THE 00's (and beyond...)



4 songs feat. Micheal Lipton, were recorded on an unknown date in 2000, and are not available anywhere else but on this RADIO: BOOTLEG CDR: SENDUNG ZUM 60. GEBURSTAG (Kevin Coyne 60th birthday Zuendfunk Nachtmix Special)


Evil Island Home

Cheat me

Baby Blue


Very rare song: Love City on “Grand Prix – Ein Lied Für Nürnberg (A Song For Nurenberg)” (2000) ART. The CD was produced for the 950th anniversary of the city of Nürnberg, with profits going to human rights workers in Mauritania. Every song is about Nürnberg, most of them in German or even local dialect Franconian singing. Kevinęs contribution is very nice and with wonderful lyrics. Featuring Henry Beck (keyboards) and Werner Steinhauser (drums); exact time of recording unknown (this rarity found by Uwe). The city anniversary also featured a festival with a singing contest... Kevin only made #7...


RUF 1052, 2000

Recorded at Showplace Studios, Dover, N.J., USA (first time Kevin Coyne recorded in the US) and Adapoe Sound Studios, Weimar, Germany

Produced by Kevin Coyne and Robert Coyne

Engineered by Thomas Adapoe and Ben Elliot

Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne (guitars, bass, keyboards), Steve Smith (drums), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne

Lyrics included


Sugar Turning Sour (RC/KC) 3:58

I'm Wild (RC/KC) 4:28

More than Enough (RC/KC) 4:11

God Watches 3:27

Whispering Desert (RC/KC) 3:15

Candlelight (RC/KC) 3:33

Forgive Me (RC/KC) 3:24

The Einstein Song 3:47

Sugar Sugar Samba (RC/KC) 2:48

Celestial Bride (RC/KC) 2:09

Take Your Pain Away (RC/KC) 3:41

Precious (RC/KC) 5:17

Speak to Me 1:33

But I Love You (SS/RC/KC) 3:16

I Can't Make it 2:09

Room Full Of Fools (RC/KC) 4:06         



A very good follower to SUGAR CANDY TAXI. Robert Coyne improves with age.



• BOOK: ELVIS, ICH UND DIE ANDEREN (Elvis, Me And Everybody),  in German, Mar 2000, Ars Vivendi. Never published in English.Image



Apr 12 2001: Kevin Coyne reads extracts from his book ELVIS, ICH UND DIE ANDEREN in the Gosner Hoftheater in Nuremberg then performs a few songs by Elvis.




Spring 2000, mono audience recording (MD) by Chris Plummer, two sets. Artwork by me.

Kevin Coyne with Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupee Little (drums), Ted Harrison (bass), all three from The Carpenter Ants who also open for Kevin Coyne. Kevin Coyne and Michael Lipton (acoustic guitar) on *. The Amazing Delores, guest singer on ** Unknown sax on one track


Sound check: Waiting and Wondering/Need Somebody (extracts)* 1:37 ["Waiting" unreleased]

Conversation with The Amazing Delores... 2:17

Marlene by The Carpenter Ants (support group) 3:43

Things Gonna Get Better * 5:27 [unreleased]

Need Somebody * 4:19

Chicken Wing * 3:55

Out on the Park (AN/KC) 6:38

My Wife's Best Friend (RC/KC) 4:29

House on the Hill 5:43

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:51



Really in Love (HB/KC) 7:27

Take me Back in your Arms 6:14

Stand by Me (Ben E. King) ** 7:16 [unreleased]

Knocking on Heaven's Door (B. Dylan) 3:55

Shakin' All Over (J. Kidd) 4:30 [unreleased]

Rock me Baby (King, Josea, arr. KC) 5:18

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:50

Knocking on Heaven's Door (B. Dylan) ** 5:25 ["Part 2", with new lyrics]



TOTAL: 1:32:02


Lots of unreleased songs, a good sound and a good band!


BOOK / 2CD: "Autant en emporte le Rock 1960-2000 (Best of)" ART

(May 2000) A book of rock memories, in French, by journalist Jean-NoĎl Coghe. The two CDS include a concert by French prog-band Ange and a dozen interviews including one of Kevin Coyne.




De Bolle, Knokke-Heist, Belgium, Wenesday 26 July 2000. Excalibur 125/126.

Kevin Coyne with Michael Lipton (guitar), Friedl Pohrer (bass) and Werner Steinhauser (drums).

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 6:05
Out On The Park (AN/KC) 6:51
Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 4:53
Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:59
Really In Love (HB/KC) 7:48
Aching Heart (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 7:41
Turpentine 3:44
Dynamite Days 5:47
Gina's Song 7:52
My Wife's Best Friend (RC/KC) 5:05
Baby Blue (RC/KC) 6:22
Eastbourne Ladies 5:56
Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 5:35
Stand by Me (Ben E. King) [unreleased] 5:33
TOTAL: 1:25:48

"An average recording of a nice show with a noisy audience". Michael Lipton is great; very good boot. A great Dynamite Days and a creepy Gina's Song.




Aug 20, 2000, Source:FM

Kevin Coyne with Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupee Little (drums), Ted Harrison (bass), Larry Groce (backing vocals*) Julie Adams (backing vocals*), (Lipton, Groce and Adams are from the Mountain Stage band).


Mrs. Hooley Go Home (KC/AL) 3:53

Victoria Smiles (HP/KC) 5:51

Room Full Of Fools * (RC/KC) 4:22

15:44 (with intros and all)


A good band. I have a version which includes the same 3 songs from Berlin 81 as in SELF PORTRAIT WITHOUT CIGARETTES.

This show is also included in the MOUNTAIN STAGE TRILOGY 


• "Launch" #45 (a CD-ROM magazine) features a video of Kevin Coyne singing Fish Brain with Michael Lipton on acoustic guitarist; released Oct 2000. Unavailable anywhere else. Image



THE CELLAR TAPES is "a series of releases from Kevin's archives. The series will cover live shows, previously unreleased studio recordings and alternate versions of previously released songs" (Excalibur blurb). Although filed here in the "Official" section, this collection of "official bootlegs" released on CDR by Kevin Coyne and Excalibur Records since 2000 are for sale on the net only (



[see June 1977]




Live in Doornroosje, Nijmegan, The Netherlands, Dec 6 2000 

Excalibur HPF 02, 2001

Kevin Coyne solo (*) and with Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupiter Little (drums), Robert Coyne (bass, guitar and keyboards)

Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne


Best Friend * 3:14

Pretty Park * 3:28

You Used to be my Friend * 5:22 [unreleased]

Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 4:18

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 6:30

Out on the Park (AN/KC) 7:46

Mrs. Hooley Go Home 6:33

Schoolboy (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 6:46

I'm Wild 6:20

Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 5:52

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:10

Burning Head (HP/KC) 7:37

Marjory Razorblade 1:42

Take Me Back in your Arms 5:21



Good show. Very rare acoustic Pretty Park.


FILM: Amateur filming of the same show in The Netherlands, Dec 6 2000. 45mn. Provided by Wil Gommans. more here.




Live in The Netherlands, (Doornroosje, Nijmegan, Dec 6 2000 (encores of the Vol. 2) and more from the same Netherlands tour).

Excalibur HPF 03, 2001.

Kevin Coyne solo (*) and with Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupiter Little (drums), Robert Coyne (bass, guitar and keyboards).

Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne.


Eastbourne Ladies 7:07

Room Full of Fools (RC/KC) 4:16

Uggy's Song * 4:27 [Patronaat, Haarlem Dec 8 2000)]

My Wife's Best Friend (RC/KC) 5:23 [Patronaat, Haarlem Dec 8 2000)]

Sugar Turning Sour 4:39 [not on the cover] [W2, Den Bosch, Dec 10 2000]

Precious 4:39 [W2, Den Bosch, Dec 10 2000]

Having a Party 7:45 [Patronaat, Haarlem Dec 8 2000)]

Aching Heart (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 8:35 [Patronaat, Haarlem Dec 8 2000)]

Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 3:40 [Patronaat, Haarlem Dec 8 2000)]



Volume 2 and 3 could have been a double CD...




Dec 6 2000

(same show as THE CELLAR TAPES Vol. 2 and 3)



• 2000: Kevin Coyne reads circus-like announcements and monologues on the CD "Take A Ride Into The Life Of T. A. Edison" (Glitterhouse 494) by German band "Buddy and the Huddle". The band tries to describe its music as "dakota-suite-meets-lambchop-meets-tom-waits-meets-kurt-weill-meets-vaudeville"... Image

Kevin Coyne appears on:

Announcement # 1

Announcement #2

Announcement #3
They call it Black Maria

Electric Chair

In 2000, Kevin played in a blues festival in Roth near Nuremberg the same night as Canned Heat (flyer).




Feb 01 2001, DAT recording.

Kevin Coyne solo (*) and with Keli Keilhofer (guitar), Robert Coyne (guitar, bass and keyboards) and Werner Steinhauser (drums).


Gina's Song * 2:52

I Want My Crown (trad. arr KC) * 3:34

I Miss You * 3:34 [unreleased], not on the track list]

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 6:13

Schoolboy (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 5:34

Take Me Back In Your Arms 3:41

Sugar Baby 3:41 [unreleased]

Aching Heart (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 7:48

Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 5:48

I'm Wild (RC/KC) 6:03

Having a Party 9:04

My Wife´s Best Friend 5:10

Saviour (AL/KC/GS) 8:19



Forgive Me (RC/KC) 5:53

The Monkey Man 5:32

My Pretty Girl From Giessen 0:43  [unreleased improv]

America 7:12  ["George W. Bush version"]

Room Full Of Fools (RC/KC) 5:15

Hush Hush (J. Reed) 3:56  [unreleased]



TOTAL 1:40:56


A very good show with a great lead guitar (which IMO was missing in the Robert Coyne only shows). Best Monkey Man ever.




Live at The Borderline, London, UK, April 24 2001. Great soundboard sound.

Excalibur HPF05, 2003.

Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne (guitar and keyboards), Steve Smith (drums). No bass.

Part of the CD is Kevin solo (*).

Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne.


Fat Girl * 1:19

Lunatic * 5:02

Araby * 3:30

Talking to No-one * 3:29

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:29

House On The Hill 6:41

Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 6:54

Forgive Me (RC/KC) 5:13

Out On The Park (AN/KC) 7:59

Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 6:09



Having A Party 8:29

Marjory Razorblade 1:52

Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:06

Karate King * 4:19

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 6:55

Schoolboy (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 6:37

A Loving Hand 7:36

The Miner's Song * 5:45




Excelent show! Robert and Steve's very minimal backing give Kevin much place to improve - quite impressive stuff here... Kevin's friend Nigel asks for "The Miner's song' - Kevin can't remember it so he makes up a whole now song on the spot!


Here and here, a flyer for the Witchwood Venue, Ashton Under Lyne, near Manchester, England in 2001. Rob was there: "For your info the band was KC, Robert Coyne and Steve Smith. It was an excellent gig, perhaps more than a little let down by the poor audience numbers. I was chatting to quite an amiable fella in the audience who stated that it was his ambition to play with KC - errr that would be Brendan Croker. The gig at the Shed in Yorkshire was a short time later when in fact Brendan did play live with Kevin and the rest is history."





Live at The Flowerpot, Derby, UK, April 27 2001. Great sound.

Excalibur HPF04, 2001.

Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne (guitar and keyboards), Steve Smith (drums). No bass.

Part of the CD is Kevin solo (*).

Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne.


Lunatic * 4:13

Cheat Me * 3:35

Evil Island Home * 3:47

Marlene * 3:58

Schoolboy (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 4:46

House On The Hill 5:23

Forgive Me (RC/KC) 5:23

Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 4:28

Having A Party 8:55

My Wife's Best Friend (RC/KC) 4:04

Talking To No-one * 4:33

Out On The Park (AN/KC) 7:04

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 5:13

Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 1:23

Marjory Razorblade * 1:23

A Loving Hand 3:28


Kevin gets romantic on his return to his hometown. Great versions of Marlene and Havin A Party. He also plays harmonica.



• FILM: LOLADAMUSICA, music documentary feature from VPRO (Dutch T.V.), APR 2001 by Walter Stokman. "Turned out to be the best film about me ever made". Kevin Coyne sings "The Einstein Song". The film also includes "Poor Swine" shot at the 1974 Hyde Park show! (does that mean the whole show was filmed? One can dream!) Read more More info here.




Aug 10 2001, audience (MiniDisc) recording by Chris Plummer, good sound. Photo by Michael Starr.

Kevin Coyne solo (*) and with Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupiter Little (drums), Robert Coyne (bass, guitar and keyboards).


Lunatic * 4:28

Cheat Me * 3:34

Araby * 4:57

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 6:31

Mrs. Hooley Go Home (KC/AL) 4:27

Take me Back in your Arms 6:44

Out in the Park (AN/KC) 8:32

I'm Wild (RC/KC) 5:27

Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 4:57

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 6:37

My Wife's best Friend (RC/KC) 5:05

Forgive Me (RC/KC) 5:03

Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 4:51

Aching Heart (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 7:20


A longer version of the show (Michael Rae recording, included in the Millvale boot below) includes the encore: Room Full of Fools (3:34)


A really excellent show.





Aug 23 2001, audience recording, excellent sound. Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me

Kevin Coyne solo (*) and with Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupiter Little (drums), Robert Coyne (bass, guitar, keyboards).


Uggy's Song * 3:09

Cheat Me * 3:12

Lunatic * 5:01

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:41

House on the Hill 5:49

Mrs. Hooley Go Home (KC/AL) 6:06

Talk 0:37

Out in the Park (AN/KC) 6:42

Schoolboy (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 6:02

Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 4:17

Talk 0:59

Take me Back in your Arms 5:53

Talk 0:58

Having A Party 6:48

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 6:53

I'm Wild (RC/KC) 6:09

Lipton is great!
The CDR begins with Room Full of Fools (3:34) , encore from the Knitting Factory show (see above).



