official website). My opinion on download is: "Support the reissues by buying them. They are beautiful objects, with remastered sound, photos, liner notes, unreleased live and studio outakes, all of this made with the help of Kevin's sons Eugene and Robert. Tell EMI they were right to spend money on this. Download should be left only for out of print albums and live bootleg unavailable music." Just my two cents.
Your best choice for finding Coyne out of print or bootleg stuff to download on the web is "The World of Kevin Coyne" blog (blog run by Poor not by me; every mention to 'Pascal ' on this blog is only reference to the information found on this website. Download of otherwise available music on this blog is NOT made with my consent).

Here's a nice podcast where you can hear some Kevin Coyne music ("Hommage à Kevin")
Also, there's a good selection of songs on these two (unoficial) Myspace pages: "Kevin Coyne" and "Kevin Coyne Books" (with videos too).
For more videos, check youtube.

The Kevin Coyne Group is a Yahoo Group of fans. It is a good way to find copies of out of print - original or cdr. This kind of trading is of course only for out of print stuff. There's also much bootleg circulating there for free.

There are 2 Kevin Coyne Tribute cds:

- First one is called The World is Full of Fools - A Fan Tribute to Kevin Coyne"; it was released late 2005. Featuring 18 Coyne covers by members of the Kevin Coyne Group plus an unreleased song by Kevin Coyne. This is a free cdr, just ask! Chris McGorey from Chicago did a great job in coordinating this project! Here is the CD ART and the full list of contributors.

- Second one is called "Whispers from the Offing" ("Three New Suits" was a working title), manufactured CD released Mar 2007, featuring, among other, The Mekons, Nicky Sudden, Clive Product, Jackie Leven, Jowe Head, Alternative TV... This is a charity project, money goes to 'Life and Living', a project which aims to offer an audible outlet to people “who have experienced distress in their lives, are maybe there right now or who migh still have that pleasure to come", which goes well with Kevin Coyne's early years as a social worker.
Order (£10 including postage) and info on Life and Living website
Read a review of this tribute cd here. The Tribute cd got 5 stars and was voted CD of the month in Nuremberg magazine Plarer!
Read more about this project in Big Untidy, including "Pass into the Night", a song about Kevin by Clive Product. Clive is the author of the book "Beautiful Extremes, Conversations with Kevin Coyne", he is curently working on an up-date of the book.