Sound OK. Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me.

Kevin Coyne solo (*) and with Michael Lipton (guitar), Robert Coyne (bass, guitar and keyboards), Jupiter Little (drums).


Lunatic 4:24
Cheat Me 2:54

Marlene 4:00

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:58

Having a Party 8:18
Mrs Hooley Go Home
Aching Heart
(WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 6:10
I'm Wild (RC/KC) 5:31
Schoolboy (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 4:45

Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 4:42

Saviour (AL/KC/GS) 9:05
Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 5:01
Room Full Of Fools (RC/KC) 6:02
Sugar Candy Taxi
(RC/KC) 4:45



An excelent show! They love him in Chicago! Aching Heart is dedicated to my friend Steve Glabman! Great slide guitar by Lipton on Mrs. Hooley.




Sep 30, 2001. Radio Bremen. Excellent sound. Artwork by me.

Keli Keilhofer (guitar), Werner Steinhauser (drums).


Talk 0:56

Gina's Song 5:00

Cheat Me (KC/DC/NC) 4:23

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 6:18

Araby 6:04

It Must Be Love 6:51 [unreleased]

Saviour (AL/KC/GS) 7:08

Karate King 5:52 [best version ever!]



Lunatic 6:27

My Wife's best Friend (RC/KC) 6:02

Need Somebody 6:48

Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 5:24

Fat Girl 7:28

Schoolboy (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 6:47

Talking To No One 6:22



TOTAL: 1:27:58


This Bremen show had been fully broadcast on digital radio on Feb 17 2002. Keli Keilhofer is great! This is one of the best Coyne boots. Highlight: "Need Somebody".



• 2 BOOTLEG CDR: HERENT, BELGIUM, OCT 25 2001"ACCIDENT" (another boot bears the same name) Image

Audience recording and layout by Maxiphone. Sound is OK. Artwork by Kevin Coyne.

KC with Robert Coyne (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums) (and "the Ghost of Ian Dury"...)

Burning Head (HP/KC) 3:44

Love You So (Ron Holden) 4:18 [unreleased]
Out On The Park (AN/KC) 7:16

Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 4:28

Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 5:38

Forgive Me (RC/KC) 5:16

Having A Party 8:53

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 7:54

House on the Hill 5:11

Take Out Some Insurance (J. Reed) 5:47 [unreleased]

I'm Wild (RC/KC) 5:44

Saviour (AL/KC/GS) 8:10



Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 6:46

My Wife's best Friend (RC/KC) 5:40



A very nice show; Kevin plays a lot of harmonica. First bootlegged show with Harry Hirschmann on bass, who would stay till the end.



Oct 27 2001, two sets, DAT. Artwork by me.
Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne (guitar, keyboards), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums).

Burning Head (HP/KC) 3.58
Love You So (Ron Holden) 4:10  [unreleased]
Out On The Park (AN/KC) 7:38
Suzie Q 6:33 [unreleased]
Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 4:14
I'm Wild (RC/KC) 5.42
Aching Heart (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 7:32


Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 8:16
Teenage Queen (AN/KC) 5:17
Having A Party 8:29
Take Out Some Insurance (J. Reed) 4.39  [unreleased]
Take Me Back In Your Arms 5.34
Saviour (AL/KC/GS) 9:56
Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 5:11
Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 5:32
A Loving Hand 4:37





BOOK "(...) They had already heard the first two acts, a singer called Kevin Coyne and the piano/saxophone of Steve Miller and Lol Coxhill. The music had been strange, in both cases, but often beautiful, with a skewed logic of its own. The audience had listened in respectful silence, their brows furrowed with concentration. (...)" extract from "The Rotters' Club", a (very good) book by Jonathan Coe, 2001 (the extract is about a 1974 Hatfield and the North show in Birmingham, during the "NME/Virgin Crisis Tour").


• The Stride, John The Baptist and Tighten Up (from Siren's RABBITS and THE CLUB RONDO) are included on THE DJC COLLECTION, DJC017, released 2001. Image



RADIO: NIGHT TRAIN RADIO BROADCAST DEC 14 2001 (wrong date: see below)

Gina's Song
Need somebody
Shakin' All Over (J. Kidd) [unreleased]
Cheat me
Blame it on the night
Donna [unreleased] [Cliff Richard]

Included in the VPRO RADIO boot. IMAGE but the date is wrong : this is really a May 22 1994
The VPRO RADIO boot also includes Muziek met een verhaal (music with a story) Radio broadcast 14-12-1999 and Club Lek Radio broadcast Oct 6 1999




A compilation of ultra rare but official Kevin Coyne. Compilation and artwork by me. Mar 2002. Three updates.


COYNE CLAGUE: Mandy Lee, demo, 1969 from BLUE HORIZON STORY 1965-1970 vol. 1

SIREN: Lilian, 1971, from the STRANGE LOCOMOTION US LP. [not on the Mark I compilation]

Queenie Queenie Caroline, b-side of the I Believe In Love single, VS 107, APR 26 1974

Marjory Razorblade Suite, recorded live at Hyde Park, London, Jun 1974, from the various artists LP: V-THE VIRGIN SAMPLER

Saviour, recorded live at The Rainbow Theater, London, Mar 16 1975, from the various artists LP: OVER THE RAINBOW (THE LAST CONCERT, LIVE), Chrysalis Records CHR 1079, 1975


Let's Have A Party, single VS 126, Nov 7 1975

Coconut Island, outake from the March 1976 LP “Heartburn”, included in the 1990 CD reissue [not on the Mark I and II compilation]

All The Battered Babies, Alvic Studio, APR 1976, from the BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES 1974-1977 LP

Walk On By, from the single VS 148 (ps), May 28 1976 (B-side was Shangri-la)

Fever, from single VS 160, Oct 8 1976, (B-side was Daddy)

Fool, Fool, Fool, Alvic Studio,  Jan 1977, from the BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES 1974-1977 LP

Father, Dear Father, recorded 1977, from the single Cherry Red CHERRY 49, Nov 1982 (a-side was So Strange)

England Is Dying, from single VS 175, APR 1 1977 (aside was Marlene).

Older Woman, from the various artists 1978 LP “Virgin Song Sampler”, vmp 13 [not on the Mark I and II compilation]

James, Mark and Me (in the manner of Tom Waits), from the VARIOUS ARTISTS LP: MINIATURES, Pipe records, PIPE 2, 1980

Hello Judas, from the VARIOUS ARTISTS LP: PERSPECTIVES AND DISTORTION, Cherry Red Records BRED 15, 1981


Like a Rolling Stone (extract) recorded live Jul 26 or 27 1986, from the various artists LP: WAAHNSINN, EMI 1C 2LP 164 14 7188 3, 1986

I Believe it, from the VARIOUS ARTISTS CD: THE SKY GOES ALL THE WAY HOME, The Sky Goes 1CD, 2000

Fish Brain, from the LAUNCH #45 CDROM magazine, 2000



• 2 BOOTLEG CDR: RARE KEVIN COYNE 1969/2004 (Mk II) Image

Update, Sep 06.
Same as above plus extra songs on disc 2:

Love City, from the CD “Grand Prix, Ein Lied Für Nürnberg”

Strange Little Story, from the CD “Links May Day”, recorded 2002, issued March 3 (STO201)
Havin a Party, live in Chicago, December 2002. From the CD “Yard Dog 10 Years Seen and Heard” (2005)
Geraldine from “Strassenkreuzer in Rock Vol. 3” (2004)
Announcements # 1, 2, 3 and Electric Chair, four extracts from “Take A Ride Into The Life Of T. A. Edison" by German band Buddy and the Huddle, 2000.



    LIFE IS ALMOST WONDERFUL ImagE (of a autographed cd, thanks to Paul)

Mar 2002. Limited edition of 500 first only sold at the 2002 shows then (July 2002) on Kevin Coyne's web site.

Recorded in Musiaction Studios, Nürnberg by Werner Steinhauser and in Touchwood Studios, Leeds by Bruce Wood.

Kevin Coyne with Brendan Croker (acoustic guitar).

Artwork by Kevin Coyne.

All songs by Kevin Coyne and Brendan Croker.


Life Is Almost Wonderful 2:45

Pass Me The Memories 1:55

Old King Cole 1:30

Martha & Arthur 2:54

Looking From My Window 1:50

Whispers In The Night 3:44

I Want To Sit With the Girls 2:19

Oceans Of Love 2:50

Searching For A Friend 2:45

Strange Pictures 1:57

Be Your Sugar Daddy 2:07

How It Burns 1:57

The Eisenhower/Churchill Blues 2:54

I Know Who You Are 1:48

This Is Not A Joke 3:16


Wonderful! That was a great surprise after almost two years without an album. Croker is a great guitarist (who has played with Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler among others...) and Kevin Coyne is in great form. Highly original! Says Kevin Coyne: "This record was Brendan's idea, he came over here to Germany for a week. We improvised some tunes. Then he sent me some guitar arrangements, humming the odd lead line. We sent tapes back and forth. We made the record by post."

Here a promo poster




KC and Brendan Croker (acoustic guitar and vocals). Artwork by Kevin Coyne. Beautiful layout by Paul Bennets. Available as a jewel case artwork and paper sleeve. Issued Apr 2005.

Life Is Almost Wonderful 3:39

Pass Me The Memories 3:22

Old King Cole 2:32

Martha & Arthur 2:545

Looking From My Window 4:55

Whispers In The Night 5:03

I Want To Sit With the Girls 3:41

Oceans Of Love 5:04

World of Trouble (Strange Dreams Part 2) 5:40

Be Your Sugar Daddy 3:10

How It Burns 4:17

I Know Who You Are 3:46

47:14 (all songs on CD1 by KC/BC)
Uggy's Song 4:16

Five Hundred Miles Away From Home (BC?/Vocals: BC) 2:41

Good Boy 4:24

Which Way will you Turn? (BC?/Vocals: BC) 3:51

Gina's Song 4:18

Bewildered (BC/Vocals: BC) 3:47 [from the Notting Hillbillies album "Missing... presumed having a good time"]
I Was Wondering [KC/BC] 2:53 4:01 [unreleased]

You Win Again (H. Williams) 3:12 [unreleased]
Self Made Saviour (BC/Vocals: BC) 4:23 [from Brendan's solo album "Redneck State of the Art"]

Marlene 4:01

I Know Who You Are 4:01
Blame it on the Night 3:53

Singing the Blues (M. Endsley) 3:53






Recorded in München Apr 4 2002 on Bayerischer Rundfunk 2. Host is Karl Bruckmaier. Excellent sound.Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me

Kevin with a stand-up bass player (Harry Hirschmann) doing old blues and jazz tunes.

Sitting on Top of the World (Trad.) 3:32

Black Snake Moan (Blind Lemon Jefferson) 3:05

Walking the Floor over you (E. Thomas) 2:43

Crossroad Blues (R. Johnston) 4:18

Bye-Bye Bird (Sonny Boy Williamson) 3:17

Down the Riverside (Trad.) 3:57

You Win Again (Hank Williams) 2:38

Death Letter Blues (Trad.) 5:44

Lonesome Valley (A.P. Carter arr. KC) 4:13

Interview 4:12

Oh Happy Day (Edwin Hawkins) 2:52

Gina's Song 3:32

Karate King 5:20

Talk 0:33

Excelent and very unusual boot: Kevin Coyne sings his favorites blues tunes: a must!
Most of the songs are also included in another radio boot SENDUNG ZUM 60





Kevin Coyne with Brendan Croker (acoustic guitar and vocals).

All songs by Kevin Coyne and Brendan Croker.


Pass Me The Memories                            

Interview 5:36

Looking From My Window                     

Interview 4:16

Be Your Sugar Daddy

Interview 3:07

I Want To Sit With the Girls

Interview 4:04

Life Is Almost Wonderful 3:11



Excellent and hilarious! Unlike the CD, Brendan sings too.

The songs (without interviews) are included in this boot: From Andy Kershaw Session (1999-2004)



2002: New look and more info on Kevin Coyne's official web site




Aug 9 2002, audience (MiniDisc) recording by Chris Plummer, good sound.

Kevin Coyne solo (*) and with Michael Lipton (guitar, bass), Jupiter Little (drums), Robert Coyne (bass, guitar).


Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC)

Love You So (Ron Holden)

Mrs. Hooley Go Home (KC/AL)

Out in the Park (AN/KC)

Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 4:57
Forgive Me (RC/KC) 5:03
The Wobble (RC/KC)



Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) 6:24

Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 6:13
Aching Heart (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 7:43
My Wife's best Friend (RC/KC) 6:01
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:17

Party Party Party (RC/KC) 6:22

I'm Wild (RC/KC) 6:24




I like it much better when Lipton plays the guitar that when Robert Coyne is alone. Nice soli on Mrs. Hooley.




Aug 15 2002. Gig was in the Beachland Tavern.Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me

Kevin with Robert Coyne (guitar, bass, keyboards), Michael Lipton (guitar, bass) and Jupee Little (drums).

With A Girl Like You (Reg Presley [The Troggs]) 2:57 [unreleased]

Schoolboy (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 5:22

Talk 0:33

Love You So (Ron Holden) 4:23 [unreleased]

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:46

Talk 0:42

Mrs. Hooley Go Home (KC/AL) 6:08

Take me Back in your Arms 6:05

Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 5:30

Forgive Me (RC/KC) 5:47

Stop Picking on Me (RC/KC) 7:45

Having A Paty 7:31 ["Version 7,325"...]

Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 5:22

Out on the Park (AN/KC) 8:18

I'm Wild (RC/KC) [cuts] 5:40



Party Party Party (RC/KC) 5:17

The Wobble (RC/KC) 5:24



A good one with Lipton doing great guitar playing.


  On Aug 18 2002, Coyne played for the third time on the Mountain Stage. The show is now included in that boot:


The three Mountain Stage (Charleston, West Virginia, USA) shows. Compilation and artwork by Chris McGorey. Source:FM


- Aug 22 1999. Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne (guitar), Rob Tibaldi (bass), Steven Smith (drums) 

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 3:48

My Wife´s Best Friend 3:420

Schoolboy (WW/RG/TL/AN/KC) 4:31

- Aug 20, 2000, Kevin Coyne with Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupee Little (drums), Ted Harrison (bass), Larry Groce (backing vocals*) Julie Adams (backing vocals*), (Lipton, Groce and Adams are from the Mountain Stage band).

Mrs. Hooley Go Home (KC/AL) 4:08

Victoria Smiles (HP/KC) 5:49

Room Full Of Fools * (RC/KC) 3:58

- Aug 18 2002, Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne (guitar), Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupee Little (drums) 

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:39

The Wobble (RC/KC) 4:04

Party Party Party (RC/KC) 4:24


Great sound, excelent compilation, Kevin really enjoys playing there over the years.




Only the second half of the show. Thanks to Didier Dirix for that one.

Kevin Coyne with Brendan Croker (acoustic guitar and vocals). Excellent sound. A nice photo of the show, by Maurice Wagene.

KC: Good Boy 7:22

BC: The Great Indoors (BC) 5:56

KC: Lunatic 4:19

KC: George Bush Blues [unreleased] 4:10

BC: Follow me Down 4:00

KC: Need Somebody 3:37

BC: Feel like Going Home (Charlie Rich) 3:28

KC: I Got a Feeling [unreleased] 1:12

KC: Singing the Blues (M. Endsley) 7:34

KC: I Believe in the Man Upstairs [unreleased] 3:57

Excelent show with a wonderful Need Somebody.




Kevin Coyne with Brendan Croker (acoustic guitar and vocals). Excelent sound.

Life Is Almost Wonderful (KC/BC) 6:22

Martha & Arthur (KC/BC) 4:53

Looking From My Window (KC/BC) 5:30

How It Burns (KC/BC) 4:53

I Want To Sit With the Girls (KC/BC) 4:35

Whispers In The Night (KC/BC) 7:14

Be Your Sugar Daddy (KC/BC) 4:021

I Know Who You Are (KC/BC) 6:41

Strange Pictures (KC/BC) 4:37




B.C: No Money At All (BC) 0:48

KC: Lonesome Valley (A.P. Carter arr. KC) 3:05

B.C: Feel Like Going Home (Charlie Rich) 3:19

KC: Karate Kid 7:18

B.C: The Great Indoors (BC) 2:47

KC: George Bush Blues 3:30 [unreleased]

B.C: Three Chord Love Songs (BC/Koller) 4:03

KC: Marlene 6:20

B.C & KC: Blues Stay Away From Me (Glover/Raney/Delmore) [unreleased] 5:02

KC: I'm So Glad (?) [unreleased] 6:52

B.C.: Railroad Worksong (Jesse Fuller) 6:05

KC: Singing The Blues (M. Endsley) 3:18

Outro 1:53



This one is perfect to me: Kevin Coyne proves again he is a great blues singer by some incredible lyrics improv ("Marlene"). See also this DVD:


Same as boot above. THANKS WALDO! Now (Oct 8) on youtube here and here and also on Waldo's Croker website


Exhibition: "Teddy Coyne Kosmos", Kevin Coyne's paintings and teddy bears collection, Von Baren und Menschen, Toy Museum, Nuremberg, Germany, Nov 19 2002 - Mar 23 2003 Flyer front Flyer back
See a photo and photos of the "Kevin Teddybear": 1 2 3 4 5

FILM COYNE/CROKER De Troubadour Hardenberg Dec 1 2002
From Waldo Croker website, watch here these 3 songs:
Whispers in the Night
Blues stay away from me

• FILM: "A twenty minute documentary featuring myself and my wife, Helmi, talking with and about our bear collection is to be shown on Bavarian T.V. some time in the near future. I hope some of you can get to see it, as we think the director, Ernst Gortner, has made a splendidly witty and lighthearted film. We love it. " (Kevin Coyne's Feb 2003 Newsletter). Did anyone ever see that?


• FILM: "Boris Tomschiczek's half hour "One Room Man" documentary, a black and white film of me singing and talking about my work, is proving to be a great success (a Jan 27 showing at the Rotterdam film festival was a well attended hit). The film will also be shown at festivals in: Nyon, Switzerland "Visions du Reel", Helsinki, Finland "Illumination 2003" and other places. Contact: ". (extract from Kevin's newsletter).

One Room Man Poster

The film - a masterpiece - was awarded with the "Centaur" for the best debut documentary at the Message To Man 2003 Festival in St.Petersburg, Russia (Jun 03). Another Poster

Click here for my interview with Boris Tomschiczek, director of One Room Man.


BOOT CDR: CHICAGO, DEC 15 2002: "The Old Town School of Folk music presents Jon Langford [The Mekons] & Kevin Coyne", Chicago, Illinois, USA, a painting exhibition and a concert feat. Jon Langford and Kevin Coyne with Sally Timms, John Rice & Pat Brennan of Pine Valley Cosmonauts and special guest Charlotte Greig" Flyer front Flyer back
"Probably the best ever crowd for me in the U.S."
Kevin Coyne solo (*) and with Jon Langford (guitar and vocals), Sally Timms (vocals), Robert Coyne (guitar and drums), John Rice (guitar), Pat Brennan (keyboards).
See photos of the show by Chris McGorey (they were later used in the One Day in Chicago CD).

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 7:41
Money Like Water (KC/JL) 7:28 (an edited version - minus Langford's vocals - appears on One Day in Chicago)
Way Of The World (KC/JL/PB/JR/RC) 7:57 (different from Underground)
Blame It On The Night * (Live) (same as One Day in Chicago) 5:37
Karate King * (Live ) (same as One Day in Chicago) 5:04
Fat Girl * (same as One Day in Chicago) 6:13
Havin' a Party 7:45
(included in Yard Dog CD)
Just a Man (sung by Sally Timms) 4:00
National Radio (JL?) (sung by Jon Langford) 3:48
She's Not There (KC/JR) 5:12
(RC/KC) 6:40
Party Party Party
(RC/KC) 6:47
Unknown song (Closing Time?) sung by Jon Langford and Sally Timms 3:51
Unknown song sung by Jon Langford 2:31
Lunatic (5:50)

Room Full Of Fools (RC/KC) 8:24

Read ana rticle in The Chicago Reader about Kevin.

While in Chicago in Dec 2002, Kevin Coyne recorded a number of new songs at Western Sound Lab, with Jon Langford and The Pine Valley Cosmonauts.
In June 2003, a new version of Saviour appeared on the following cd:
"The Executioner's Last Songs Vol. 2 and 3" by The Pine Valley Cosmonauts (John Langford of the Mekons) with Kevin Coyne ("English folk-rock weirdo genius") and Robert Coyne on guitar.
Available on Bloodshot Records on June 17th, 2003. The record aim is to "celebrate/mourn America’s grim fascination with the savage cycle of crime and vengeance". All artists' proceeds benefit the National Coalition Against the Death Penalty.
Image See also:

This studio recording of Saviour and the rest of the songs recorded in studio in Chicago in Dec 2002 plus live tracks recorded at the Old Shcool (see above) have been released in Jun 2005 on this CD:


Recorded Dec 02. Released Jun 2005, Buried Treasure Records . Photos by Chris McGorey.
Kevin Coyne with Jon Langford (vocals, guitar), Robert Coyne (guitar, drums), John Rice (guitar, mandolin, bazouki), Pat Brennan (keyboards), Tom V. Ray (bass, guitar), Dan Massey (drums on 1, 2, 6, 8), Lil' Willy Goulding (drums on 7, 11), Dave Alvin (guitar on 4?), Dean Schlabowske (vocals on 4).
Tracks 1-11 recorded at Western Sound Lab, Chicago, IL, Dec 2002 by Ken Sluiter.
Tracks 12 -14 recorded live at the Old Town School Of Folk Music, Chicago, Dec 15 2002.
Produced by Jon Langford. Order here.
An ad for the cd

Monkeyheart 3:05
Britisher Cowboy 2:31
Over Land & Sea (KC/RC) 2:55
Money Like Water (KC/JL) 4:36
Way Of The World (KC/JL/PB/JR/RC) 5:42
Happy Island Girl 4:48
Scene Of The Crime (KC/JL) 3:51
She's Not There (KC/JR) 3:56
You You You (KC/JL/PB/JR/RC) 4:13
Angel (KC/RC) 4:30
Saviour (KC/AL/GS) same as "The Executioner's Last Songs Vol. 2 and 3" 6:12
Blame It On The Night (Live)
Fat Girl (Live) 3:38
Money Like Water (KC/JL) (Edited version) (Live) 3:56
Karate King (Live
) 5:18

An excellent cd that we had been awaiting for a long time; what a great surprise: thanks Jon Langford!
Langford: "He was, & is, one of my total heroes. Kevin Coyne's records were truly inspirational in those dark days before punkrock when I was still in short pants. It's great to see someone else who's in it for the long-run & still trying to make sense of sounds & paint & words with such reckless abandon".

On Aug 19 2005, Jon Langford, Sally Timms, Steve Glabman and The Pine Valley Cosmonauts hosted a memorial show for Kevin Coyne at The Hideout in Chicago. Report and photos here.




Dec 2 2002. Ruf 1087.
Recorded at Musicaction, Nurnberg, Germany by Werner Steinhauser
, mixed by Thomas Adapoe and Karsten Fuchs at Brühl Studios, Weimar, Germany, aditional mixing Werner Steinhauser.

Produced by Kevin Coyne and Robert Coyne.

Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne (guitars, keyboards, drums on Rolling and Tumbling), Werner Steinhauser (drums), Michael Lipton (guitar on Charlene and Missing You).

Cover drawing by Kevin Coyne.

Lyrics included.


Stop Picking on Me (RC/KC) 3:58

Charlene (RC/KC/ML) 3:30

The Wobble (RC/KC) 3:42

Missing You (KC/ML) 3:33

Don't Forget Me (RC/KC) 2:04

Rolling and Tumbling (Robinson) 3:34

I Heard You (RC/KC) 3:14

My Story (RC/KC) 3:21

Sweet Melinda (RC/KC) 2:54

Party Party Party (RC/KC) 3:33

All my Friends (RC/KC) 3:03

Sugar Mama (Trad.) 3:20

For Angel Eyes (RC/KC) 2:58

But You Do (RC/KC) 4:08

Carnival (RC/KC) 4:07

Almost Invisible (RC/KC) 4:16

Another great cd with Robert Coyne and Lipton on a few songs. 'Carnival' is a good step between 'Room full of fools' and 'Donut City': the music is getting more bizarre...




Kevin Coyne with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)
Sound not too good

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 10:05

My Story (RC/KC) 7:03

The House On The Hill 8:19

Forgive Me (RC/KC) 6:05

Burning Head (HP/KC) 7:34

Really In Love (HB/KC) 6:17

The Wobble (RC/KC) 6:39



Sweet Melinda (RC/KC) 4:22

Dynamite Days 4:48

Having A Party 11:15

Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 6:00

My Wife's Best Friend (RC/KC) 5:53

Party Party Party (RC/KC) 6:33

Weirdo (TL/KC) 6:34



Not one of the best nights but ok boot. First recorded show with new guitarist Andreas Blüml, who will stay till the end.



LINKS: May Days .... "Third album in the series of collaborations sees the collective [Link] originally put together by German pianist Wolfgang Mirbach now including a stellar cast of legendary jazz, blues and rock talents. Included on this recording is poet Pete Brown, who has written lyrics for Big Deal and Something Wrong With Time and co-produced the album. Other musicians involved also include, on keyboards, Zoot Money, vocalist, Kevin Coyne who sings Strange Little Story (W. Mirback/Coyne) 7:31, saxman Dick Heckstall-Smith, trumpeter Henry Lowther, ex-Soft Machine drummer John Marshall, sax player Lol Coxhill, ex-Collusseum guitarist Clem Clempson and ex-Mainsqueeze keyboards man Dave Moore. Recorded in 2002. Release date March 2003." Image



A bootleg found on e-bay on Apr 2003 (nothing new except the occasion to find Kevin Coyne's work as a producer on one CDR - the following notes are the seller's):



The 1st CD includes the Radio 1 sessions with John Peel [as found in various other bootlegs]:

You won't like it

I Talk to Myself

Tell the Truth


You'll Never Walk Alone

(from 8/7/82)

Dance of the bourgeoisie

Evil island home

The Miner's Song

Looking for the River

(from 10/12/74)

Nothings changed

Memory lane part 12

(from 19/9/79)


Second CD: RARE TRACKS 1969-1981(including Kevin Coyne as a producer)

Speed is too fast on most of the tracks

A Leopard never changes his spots 3:56

Ay up me duck 4:20

Lillian 2:21

The Stride 2:18

I'm all aching 2:37

Walk on by 3:01

James, Mark and me 0:53

Majory Razorblade 4:36

Looking for the River 2:39

Kevin Coyne Producer:

5 or Six: Polar Exposure 2:42

Ben Watt: Can't 5:08

Ben Watt: Tower of Silence 2:59

Ben Watt: Aubade 1:55

? 0:47

Ruts D.C: Formula eyes 2:29

Red Rinse: Why are you dead 4:44


CD 3 and 4 are Kevin Coyne live at The Bridge St. Arts Centre in Newcastle Under Lyne 7/3/90


Jun 2003: "The Executioner's Last Songs Vol. 2 and 3" by The Pine Valley Cosmonauts (John Langford of the Mekons) and friends, features Kevin Coyne ("English folk-rock weirdo genius ") singing a new version of Saviour, recorded by The Pine Valley Cosmonauts and Robert Coyne on guitar recorded in Chicago in Dec 2002 (the 'One Day In Chicago' studio session, the song was later included in the eponymous album)

• 2 BOOTLEG CDR: SCHONEICHE, 2003 09 13 Image

Recorded live at Kulturgiesserei, Schoneiche, near Berlin, on Sep 13 2003. soundboard, very good sound.

Kevin Coyne with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)


Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 8:14

My Story (RC/KC) 6:44

Take Me Back In Your Arms 5:53

Out In The Park (AN/KC) 9:48

Burning Head (HP/KC) 8:14

Sunday Morning Sunrise 6:25

Having A Party 10:46

The Wobble (RC/KC) 7:12

Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 6:22



Dynamite Daze 7:34

A Loving Hand 6:49

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 9:56

Pretty Park 7:31






The Siren Dandelion Reunion took place in Shrewsbury, UK on October 5th 2003 full report here (read also about this dvd)


A charity sampler by a Nürnberg located social project and magazine
Various artists. Kevin sings an unreleased song called "Geraldine"
Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne (gt, bs) and Werner Steinhauser (dr). Very nice.



RADIO: BOOTLEG CDR: SENDUNG ZUM 60. GEBURSTAG (Kevin Coyne 60th birthday Zuendfunk Nachtmix Special) IMAGE

Bayern Radio 2 - Zünd Funk Nachtmix. Jan 31 2004. Moderation: Karl Bruckmaier. Tape and art by Horst (thanks!)

(Karl Bruckmaier is a true Coyne expert, check his site: He introduced Kevin as "Great Britainęs most profilic songwriter")


Karate King 5:20 from NACHTMIX

Uggy's Song from ZUNDFUNK

Araby from ZUNDFUNK

Moonface from ZUNDFUNK


Evil Island Home

Cheat me

Baby Blue [Those last 4 songs wtih Micheal Lipton, recorded 2000, not available anywhere else]

Sitting on Top of the World (Trad.) 3:32 from NACHTMIX

Black Snake Moan (Blind Lemon Jefferson) 3:05 from NACHTMIX

Walking the Floor over you (E. Thomas) 2:43 from NACHTMIX

Crossroad Blues (R. Johnston) 4:18 from NACHTMIX

Bye-Bye Bird (Sonny Boy Williamson) 3:17 from NACHTMIX

Down the Riverside (Trad.) 3:57 from NACHTMIX

You Win Again (Hank Williams) 2:3 8from NACHTMIX

Death Letter Blues (Trad.) 5:44 from NACHTMIX

Lonesome Valley (A.P. Carter arr. KC) 4:13 from NACHTMIX

Oh Happy Day (Edwin Hawkins) 2:52 from NACHTMIX

TOTAL: 1:19:57


On Jan 31 2004, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung paper featured an interview (again by Karl Bruckmaier) with Kevin where the Coyne passion for football and Derby County comes under deep scrutiny.

Here is a very bad English automatic translation



Soundboard recording and audience (MD). Artwork by Jeff Lewis and Kevin Coyne. Layout by me and Pascal at Coup Franc. Photo by
The leaflet comes with a review I wrote for the webzine


All songs written by Jeff Lewis except otherwise indicated
Don’t be Scared 6:39 (A.R.E. Weapons cover, w. Neman, from Herman Dune on drums)

Don’t Let The Record Label Take You Out To Lunch 2:34

Something Good (Jack Lewis) 2:35

The Fall Story 4:21

On my Left, on my Right (Jack Lewis) 2:38

Disconsolate 5:51

Sea Song 5:08

The Story of the Band [Rock-Opera] 8:50

Polar Bear [A Jack Song] (Jack Lewis) 6:35

Ishalicious 5:21 (Jeff Lewis/Kimya Dawson, w. Kimya Dawson on vocals and keyboards)

If You Shoot The Head You Kill The Ghoul 2:37

TOTAL: 53:09



Having a Party 8:15

Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:12

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 8:36

House on the Hill 7:20

My Story (RC/KC) 7:35

Weirdo (TL/KC) 8:01

The Wobble (RC/KC) 8:04

Take me Back in your Arms 7:42

Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 8:09

Encore: Jeff and Kevin together: Baby Blue (RC/KC) 10:34

TOTAL: 1:17:08



Encore: Jeff and Kevin together: Champion Jim (JL) 7:47 *

Jeff Lewis soundcheck:

Jam 4:06

Jam 1:10

Disconsolate 4:58

Art Land 4:18

Kevin Coyne soundcheck:

Sunday Morning Sunrise 2:29

Precious (RC/KC) 1:48

Kevin and Jeffrey interview by Pascal Regis 27:24

TOTAL: 54:05

The show I organised. Just awsome... Kevin giving some sort of live improvisation master class...! The double bill encores feature some precious magic moments.
Every detail here.

Something had messed up with the soundboard recording ; the complete Coyne set and the encores when Kevin and Jeff played together were missing. I eventually found someone who had an audience recording of the whole show (thanks again Cas!). So the final boot has some differences in sound quality but well... it's worth it!


But I had already given away some boots of the incomplete show so you might come across this 2CDR boot (same artwork):

All songs written by Jeff Lewis except otherwise indicated

Don’t be Scared 6:39 (A.R.E. Weapons cover, w. Neman, from Herman Dune on drums)

Don’t Let The Record Label Take You Out To Lunch 2:34

Something Good (Jack Lewis) 3:23

The Fall Story 3:50

On my Left, on my Right 2:38

Disconsolate 5:51

Sea Song 5:08

The Story of the Band [Rock-Opera] 8:50

Polar Bear [A Jack Song] (Jack Lewis) 6:35

Ishalicious 5:21 (Jeff Lewis/Kimya Dawson, w. Kimya Dawson on vocals and keyboards)

If You Shoot The Head You Kill The Ghoul 2:36


Jam 4:06

Jam 1:10

Disconsolate 4:58

Art Land 4:18

Total: 1:07:59



Having a Party 8:15

Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:12

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 8:36

House on the Hill 7:20

My Story (RC/KC) 6:27

Take me Back in your Arms 3:55

Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 0:50


Sunday Morning Sunrise 2:29

Precious (RC/KC) 1:48

Total: 1:12:22

Bonus: Kevin and Jeffrey interview by Pascal Regis 27:24


*On Jan 29 2005, Jeffrey played in Paris again and dedicated Champion Jim to Kevin Coyne; Jeffrey told me that he always thought about Kevin when singing this song.

Boot of a boot... I found that boot incendtly on the web: i t's called KEVIN COYNE, LE NOUVEAU CASINO, PARIS, FEBRUARY 9 2004. It is really Disc #2 of the first version of the show; ie: incomplete Coyne performance. ART 1 AND 2



Turpentine Records, Mar 20, 2004

Recorded at Musication studio, Nurenberg, Germany

Produced by Kevin Coyne and Werner Steinhauser for Coyne-Steinhauser Productions

Engineered by Werner Steinhauser

Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne* (keyboards), Andreas Blüml** (guitar), Michael Lipton*** (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums), Andrea Fleissner (backing vocals)

Artwork by Kevin Coyne

Lyrics included


Falling in Love * ** (KC/RC) 3:30

Good Mother * (KC/RC) 3:22

Come Back Home 1:31

Locked Out 3:09

Typical Type 2:42

Donut City ** 3:48

I Hear Voices ** 2:09

Big Fat Bird 2:26

No More Rain ** 3:34

I've Decided (KC/WS) 2:09

Blame Blame Blame ** (KC/WS) 3:03

Crocodile 3:40

Delightful ** 2:53

Empty Arms *** (KC/ML) 2:28

Smile Right Back *** (KC/ML) 2:42

No Dancing *** (KC/ML) 2:39

Blow us all up *** (KC/ML) 2:06


What a great cd! A review (in french) by Maurice Maes on "Donut City":

My review (in French and in English.


 Kevin made a nine date tour of The Netherlands and Belgium in Marc 04. The tour was great, first part was acoustic, second was electric, a very nice band which changed much from the first shows as documented in Schoneiche or Hamburg. Was it the songs from the new cd that changed the setlist or is it just that the band just got better and found the best way to support Kevin? Whatever: a real pleasure to see them all together. Several shows were recorded:



Live in Het Paard, Den Haag, The Netherlands, Sunday 21 March 2004 

Soundboard recording of the complete show. Excalibur HPF 2004 01/02 (Oct 2004)

KC with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums). Art by Paul Bennets. Photos by Maurice Maes (I believe?)


Intro 1:51

Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 4:01

Marlene 4:38

Out on the Park (AN/KC) 7:56

I Hear Voices 6:59

Locked Out 6:59

Burning Head (HP/KC) 7:19

Sunday Morning Sunrise 6:07

Donut City 8:24



Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 9:47

Weirdo (TL/KC) 6:27

Party Party Party (RC/KC) 9:18


Blow us all up (KC/ML) 5:50

House On The Hill 7:21

Baby Blue (RC/KC) 5:05



Great recording of that tour. The band was excellent. Splendid artwork too! Highly recomended. I see it as one of the best Excalibur Coyne releases. Superb job Russ (and Paul too!)



Around the same time, Excalibur issued a sampler:


Oct 2004


Ballad for Kevin (KC/AG) 6:19 (from MANSION OF DREAMS)

Marlene 3:31 (From THE CELLAR TAPES VOL. 4)

Burning Head (HP/KC) 7:41 (From THE CELLAR TAPES VOL. 2)

Roses in Your Room 5:22 (From ROCKPALAST)

Don't Blame Mandy 2:48 (From THE CELLAR TAPES VOL. 1)

No Lullabies (HB/KC) 3:04 (From MUNICH DAZE)

N°23 (KC/AG) 5:08 (From OPERA FOR SYD)

Wanting You Is Not Easy 5:00 (From TALKING TO SOMEONE)



Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 3:34 (From THE CELLAR TAPES VOL. 3)

Don't Make Waves 3:22 (Live In Sweden 1976 - UNRELEASED)





Audience recording and layout by Maxiphone. Artwork by Kevin Coyne. Sound OK (could be better).

KC with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 3:47

Marlene 4:35

Out on the Park (AN/KC) 6:24

Take me Back in your Arms 6:16

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 8:38

Having a Party 10:06

Locked Out 6:51

Burning Head (HP/KC) 6:49

Donut City 6:39

Dynamite Daze 4:16

Sunday Morning Sunrise 4:58 [not on the artwork]

Party Party Party (RC/KC) 5:46



I Hear Voices 5:32

Baby Blue (RC/KC) 4:50



Very nice show



• 2 BOOTLEG CDR: DE VALK, LIER, BELGIUM, MAR 23 2004 "OLD RED FACE" (another boot bears the same name) Image

Audience recording and layout by Michel (Mars MD). Artwork by Kevin Coyne. average sound.

KC with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 5:03

My Wife's Best Friend (RC/KC) 5:18

I Hear Voices 5:32

Marlene 5:11

Burning Head (HP/KC) 6:50

Having a Party 9:26

Take me Back in your Arms 5:26

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 10:23



Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:25

Donut City 7:35

Locked Out 6:42

Dynamite Daze 6:21

Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 1:35 [fades out]


A good show with an average sound.




Audience recording and layout by Michel (Mars MD). Artwork by Kevin Coyne.

Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 5:17

Marlene 4:50

Weirdo (TL/KC) 6:07

Having a Party 10:36

Burning Head (HP/KC) 8:04

Really in Love (HB/KC) 8:08

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 11:40

I Hear Voices 6:14



Donut City 8:29

The Wobble (RC/KC) 6:12

Baby Blue (RC/KC) 4:44

Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:24



Another good show with an average sound.

The De Muze show in Meize from March 25 2004 was filmed by Jos and later showed on Dec 13 2009 during the Tribute shows in Belgium at the same venue



I mention this one only for the record and because I saw this excelent show but the soundboard recording did not work and the sound is totally plagued by technical problems. Unlistenable.
KC with
Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 3:21
My Wife's Best Friend (RC/KC) 5:42
I Hear Voices 5:31
Really in Love (HB/KC) 7:32
Burning Head (HP/KC) 7:11
Locked Out 6:15
Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:16
The Wobble (RC/KC) 5:26


Marlene 5:12
Saviour (KC/AL/GS)
House On The Hill
Party Party Party (RC/KC)
Baby Blue (RC/KC)
Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC)
Dynamite Daze

Here is the Spirit of 66 flyer and the programme 1 and 2 with a very nice text (in French) by Didier Dirix).

Maurice Maes wrote a review of that show: and took photos too



• 2 BOOTLEG CDR: MANUSCRIPT, OOSTENDE, NL, MARCH 28 2004 "PARTY BOYS " (another boot bears the same name) Image

Audience recording and layout by Michel (Mars MD). Artwork by Kevin Coyne.Sound OK.

KC with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 6:23

My Wife's Best Friend (RC/KC) 6:13

Really in Love (HB/KC) 7:24

Marlene 5:02

Burning Head (HP/KC) 8:27

Having a Party 11:05

I Hear Voices 7:12

The Wobble (RC/KC) 6:23

Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:22

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 6:50



Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 9:09

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 10:50

Take me Back in your Arms 6:10

Donut City 8:13

Dynamite Daze 7:22



A nice show.




1. Trog Des Weg (Threw It All Away)

2. Redn Kaun Ma Boid (Talk is Cheap) both songs by Sigi Maron on his “05 vor 12” LP (1980)

3. Miss Salzburg (Little Miss Portobello) by Sigi Maron on his “Der Tag is net weit” LP (1982)

4. Formula Eyes by The Ruts, b-side of a “Different View” single (1981)

5. Having A Party by The Mekons on their “Makes No Diffrence” single and their “F.U.N. 90” EP (1990).

6. The Only One by The Occidental Blue Harmony Lovers on their “House on Fire LP” (1990).

7. Saviour by Colin James on his “Bad Habbits CD” (1995).

8. Are You Deceiving Me by Riguelle & Hautekiet on their CD “A Minor Thing” (1998).

9. I Confess

10. The Sun Shines Down On Me, both songs by Will Olham on the “Bonnie Prince Billy Performs Songs Of Kevin Loyne” single (1999).


KEVIN COYNE COVERS Mark II (june 2004) adds:

5. KANERVA (Light up your Little Light) by Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu on their LP "Uusia Tansseja" (1981)

12. KANERVA (live version 1980) by Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu on the CD reissue of "Uusia Tansseja"


After I sent a copy to Kevin, he indicated a lot of other covers.
So, the definitive KEVIN COYNE COVERS (Mark III, Sep 2004) goes like this (Image):

Kris de Bruyne

1. Ik Geloof in Jou (I Believe in Love) (from the “Ballerina’s” LP, 1977)

Sigi Maron

2. Jo Jo I Geh A (I'll Go Too) (from the “He Taxi” LP, 1979)

3. Trog Des Weg (Threw It All Away)

4. Redn Kaun Ma Boid (Talk is Cheap) (both songs from the “05 vor 12” LP, 1980)

5. Miss Salzburg (Little Miss Portobello) (from the “Der Tag is net Weit” LP, 1982)

The Ruts

6. Formula Eyes (from the “Different View” single, 1981)

Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu

7. Kanerva (Light up your Little Light) (from the “Uusia Tansseja” LP, 1981)

The Mekons

8. Having A Party (from the “Makes No Difference” single and the “F.U.N. 90” EP, 1990)

The Occidental Blue Harmony Lovers

9. The Only One (from the “House on Fire LP”, 1990)

Jacques Mahieux

10. House upon the Hill

11. Mad Boy N°2 (both songs from the “Chantages” CD, 1991)

12. Parler ą Personne (Talking to no one) (from the “Mahieux” CD, 1993)

Les Reines ProchaĒnes

13. You Called Me Jacky (Jackie And Edna) (from the “Lob Ehre Ruhm Dank” CD, 1993)

Colin James

14. Saviour (from the “Bad Habbits” CD, 1995)

Riguelle & Hautekiet

15. Are You Deceiving Me (from the “A Minor Thing” CD, 1998)

Will Olham

16. I Confess

17. The Sun Shines Down On Me (both songs from the “Bonnie Prince Billy Performs Songs Of Kevin Loyne” single, 1999)

bonus track: Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu
Sally Timms (The Mekons)
18. I'm Just a Man from her cd called "In the World of Him" (Sep 2004)
Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu

19. Kanerva (live version 1980) (from the CD reissue of “Uusia Tansseja”)




Audience recording and layout by Michel (Mars MD). Artwork by Kevin Coyne. I think the band photos are Maurice's from Verviers. Sound is bad.

KC with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)


Out on the Park (AN/KC) 9:05

Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 4:52

Having a Party 11:58

Really in Love (HB/KC) 8:49

Marlene 5:45

The Wobble (RC/KC) 8:32

Take me Back in your Arms 7:12

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 10:55



Pony Tail Song (RC/KC) 6:48

Locked Out 7:39

Dynamite Daze 6:53

Sunday Morning Sunrise 6:17

Party Party Party (RC/KC) 7:39



Sound is really too bad for that one...

"Störungen", a Karl Bruckmaier and Kevin Coyne project on Synapsen 6. Station, Jul 2004 (thanks Uwe). English translation by Goodie: DISTURBANCES White noise, black tie – the aesthetics of the White Noise. A sound impertinence by Karl Bruckmaier, supported by Kevin Coyne and Wilfried Petzi. Karl Bruckmaier looked – supported by the artists Kevin Coyne and Wilfried Petzi - into a third category of noise/music  - the sound between disturbing noise and the White Noise of Nothing. The evening questioned, with the aid of music, song, photos and newly invented machines and old play-back devices, if there is a noise which could not become music. The point was the last secret: the sound that can’t be domesticated. Blues was played after the sound impertinence.




2004. Audience recording. Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me. Sound is OK.
KC with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG) 7:42

Take me back in your Arms 6:19

Locked Out 9:12

Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 7:09

Havin' a Party 13:48

The Wobble (RC/KC) 7:15



Really In Love (HB/KC) 10:28

Saviour (KC/AL/GS)11:12

Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 9:14

Sunday Morning Sunrise 6:06

Marlene 7:30

Dynamite Days 5:53



A very nice show. Photos of the show here.




Oct 23 2004. Soundboard recording. Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me.
KC with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)


Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG) 7.08

I Hear Voices 6.07

Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 9.05

Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 6.37

Burning Head (HP/KC) 6.18

Really in Love (HB/KC) 9.59

The Wobble (RC/KC) 8.19



Havin' a Party 10.58

Take me back in your Arms 5.58

Locked Out 5.56

Marlene 7.20

Dynamite Days 6.14

Sunday Morning Sunrise 5.42

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 11.01



A good boot with a good sound



Kevin played a mini UK tour in Oct 2004:

Oct 25 2004, Sheffield, The Boardwalk, Snig Hill
Oct 26 2004, Lincs, Spilsby Theatre, Church St., Spilsby
Oct 27 2004, Leeds, The New Roscoe, Bristol St., Leeds LS7 1DH
Oct 28 2004, Henley on Thames, The Crooked Billet, Newlands Lane, Stoke Row
Oct 28 2004, BBC Radio Show (Andy Kershaw)
Oct 29 2004, London, England Club Bang Bang @ 100 Club 100 Oxford Street, W1 ONLY LONDON SHOW

Here is a small page with memories from this tour.




Andreas Blüm, acoustic guitar
Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 4:10
Locked Out 4:49
I Hear Voices 3:57
Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG) 4:03
Weirdo (TL/KC) 5:08
24:19 (including talking)

Wonderful session. Kevin does a tribute to John Peel, who had died a few days earlier
(John Peel, an old friend of Kevin, was the first to sign him in 1969 on his Dandelion Records label, for his Siren LPs and for CASE HISTORY.
The songs (without interviews) are included in this boot: From Andy Kershaw Session (1999-2004)




Audience recording. Artwork by Kevin Coyne, layout by me.
KC with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG) 5:44

Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 4:55

I Hear Voices 5:52

Donut City 7:17

Blow us all up (KC/ML) 4:47

House on the Hill 7:42

The Wobble (RC/KC) 6:27



Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 7:55

Locked Out 7:31

Weirdo (TL/KC) 6:22

Marjory Razorblade 1:53

Marlene 7:38

Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 6:58

Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:28

Dynamite Days 4:45




Excellent soundboard quality. It was Kevin 2nd to the last concert, 7 days before his passing
?Andreas Blüml, guitar, Harry Hirschmann, bass, Werner Steinhauser, drums

Art by me with photos © Uwe Pabst, hoping it's ok with him

Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG)
I Hear Voices
Eastbourne Ladies
Smile Right Back (KC/ML)
Strange Locomotion  (KC/DC/NC)
Having a Party
Sunday Morning Sunrise
Donut City
The Wobble (KC/RC)
Locked Out
Really in Love (HB/KC)
Dynamite Days
My Story (RC/KC)

Other November 2004 shows:
19.11.2004, Zwickau, Germany Alter Gasometer (concert plus the Coyne documentary film: "One Room Man")
26.11.2004, Hamburg, Germany Downtown Bluesclub. (Harry Hirschmann told me that this show - the very last one - was splendid; the band played a lot of old songs like Brothers of Mine or Shangri-La).

Here is a flyer announcing a show that was to take place on Dec 10 2004.



He had been unwell the day before but had rallied but in the morning he died peacefully with his wife at their Nuremberg home.
The divine service - last party - took place on Monday, 13th December 2004, at 12.30 h, Friedenskirche, Am Palmplatz, Nürnberg, Germany.
Kevin was buried in St. Johannis Friedhof, Nürnberg, Germany.

Read more here: a press page about the passsing of Kevin and photos from Kevin's burial, December 13, 2004



Turpentine Records. Best.-Nr : 1004

Recorded and mixed between Apr and Oct 2004 at Musicaction Studio, Nurnberg, Germany. Issued Apr 06

Produced and engineered by Werner Steinhauser for Coyne-Steinhauser Productions.
Kevin Coyne with Andreas Blüml (guitars, ukelele, banjo), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums, percussion, bass, keyboards) and Michael Lipton (bass on 2 and 4, guitar on 7 and 10) and Andreas Fleissner (backing vocals on 2, 11 and 13).

Cover drawing by Ralph Steadman.

Lyrics included.

Order here :


1 Underground (KC/AB) 4:18

2 The Way of the World (KC/AB) 3:31 [different song from A DAY IN CHICAGO]

3 Paper Romance (KC/AB) 4:42

4 Low I Try 3:10

5 Mr. President 2:40 [different from LET'S DO IT]

6 He knows Everything (KC/WS) 3:48

7 Times Moves On (KC/WS) 2:58

8 The WhyWhy Song (KC/AB) 3:53

9 She Said (KC/AB) 4:20

10 Hard and Loud 3:02

11  Silence Silence 4:38

12 Golden Light (KC/WS) 3:29

13 Baby Billy 5:01





Strandgut, Perlen der Rockgeschichte (Radio Tonkhule, Hildesheim/Germany) a Kevin Coyne Special by Florian Ehrich and Simon Begemann. The interview was made on Nov 26 2004 before the Hamburg show. First broadcast on Dec 5 2004 then again on NDR Info at 23h05 on Feb 26 2005.
Interview (overdubbed in German) and songs from the albums:

Donut City 3:48

Locked Out 3:09

God bless the Bride (KC/DC) 3:35
Marjory Razorblade 1:42
Dog Latin 4:50
Your Holiness (KC/PK) 3:10
House On The Hill 7:20 [from In Living B&W)
Turpentine 3:09 [from In Living B&W)
Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:15 [from In Living B&W)
Legless In Manilla (lyrics by John Pigeon) 2:56
Children Of The Deaf (KC/SL) 1:06
Big Money Man 3:03

Come Back Home 1:31

Falling in Love (KC/RC) 3:30




John Allen's show (NY) and interview from Aug 27 199 was broadcast again on Dec 7 2004. IMAGE

RADIO: BOOTLEG "Millionaires and Teddybears" Erinnerungen an Kevin Coyne (1944-2005)

Deutschlandfunk, on Feb 26 2005 (songs played from the albums)

Redaktion Dr. Carlo May/U-Musik mit Karl Lippegaus

A mp3 boot with other radio shows by Lippegaus about John Peel and Nick Drake. No artwork.

Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty (Mills, Godfrey, Scott)   1.00

LP: Dynamite Daze; Virgin 25801; LC 3098

The World Speaks (Coyne, Godding)   2.27

LP: Sanity Stomp; Virgin 301 427; LC 3098

Ze-Ze-Ze-Ze (Coyne)   3.04

CD: Siren / Strange Locomotion; See For Miles SEECD 413

A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots (Coyne)  4.01

CD: Case History...Plus; See For MIles SEECD 410

Eastbourne Ladies (Coyne)  4.35

CD: Marjory Razor Blade; Virgin CDVM 2501; LC 3098

River of Sin (Coyne)   3.20

LP: Blame It On The Night; Virgin V 2012; LC 3098

Witch (Coyne)    3.05

CD: Sign of the Times; Virgin 7243 8 39410; LC 3098

Good Boy (Coyne)  2.38

CD: Marjory Razor Blade; Virgin CDVM 2501; LC 3098

Saviour (Coyne, Legget, Smith)  3.20

CD: Sign of the Times; Virgin 7243 8 39410; LC 3098

I Walk With My Girl (Mantler, Pinter)    3.53

CD: Silence; ECM/WATT 2/5; 543 374; LC 04438

Michael Mantler

Face In The Mirror   (Coyne)   3.00

LP: Beautiful Extremes: 1974-1977; Virgin 25527; LC 3098

Having A Party (Coyne, Ward)   4.20

CD: Sign of the Times; Virgin 7243 8 39410; LC 3098

Are We Dreaming?  (Coyne, Wickens) 2.45

LP: Dynamite Daze; Virgin 25801; LC 3098

Dance of the Bourgeoisie (Coyne, Money)   2.00

LP: Dynamite Daze; Virgin 25801; LC 3098

Little Miss Portobello (Coyne)   3.48

LP: Millionaires and Teddybears; Virgin 200 215; LC 3098

Happy Homes (Coyne)   1.40

LP: Babble; Virgin 200 596; LC 3098

One Little Moment (Coyne, Godding)  6.28

CD: Pointing the Finger/Politicz; Mau Mau/Edel MAUCD 640; LC 7719

Day To Day  (Coyne, Godding)   2.34

CD: Bursting Bubbles; Virgin 201.654; LC 3098

In Silence (Coyne)  4.36

LP: Sanity Stomp; Virgin 301 427; LC 3098

Tell The Truth (Coyne, Godding)  4.03

CD: Pointing the Finger/Politicz; Mau Mau/Edel MAUCD 640; LC 7719

Stand Up For England (Coyne)  3.38

CD: Elvira: Songs from the archives 1979-1983; RTD/Golden Hind 388.7012.242; LC 6265

Raindrop On The River (Coyne, Pigeon, Lamb)  2.57

LP: Legless In Manila; RTD/Collapse 22; LC 5661

Café Crazy (Coyne)  2.32

CD: Wild Tiger Love; RTD/Golden Hind 3887001240; LC 6265

Take On The Bowers (Coyne, Wyatt)  3.19

LP: Sanity Stomp; Virgin 301 427; LC 3098

Born in 1944 (Coyne)   4.15

CD: Elvira: Songs from the archives 1979-1983; RTD/Golden Hind 388.7012.242; LC 6265

Old King Cole (Coyne)    1.25

CD: Life Is Almost Wonderful; Coyne/Croker CD 001

American Girls (Coyne)  3.08

CD: Wild Tiger Love; RTD/Golden Hind 3887001240; LC 6265

The Eisenhower/Churchill Blues (Coyne)   2.53

CD: Life Is Almost Wonderful; Coyne/Croker CD 001


BOOK Feb 2005: "That Old Suburban Angst", published by Tony Donaghey publications, available through .More here. IMAGE



Mar 05:
- The March edition of Mojo has a poll and Kevin Coyne comes 4th as "Unsung Hero of the Year: 1.Mark E. smith 2. Van Dyke Parks 3. Joanna Newsom? 4. Kevin Coyne 5. Bob Harris.
Also in the same issue a letter bemoaning the non CD issue of a classic LP gets this response "We want to hear from readers with suggestions for albums that aren't available on CD but bloody well should be. We'll make them into the basis of a MOJO campaign and , where we can, lobby the powers that be to put them out. Mail with the subject heading:Please Release Me!

Cherry Red is releasing a new CD of POINTING THE FINGER and POLITICZ (CDMRED265) with complete discography, photos and nice liner notes by Cherry Red people. Awful artwork though. IMAGE



In Feb 2005, GEERT PELZER, a Dutch artist, recordedSunday Morning Sunrise (once in English and once in Dutch, (Thanks Wil). The song came out a 100 copies single IMAGE. In April 2005, the Dutch dialect version, called "De zondágmaerge is van meej" went Nr. 1 in a regional Top 15!

Buy the single here
The English version of the song is now included in "The World is Full of Fools" Tribute CD.

This from Wil Gommans (who made the art and boot): "Every evening Dutch Radio 2 has a popular program that's going back in time. This evening it's March 16, 1978 And every evening they have a "Crown Jewel LP".. And guess what: This time it's Dynamite Daze from Kevin Coyne"
Intro + Dynamite Days [all LP versions] 3:16
Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty (Mills/Godfrey/Scott) + Amsterdam 6:13
Interview with Wil Gommans about Kevin Coyne 3:10
I Only Want To See You Smile 2:45




Compilation - a "best of boots" by Wil Gommans, Apr 2005. Art by Alan Richardson

- House On The Hill 4:53 BBC OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST Oct 20 1973
With Gordon Smith (guitar) and Chili Charles (percusion).
- Marjory Razorblade Suite 8:07 HYDE PARK, LONDON (UK), Jun 30 1974

With Gordon Smith (guitar), Tony Cousins (bass),  Rick Dodd (tenor sax) Tim Penn
(keyboards) and Terry Slade (drums).
- Sunday Morning Sunrise 4:45 POSTAULA, BREMEN, GERMANY, Aug 18 1975
Zoot Money (piano), Andy Summers (guitar), Steve Thompson (bass), Peter Wolf (drums)
- Tulip 7:59 LYCEUM, UK, (from LET'S HAVE A PARTY) probably Jun 14 1975

With Zoot Money (piano), Andy Summers (guitar), Steve Thompson or Archie Leggett (bass), Peter Wolf (drums) and Ruan O'Lochlainn (sax)
- Blame it on the Night 4:06 THE BLACKWOOD HALL, AUSTRALIA, 1976
Kevin Coyne solo
- Need Somebody 3:59 TALKING TO SOMEONE, Mar 6 1977
Kevin Coyne solo
- Right on her Side 5:39 THE ROCKPALAST, KOLN, GERMANY, Jan 4 1979 Kevin Coyne solo
- Saviour (KC/AL/GS) 3:29 DE MELKWEG, AMSTERDAM, Apr 16 1979
With Zoot Money on keyboards
with Bob Ward (guitar), Dan Brown (bass), Pete Woolf (drums)
- The Old Fashioned Love Song (KC/BG) 4:05 BERLIN Sep 9 1981

With John Etheridge (guitar), Steve Lamb (bass) and Dave Sheen (drums)
- Eastbourne Ladies 11.42 PUMEREND, THE NETHERLANDS, Dec 3 1982

With Pete Kirtley (guitar), Steve Lamb (bass), Steve Bull (keyboards) and Dave Wilson (drums)
- Fat Girl 4:15 MANEGE, MUNICH, GERMANY Mar 21 1985

With Martin Odstrcil (a.k.a Martin Mallone or Martin Ostersehl) (acoustic guitar).

- Having a Party (Berlin) 6:53 "M. INDUSTRY"  Jul 12-18 1986
With Hans Pukke (guitar), Robert Steinhart (bass) and Falk Steffen (drums).
- Love for Five Minutes (HP/KC) 4:02 KENNINGTON, LONDON , Feb 10 1990

With Hans Pukke (guitar), Henry Beck (keyboards), Friedl Pohrer (bass), Martin Mueller (drums)
- There She Goes (KC/BG) 4:46 HEBDEN BRIDGE, UK, 1993

With Friedl Pohrer (acoustic guitar)
- Hey Baby
[Bruce Channel] [unreleased] 3:15 HALF MOON-PUTNEY, UK, March 24 1994
With Friedl Pohrer (acoustic guitar)
- Chicken Wing 3:04 LIVE ON DUTCH RADIO Feb 7, 1998

With Keili Keilhofer (guitar)
- Bird Brain (RC/KC) 3:33 ANDY KERSHAW SHOW, BBC RADIO 1 Apr 2, 1999

With Robert Coyne (guitar), Steve Smith (drums
- Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) 3:14 VPRO RADIO, NETHERLANDS Dec 14 1999 With Robert Coyne (keyboards)
- Burning Head (HP/KC) 7:37  CELLAR TAPES VOL. 2 NIJMEGEN Dec 6 2000
With Michael Lipton (bass), Jupiter Little (drums), Robert Coyne (guitar)
- Precious 4:24 CELLAR TAPES VOL. 3 NIJMEGEN Dec 6 2000

With Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupiter Little (drums), Robert Coyne (bass, guitar, keyboard)
- Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC) 5:29 THE BORDERLINE. LONDON Apr 24 2001

With Robert Coyne (guitar and keyboards), Steve Smith (drums).
- I'm Wild (RC/KC) 6:05 THEATRE, PITTSBURGH, PA, USA Aug 23 2001

With Michael Lipton (bass), Jupiter Little (drums), Robert Coyne (keyboards)
- Oh Happy Day (Edwin Hawkins) 2:52 NACHT-MIX, LOUNGE CONCERT Apr 4 2002

With a stand-up bass player (Harry Hirschmann)
- Party Party Party (RC/KC) 4:24 MOUNTAIN STAGE, USA Aug 18 2002 With Robert Coyne (bass), Michael Lipton (guitar), Jupee Little (drums)
- Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 4:01 Het Paard, DEN HAAG, The Netherlands Mar 21 2004 With Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums).
- The Wobble (RC/KC) 6:27 100 CLUB, LONDON, Oct29 2004

With Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

   - May 19th: BBC6 radio featured DYNAMITE DAYS as 'Andrew Collins' Great Lost Album'. Read the guestbook here.

11 different versions of the song Sunday Morning Sunrise. A compilation made by Wil Gommans, a fan from the Netherlands. May 2005. IMAGE


Kevin Coyne with Archie Leggett (bass), Tim Penn (keyboards), Andy Summers (guitar), Gordon Smith (guitar) and Peter Wolf (drums) 5:37

From the BOOTLEG CDR: MUMMY [a.k.a: POSTAULA, BREMEN, GERMANY], Aug 18 1975.

Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (keyboards), Steve Thompson (bass), Andy Summers (guitar) and Peter Wolf (drums). 4:47


Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (keyboards), Steve Thompson (bass), Andy Summers (guitar) and Peter Wolf (drums). 4:43

From the OFFICIAL LP/CD: IN LIVING BLACK AND WHITE, Apr 6 1976, released in Jan1977. Kevin Coyne with Zoot Money (keyboards), Steve Thompson (bass), Andy Summers (guitar) and Peter Wolf (drums). 5:22


Kevin Coyne solo 4:40


Kevin Coyne with Peter Kirtley (guitar), Steve Lamb (bass), Steve Bull (keyboards) and Dave Wilson (drums).

From the OFFICIAL LP/CD: LIVE ROUGH AND MORE, Dec 6 1983. 7:14

Kevin Coyne with Peter Kirtley (guitar), Steve Lamb (bass) and Dave Sheen (drums) 7:16

From the SEMI OFFICIAL CDR: AM I TELLING THE TRUTH TOO MUCH Recorded in London, UK on Oct 20 1999

Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne (guitar, keyboards) and Steve Smith (drums). 5:41


Kevin Coyne with Robert Coyne (guitar, keyboards) and Steve Smith (drums). 5:10

From the BOOTLEG CDR: SCHONEICHE, Sept 13 2003

Kevin Coyne with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass) and Werner Steinhauser (drums) 6:27


Kevin Coyne with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums) 5:31

BONUS: From the MINI-CDR: DE ZONDAGMAERGE IS VAN MEEJ, English version, Feb 2005.

Geert Pelzer with Wil Gommans and Studio J.W. Sound and Vision 4:28

BONUS: From the MINI-CDR: DE ZONDAGMAERGE IS VAN MEEJ, Dutch version, Feb 2005. Geert Pelzer with Wil Gommans and Studio J.W. Sound and Vision 4:28

EXTRA BONUS: unreleased: DE ZONDAGMAERGE IS VAN MEEJ, (the Karaoke version!) Feb 2005.

Sound tape from Wil Gommans and Studio J.W. Sound and Vision 5:36





RADIO: June 5, 2005, Resonance Radio Interview. Interview of Goodie, a member of the Kevin Coyne Group, by Frank Bangay. Frank is working on a Coyne Tribute cd and made an interview of Kevin in late 2004 which appeard in Splitting in Two and Mental Health Today (see Press Page). (This radio show has been of course recorded).

A traditional music festival from Nürnberg uses one of Kevinęs paintings (the figure from "Turpentine Records"): See Website image here.



Aug 19 2005, Jon Langford, Sally Timms and The Pine Valley Cosmonauts + guests hosted a memorial show for Kevin Coyne at The Hideout (Elston & Wabansia) in Chicago.

Report and photos here. Flyer. Thanks to Nobby at the Mekons website for this boot.

Intro (2:26)

Jon Langord about One Day in Chicago (2:04)

Jon Langford: Einstein Song (5:58)

Sally Timms: I'm just a Man (7:07)

Steve Glabman: Smile Right Back (KC/ML) (4:56)

Andy Willis: Kevin's Trip to Chicago (6:13)

talk (2:16)

John Wesley Harding: Blame it on the Night (with Jon Langford) (6:15)

Jon Langford: Way of the World (KC/JL/PB/JR/RC) (6:33)

talk (1:11)

Sally Timms: A message from Elvis from above (reading) (1:00)

Sally Timms : Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC) (5:00)

talk (2:00)

Chris Connelly: Lunatic (5:36)

Chris Connelly: Looking for the River (3:49)

Jon Langford: The Party Dress (reading) (7:10)

John Wesley Harding: God Watches (2:18)

talk (2:18)



Jon Langford: Monkeyheart (4:12)

Sally Timms: Having a Party (4:05)

Jon Langford: Scene Of The Crime (KC/JL) (4:16)

Jon Langford: Money like Water (KC/JL) (6:22)

Jon Langford: Saviour (KC/AL/GS) (6:24)

Total time: 1h27

50 JAHRE POPMUSIK - 1973. Book and CD (CatNo:A531409-01) ART
A music encyclopedia by German paper Süddeutsche Zeitung. Aug 2005 - 80 pages
CD includes : Eric Weissberg / Steve Madell - Dueling Banjos, Brownsville Station - Smokin' In The Boys' Room, Earth, Wind & Fire - Evil, Elton John - Daniel, Gladys Knight & The Pips - Midnight Train To Georgia, Toots & The Maytals - Funky Kingston, Neu! - Super, New York Dolls - Looking for a Kiss, T.Rex - Shock Rock, Mott The Hoople - All The Way From Memphis, Ellen McIlwaine - Jimmy Dean, Cymande - Willie's Headache, Faces - Glad and Sorry, Kevin Coyne - Eastbourne Ladies, Otto - Tiptoe Through The Tulips, John Fahey - Hawaiian Two-Step, Ann Peebles - I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down, Marvyn Gaye - Where Are We Going?, Michael Nesmith - Prairie Lullaby, Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home
Book includes :

In Mojo's September 2005 issue, Will Oldham tells how "Babble changed his life". In the same issue, a very good review of the book "That Old Suburban Angst".

October-December 2005: De la Warr Pavillion in Bexhill on Sea hosts an exhibition called 'Variety', run by Ian Breakwell - Kevin's long time friend and collaborator (see films). The exhibition features the cover of In Living Black And White.

Oct 2005: there is only a slight mention of Kevin in John Peel and Sheila Ravenscroft's book "Margrave of the Marshes": "One of John's favourite signings [to Dandelion Records] was the singer-songwriter Kevin Coyne".

Ian Breakwell, who wrote several films and plays with Kevin Coyne in the 70s, died from cancer on Oct 14 2005.

A n exhibition in Spain: October 2005 13th to 25th, Monday to Friday 9:00 - 20:30. Venue: UPV/EHU-BBK Etxea Address: Banco de España, 2 (Zazpi Kaleak / Casco Viejo). Bilbao Poster

Nov 2005: The Carpenter Ants, who backed up Kevin in his US tour, just released an album (art here):
“In addition to getting to march all over some well-penned originals, the album also showcases a wild and colorful painting on the cover by one of the Ants' dear musical brothers, Kevin Coyne, who died last Dec. 2. The album is dedicated to the late West Virginia artist the Amazing Delores and to Coyne, the globetrotting English musician, painter and writer. "He was certainly the most talented guy I had ever worked with," Lipton [Carpenter guitarist] said. "His use of language and his spontaneity in everything he did was incredible." Read more on
You can hear the Carpenters and the Amazing Dolores in a boot called EMPTY GLASS
Kevin said about the Ants: "Working with the Carpenter Ants is a special kind of pleasure. Their music has passion and joy, a deeply felt soul that reaches right down to the boots. When I sing with them I know I'll get 100% commitment. The Ants love making music and it shines through everything they do." Carpenter Ants website.


"A Night for Kevin Coyne", lecture by Brendan Croker, Leeds 5th December 2005. Video by Waldo here (seems to work better on Explorer). Croker sings 'I know who you are'.

Nov 05: "THE WORLD IS FULL OF FOOLS - A Fan Tribute to Kevin Coyne" is released. CD ART
Featuring 18 Coyne covers by members of the Kevin Coyne Group plus a 1986 unreleased song by Kevin Coyne.
Free cdr, just ask! Chris McGorey from Chicago did a great job in coordinating this project and designing the artwork too!

Full list of contributors:
1. The World is Full of Fools - Adrie Meijer
2. I Believe in Love - Jim Landon
3. Everybody Says - Emma Warnefors
4. Right on Her Side - Nigel Burch
5. Talking to No One - Steve Glabman
6. Sunday Morning Sunrise - Geert Pelzer
7. Something Gone Wrong - Pascal Regis
8. I Really live Round Here - M van Willigen
9. I Only Want to See you Smile - Emma Warnefors
10. I Stood Up - Frank Bangay
11. Dark Dance Hall - Al Dilly
12. The Only One - Raymond Blizzard
13. Golden Days - Jim Landon
14. Admit You're Wrong - Alan Richardson
15. Take on the Bowers - Dog Latin
16. Smile Right Back - Steve Glabman

Bonus Tracks:
17. I'll Never Change - Kevin Coyne and Van Bluus (recorded in 1986).
18. Something's Waiting - Van Bluus (Track 18 written and performed by Van Bluus. Track 17 is the music from "Something's Waiting, with new lyrics and vocals by Kevin Coyne.) see here
19. No Competition - M van Willigen (Lyrics and music of this tribute song by M van Willigen)

My track 'Something Gone Wrong' from this Tribute cd was aired on a French local radio on Nov 23 2005 (92.2 MHz Dijon or

Nov 28 2005: Karl Bruckmaier played a rarity on his radio show: "Georg Ringsgwandl & Kevin Coyne: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Privataufnahme (Private source)". What is it?


Dec 05. Wil "thought it might be a good idea to burn 50 different (ex-weed) live bootleg CDR's as MP3 files on one DVD+R disc!"

So the DVD contains 50 folders with various MP3 tracks.


This is the list of live bootlegs on the DVD+R disc:


1            Live on Dutch Radio (1974 + 1998)

2            Capitol Radio 1974-1975 (1974-75)

3            Hyde Park, London (1974)

4            Outlaw In Concert and More (1974-02)

5            Polytechnic Institute, London (1975)

6            Southampton University, UK (1974)

7            BBC Radio One In Concert, Paris Theatre (1974)

8            Live At The Blackwood Hall (Monash Uni), Australia (1976)

9            ITV, Star Rider,"Party People" (1977)

10          Dynamite Days Outakes, Bob Ward Demos and more (1978)

11          Bus Palladium, Paris, France (1978)

12          Rock Club Covent Garden, London (1978)

13          Babble, Live, Rock Club (with Dagmar Krause) (1979)

14          De Melkweg, Amserdam, April 16 (1979)

15          Brupop Festival, Bruinisse, NL (1980)

16          Half Moon Putney (1981)

17          Pumerend, The Netherlands (1982)

18          3 Idiots in Love Regensburg (1982)

19          Leeuwarden Zaal De Schaaf (1984)

20         Kevin Coyne & Martin Odstrcil 1984-1986

21          Quartier Latin, Berlin (1985)

22         Kevin Coyne & Van Bluus (1986)

23         Crucifixion, La Nuit des Chanteurs de Récit (acoustic) (1986)

24         M. Industry, Kevin Coyne In GDR, Jul 12-18 1986

25         Bridge St Arts Center Newcastle (1990)

26         Frankfurt, Germany The Complete Show (1991 or 1992?)

27         The World Awaits My Genius Live At Franz Club, Berlin (1992)

28         Flight to Paradise Live At Paris, Jan 30 (1992)

29         Surrounded By Creatures.., Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, UK (1993)

30         I'm The Captain Of Your Soul, Hebden Bridge (acoustic) (1993)

31          Green mountain, Chemnitz, Germany" (acoustic) (1994)

32         Grey Attack, Chemnitz (1998)

33         Andy Kershaw Show (1999)

34         VPRO dutch radio (1999/2001)

35         Mountain Stage Trilogy (1999/2002)

36         Rare Kevin Coyne (1969/2000)

37         Empty Glass, Charleston, WVA (2000)

38         Kneistival 2000 (2000)

39         Bremen, 30th September, 2001 (2001)

40         Giessen, Muk (2001)

41          Musiktheater Rex, Lorsch, 2001 (2001)

42         Knitting Factory, NY, USA (2001)

43         Bird Hat Nacht-Mix, Lounge Concert (2002)

44         See You Later Aligator Cleveland (2002)

45         Andy Kershaw Show, BBC, Apr 5 (w. Brendan Croker) (2002)

46         The Hungry Dog, Strasburg, Virginia Aug 9 (2002)

47         Schoneiche, Sep 13 (2003)

48         Andy Kershaw, BBC Session, Oct 28 2004

49         Our Happy Home , Chemnitz, Germany, Oct 23 (2004)

50         100 Club, London, "Flight To Paradise" (Oct 29, 2004)


For space reasons on the disc Wil had to leave out track 1 from the Leeuwarden boot (the track is also on the Purmerend boot) and the last track of Babble (1979)


Dec 05: A Tribute show in London on Dec 2nd 2005, for the first anniversary of Coyne's passing. Feat. Sexton Ming, Frank Bangay, Dave Russell and Nigel Burch (who have all contributed to the forthcoming Radio Resonance tribute CD) . The Sussex Arms, 104, Culford Road London N1 Friday December 2nd. 8.30 FLYER
More on this with Nigel Burch:
"Here's what happened last night. An interesting collection of human beings - a bit like a coach party from the house on the hill.....
Dave Russell read from Show Business and played Good Boy.
Frank Bangay read from The Party Dress and sang Hello friends-Hello Everyone, Looking For The River, and I Stood Up.
Sexton Ming performed Marjory Razorblade (he's one of the few people who can get away this - look him up on the net), Talking To No One and the Karate King.
I sang The Poor Swine. Black Cloud. Right On Her Side and House On The Hill, accompanied by my banjo-uke (once when I asked Kevin if there was any chance of him getting me any gigs in Nuremburg he wrote that Bavaria wasn't quite ready for a punk neo-George Formby.)
Lol Coxhill was there - I saw him play a couple of songs with Kevin at 100 Club in the 70s -  but didn't have his sax with because he's been locked out his flat.
All in all a good night, in a shambolic Klinkeresque way. As expected, all songs were interpreted by the individual artists in their own unique and eccentric styles. It was all recorded so I'll see if I can get a copy...
Something on a much grander scale still needs to be organised, though, perhaps to coincide with January 27th...." [Jan 27 is KC's birthday]

Dec 2005.
68mn. This is a collection of Kevin Coyne songs that appeared on films and documentaries. The sound is far from being hi-fi, some parts of songs are missing but some of these documents are rare and precious gems. Notes by Pascal Regis. Photo: Kevin Coyne singing Saviour in One Room Man. ART

1. Let’s Work Together (Wilbert Harrison)
From Musikfilmen (1976), a documentary film by Tommy Goldman, Dick Idestam-Almqvist, Stefan Jarl, Jan Lindkvist, Axel Lohman, Lennart Malmer.
The film documents the alternative festival against the Eurovision Song Contest held in Stockholm in 1975. The band is Gordon Smith and Andy Summers (guitars), Tim Penn (piano), Archie Legget (bass) and Peter Wolf (drums).

2. & 3. Having a Party
4. Eastbourne Ladies
5. Babble dialogue
6. Stand Up
From Kevin Coyne, Herz Aus Feuer (1979), a documentary film by Claudia Strauven and Wolfgang Kraesze.
Having a Party: Kevin, Zoot Money (keyboards) and Brian Godding (guitar) rehearsing in a studio – one of the highlights of this collection. Eastbourne Ladies: live with (probably) Bob Ward (acoustic guitar), Brian Godding (guitar), Al James (bass), Vic Sweeney (drums). Babble dialogue and Stand Up are from a Babble show (1979?) in Berlin with Dagmar Krause and two guitarists (most likely Bob Ward and Brian Godding).

7. Children’s Crusade
8. Children’s Crusade instrumental version by Wolfgang Wieder
From Kevin Coyne At The Last Wall (1982), a film of a concert at The Tempodrom in Berlin (in front of the Berlin Wall). Directed by Diethard Küster.
Included here is the music from the beginning and ending of the film; Kevin’s solo acoustic version of Children’s Crusade is a real treat. The actual show, featuring Kirtley, Bull, Lamb and Wilson, is available on a boot called “Tempodrom, Berlin”.

9. Rockin’ On
10. Best Friend
11. Gina’s Song Impro
12. Money Machine
13. Rockin’ On instrumental
From Schwarzfahrer aka Joy Ride (1983), a fiction film by Manfred Stelzer.
Hi-Fi lovers, beware! This is very bad quality sound and bugged by the film sound. It features however a few very rare songs from the “Legless In Manilla” area. Rockin’ On has never been issued on an album. Best Friend is very different from the version on “Romance Romance”. Gina’s Song Impro is Kevin improvising in the studio.

14. It’s a long Way to Tipperary (J. Judge/H.Williams)
15. Keep the Home Fires Burning (L. Ford/I. Novello)
16. Take me Back to Dear Old Blighty (Mills/Godfrey/Scott)
From La Grande Guerre En Chansons (1993) a documentary film by Gilles Nadeau, featuring French, English and German songs from World War One, sung by Kevin Coyne, Hanna Shygulla, Mouloudji, Marc Ogeret, Gérard Viala. Always the non-conformist, Kevin refused to dress up as a soldier, as the other singers in the film did… Musicians are Friedl Pohrer on acoustic guitar and Jean-Marie Sénia on piano. Blighty is totally different from the “Dynamite Days” LP.

17. to 20. I Want My Crown (trad. arr. Kevin Coyne)
From Kevin Coyne, The Unknown Famous (1997), a documentary by Diethard Küster. Recorded live in Bordeaux, France with Friedl Pohrer, acoustic guitar.

21. to 25. Pretty Park
26. My Little Angel (Wily Wagner/Ralf Gustke/Tom Liwa/Ali Neander/Kevin Coyne)
27. Du Bist…
28. Burning Head
29. Because you’re Mine (Nicholas Brodszky/Sammy Cahn)
30. Mad Man Blues (John-Lee Hooker)
31. Porcupine People
From Lebenslinien, Stolpernd in ein Kleines Glück (1998), a documentary film by Steffi Illinger.
Pretty Park and My Little Angel, live in Leverkusen and Chemnitz, Germany, with a band including Keili Keilhofer (guitar) and Werner Steinhauser (drums). Du Bist… is a live impro. Burning Head is a soundcheck recording with the same band. Kevin and his sister Angela sing Because you’re mine, a song from a 1952 film. Mad Man Blues, live, acoustic with Keili Keilhofer (guitar). Porcupine People: Kevin solo in the studio – an alternate version from “Sugar Candy Taxi”.

32. The Einstein Song
33. I Shouldn’t Bother
34. Best Friend
35. to 37. Forgive me (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)
From damusica (2001), a documentary feature from VPRO (Dutch TV). The Einstein Song, Kevin solo at his home. I Shouldn’t Bother is a jam in a studio in Nürnberg in December 2000 with Keili Keilofer (guitar) and Werner Steinhauser (drums). Best Friend and Forgive me, live at Doomroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands on December
2000. Forgive me is a soundcheck recording with Robert Coyne (guitar), Michael Lipton (bass) and Juppee Little (drums).

38. One Room Man Songs # 1 & 2
39. River of Sin
40. Having a Party
41. Mad Boy
42. One Room Man Song # 3
43. Talking to no-one
44. Saviour (Archie Legget/Kevin Coyne/Gordon Smith)
From One Room Man (2003), a film by Boris Tomschiczek.
Kevin Coyne solo in this great film. Having a Party is an incredible performance. Saviour features Robert Coyne (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass) and Werner Steinhauser (drums).

"The Magic of Melancholy", "Carefuly compiled" by Austrian journalist and DJ, Samir Koeck. Universal Records order here
1 Kevin Coyne track "No Romance" (from SANITY STOMP)
Other artists: Billie Holiday, Johnny Hartman, Chet Baker, Helen Merrill, Nina Simone, Abbey Lincoln, Jeffery Smith, Shirley Horn, Jimmy Scott, Helen Merrill, Andy Bey & The Bey Sisters, Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, Gloria Lynne, Les McCann, Etta James, Pers Faccini, John Martyn, Traffic, Tim Hardin, Terry Callier, Jess Roden, Stomu Yamashta, Chris Eckman, Lucinda Williams, Jimmy Scott, John Cale, Tim Buckley.


Dec 05. Yard Dog (Austin, Texas) is dealing some Kevin Paintings." In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we put together a cd of previously unreleased music by artists/musicians we work with. It's a limited edition, available only from us, so get it while you can! 12 songs, 53 minutes." Order here
LAMAR SORRENTO- Split It Down The Middle; RICO BELL - Stop (recorded in 1988); WACO BROTHERS - There Is Evil; TOM RUSSELL - de Kooning; JON LANGFORD - Hank Signs His Contract; KEVIN COYNE - Having A Party; MEKONS - Flip-Flop Version; LORD HIGH FIXERS - Right Here Right Now (Tim Kerr); LAMAR SORRENTO - All I Wanna Do; RICO BELL - Within This Prison (recorded in 1988); MICHAEL HALL & THE WOODPECKERS - Amelia; JAD FAIR - Happiness Explosion$$$$.

This"Havin a Party" is live in Chicago, Dec 2002 (unreleased).

Invited on a WPS1 radio show called 'Lonely Bitter Hour', Jeffrey Lewis played "Uggy's Song" and said some nice things about Kevin (Dec 16 2005). Website.



Undergound review in Uncut (Apr 06)

'Underground' is awarded the 'German Record Critic Award' (May 06). "Preis Der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik", nominates the awards each quarter. In the committee of various musical genres are about 5 critics. Steffen Radlmeier is a member of the "Rock/Pop" section. He was a close friend to Kevin and music journalist, recently he wrote the review of both new cdęs in "Nürnberger Nachrichten" newspaper. The award is very well known and with a long history. Website. (info by Uwe).

Alain Buffard's ballet based on the song Good Boy was played in New York  in April 2006. It is now called "Mauvais Genre" and premiered at Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church, "performed by a number of the city's downtown dance luminaries."

May 2006. A DVD with a collection of boots "the Alan & Tony" DVD, some of them (in bold here) not available anywhere else:
Andy Kershaw 19-591 / Babble paris 20-6-79 / babble rock garden no date / battersea 7-5-81 / battersea 30-1-81 / berlin 3-7-81 / berlin later qtr 26-11-85 / brelen postaula 18-8-75 / bridge str newcastle under lyme 7-3-90 / capitol 74-75 / cricketeres 10-2-90 / dont mae waves tv plus / doornroosse 1-12-82 / euston shaw theatre solo 6-3-77 / half moon putney 19-2-90 / half moon putney 20-11-90 / half moon putney 31-8-83 / half moon putney 2-11-80 / half moon putney 5-6-83 / half moon putney 7-4-85 / half moon putney 7-5-84 / hyde park 30-6-74 / john peel top gear 1-79 11-79 7-82 74 / liestal 20-5-82 / melkweg 16-4-79 / penning hotel derby no date / queen elisabeth hall 1-8-79 / radio london 2-3-74 / radio london 30-4-79 [talk only] / radio metro 1980 / rainbow 16-3-75 / radio london 2-3-74 / radio london 30-4-79 / radio metro 1980 / rainbow 16-3-75 / rodahouse covent garden 23-1-93 / royalty 18-2-79 [same show as Derby/pennin + Dance of B + UNKNOW UK(?) SHOW IN 1979(?)] / stugart 25-3-81

Aug 22, 2006. During the "Electric Company" show, on "93XRT' radio in Chicago, Kevin Coyne fans Jon Langford (The Mekons) and Will Oldham played "Are you deceiving me" from Babble and talked about Kevin. Oldham even said he'd love to play Babble live... This radio show has been bootlegged of course.

Sep 06: Wil Oldham (a.k.a. Bonny Prince Billy) is including his cover of Kevin Coyne's 'I Confess' in his next cd "The Letting Go". The song (from Coyne's LP BABBLE) had been issued as a single in the 90s. Check this Oldham article about Coyne and Babble ("Last night, a record changed my life")

Sep and Oct 2006: "Drehbuch Leben" in Coburg, Kronach, Lichtenfels and Bamberg, Germany: a serie of free movie shows about schizophrenia. "Das Weisse Rauschen" (the white roar) is the story about a young man with schizophrenia. Every show ends with a discussion with psychiatrics and other experts. Long-time fan Uwe Schillabel, who included a Coyne painting on the poster and flyer, will use his talking time in the second Bamberg show to promote Kevin's art. Poster Flyer.

Oct 7: A music festival in Nuremberg, featuring several Kevin Coyne related artists: Keili Keilhofer, Andreas Blüml and readings of Coyne's books with Fitzgerald Kusz, Coyne's German translator.

Chris McGorey from Chicago, tells us: "Yesterday [Nov 19 2006] I did a radio session with my band (duo, actually) Dog Latin, on, an internet radio station. I played Kevin's "Cycling" and mentioned the upcoming tribute cd."

"Sometimes I see people" from SILENCE is included on REVIEW, a new Michael Mantler compilation album (EMC 1813 - 2006)

COMPILATION CD/DVD: RUF RECORDS ANTHOLGY: 12 YEARS OF THE BLUES CROSSING OVER includes Whispering Desert (from SUGAR CANDY TAXI, audio only, no Coyne on the DVD) Read an interesting review of Kevin's song here. ART

New exhibition of Kevin's artwork opens on Jan 16 2007 at the Galerie am Schweizer Platz in Frankfurt, Germany


(LALR 01) – Mar 07 - The cd costs £10, postage included - order here
This is a charity project, all income from the sale of this disc go to `Life and Living' and their work with psychiatric service users at the Maudsley hospital - which goes well with Kevin Coyne's early years as a social worker. Read more about this project in Big Untidy webzine.

Black Cloud - Nigel Burch
Talking To No One - Big Mehr and friend
Born Crazy - Razz
Sand All Yellow - Goldfish
Cycling – Dog Latin
Marlene - Nikki Sudden
Raindrops On The Window - Kevin Hewick
Hello Judas – Alternative TV
I Only Want To See You Smile - Véronique Acoustique
Blame It On The Night - Grae J Wall
My Evil Island Home - Jowe Head
Case History No 2 - Pascal Regis
House On The Hill - Leo O'Kelly
Mad Boy No2 - Frank Bangay and Almost Real
Looking For The River - Chris Connelly
Victoria Smiles - Heinz Rudolf Kunze
Are We Dreaming? - The Otters (ft. Mark Astronaut) [live recording]
Strange Pictures - Dave Russell
Weirdo - Joey Stack
A Loving Hand - Clive Product
Lonesome Valley - Stumble On The Valves
Here Come The Urban Ravens - Jackie Leven [ a song about Kevin, also on Leven's 2007 album "Oh what a blow that Phantom dealt me"]

Aso available, two bonus tracks to download - Sally Timm's `I'm Just A Man' and Jon Langford's `Having A Party'.

Read a couple of reviews of this tribute cd here and the press release there. - The cd got 5 stars and was voted CD of the month in Plärer, Nuremberg mag in May 2007!

Mar 07: "Death Is Not My Destiny", Robert Coyne's (Kevin's son) album is available on Turpentine Records. The album was recorded with Werner Steinhauser in Kevin's favorite studio in Nurenberg. More info here
Here's an article and Robert interview:
ROBERT COYNE 'Death Is Not My Destiny' , released on April 2nd, 2007, is the first solo album by Robert Coyne, younger son of the late, great Kevin Coyne. In addition to recording and touring extensively with Kevin, Robert has also worked with the Barracudas, The Scientists, Eric Burdon, Amy Rigby, Venus Ray and Sky Saxon, among many others, most recently touring Europe as guitarist in Chris Wilson's Groovin' Flames.
Largely self-written and self-performed, the music reflects Rock'n'Roll influences ranging from '50's vocal groups like the Paragons, Chimes, Sonics and Flamingos, to '70's hard rock bands such as Bloodrock and Blue Oyster Cult, while also including analog synthesiser sounds and treated guitar tones reminiscent of electronic music pioneers The Silver Apples, Giorgio Moroder and Chrome.
Lyrically and vocally, Robert takes many cues from his father - whose idea the album was - seeking to move and to entertain by writing and singing directly, humorously and unflinchingly. The title track, a haunting modern Doo-Wop ballad, is drawn from Robert's soundtrack to 'The Great Happiness Space: Tale Of An Osaka Love Thief', a film on the Japanese host-club scene which won the Best Documentary award at the 2006 Edinburgh Film Festival. 'Fan Letter' recalls the sinister role-reversal of Joseph Losey's classic film 'The Servant, while the tragi-comic 'Which One Of You', a cowbell led riff-rocker, is a cry of rage from a frustrated woodwork teacher.
'Dad first proposed that I make this album three or four years ago, and although I was pleased and excited about the idea, I was also quite daunted by it. Up to that point I'd done very little singing or lyric writing, and I wasn't at all confident I could do either. I wanted to try, but couldn't really find an approach until some time after Dad died. In a strange way, his death seemed to make it possible and necessary for me to do the work. I was able to make the leap of faith I needed to. My love for Dad has only deepened since his death, and recording this album has been a part of that process. Working on it, I felt his presence - and absence - in many different ways, most of all while we were completing it in Nuremberg. Working with Werner Steinhauser, Dad's drummer and close friend for many years, in the same studio where Dad recorded his last albums, was a very moving experience for us both. Werner's enthusiasm and encouragement, as well as his playing, were wonderful. I hope some of you will enjoy the album - while the music is quite different to Dad's, we've tried to make it with something of his spirit. http://www. myspace. com/robcoyne

Sep 07: Cheery Red reissue: "The Dandelion Years 1969-1972" (link is Cherry Red page), a 3 cd box", including "Siren", "Strange Locomotion" and "Case History". See "Siren Years" page on this website for more info.

Marjory Razorblade made the « 1000 albums you have to hear before you die » list in the : "Kevin Coyne - Marjory Razorblade (1973) Kevin Coyne was a singular talent. His vocal delivery was raw and unsettling, but although his songs - often improvised in the studio - largely dealt with society's outsiders and misfits, they were leavened by a warmth and earthy humour. This double album is his masterpiece, a generous serving of English blues."  Tony D

Nov 07: A "new" (material was already available somewhere else) boot spotted on the net:
BBC sessions with Andy Kershaw on Apr 2 1999, Apr 5 2002 and Oct 28 2004 (broadcast Nov 7).
Read a review of that boot here
Then, a couple of weeks later, Poor (from the KC Blog) made a new version remastered of these same Kershaw sessions:
Great sound. All material already available before. ART
BBC RADIO 3, APR 5 2002 with Brendan Croker (without interviews):
Pass Me The Memories                            
Looking From My Window                     
Be Your Sugar Daddy
I Want To Sit With the Girls
Life Is Almost Wonderful ["Bored in the office"]
BBC RADIO SHOW (Oct 28 2004, broadcast Nov 7) with Andreas Blüml (without interviews):
Smile Right Back (KC/ML) 4:10
Locked Out 4:49
I Hear Voices 3:57
Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG) 4:03
Weirdo (TL/KC) 5:08
BBC RADIO 1, 99-04-02, UK incomplete (acoustic songs only),
Lonesome Valley (A.P. Carter arr. KC) 3:21
Lunatic 4:04

RADIO: Jan 27 2008: For Kevin Coyne's birthday, Clare McDonnell on BBC Radio 6 played a re run from the Mar 25 1990 session (already available on these boots: BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES 1990-1999, ON THE RADIO 1977-1999 and BRIDGE ST ARTS CENTER)

Feb 2008:
New compilation boot:
A new compilation of unreleased Kevin songs (3 cdr) (1973-2002). Download here. Art by Poor

CD1 Front Back Insert

  1. It's not So Bad. 3.21. KC Boot: John Peel and Bob Harris Radio Shows 1973-74.
  2. Bewitched. 2.39. KC Boot: John Peel and Bob Harris Radio Shows 1973-74.
  3. Another Man Gone Down. 5.25. KC Boot: John Peel and Bob Harris  Radio Shows 1973-74.
  4. You're so sophisticated. 3.11. KC Boot: JUNE 29 1974, included in Boot: Capitol Radio1974-1975.
  5. Working Man. 4.07. KC Boot: JUNE 29 1974, included in Boot: Capitol Radio 1974-1975.
  6. Another Man Gone Down. 10.07. KC Boot: Live at Southampton University, UK. 1974. 
  7. Reggie in a Chicken World. 4.05. KC Boot: Live at Southampton University, UK. 1974.
  8. Do the Monkey. 4.52. KC Boot: Polytechnic Institute, London, UK. 1974.
  9. Goin Down Slow. 2.37. KC Boot: Mummy a.k.a: Postaula, Bremen, Germany. 1975-08-18
  10.  I'm Normal. 2.00. KC Boot: Mummy a.k.a: Postaula, Bremen, Germany. 1975-08-18  
  11. Why Must We Be Parted Like This. 2.19. KC Boot: Manchester, UK. ”Hell Creature”. 1976-04
  12.  Cripples parade. 3.28. Excalibur: Cellar Tapes volume 1, recorded june 1977, released 2000.
  13. Why Must We Be Parted Like This. 3.23. Excalibur: Talking to Someone a.k.a. Shaw Theater 1977-03-06.
  14. You know who. 3.52. KC Boot: On the Radio 1977-1990 a.k.a. Live on the Radio.
  15. Memory Lane part 12. 3.40. John Peel Radio Show 1979-09-19. Bonus track on KC boot: Half Moon Putney 1990-02-19. 
  16. Nothing’s Changed. 5.08. John Peel Radio Show, 1979-09-19. Bonus track on KC boot: Half Moon Putney 1990-02-19.        
  17. Happy Days. 0.38. KC boot: Live in de Melkweg, Amsterdam. 1979-04-16
  18. Burning Head suite. 4.55. Excalibur. Rockpalast, 1979.
  19. Three Legged Duck with Words (Bob Ward).       4.20. KC boot: Half Moon Putney, 1980-12-07.
  20. Memory Lane. 4.51. KC Boot: Brupop festival, Bruinesse, NL. 1980-08-09.

      CD2 Front Back Insert

  1. You Wont Like it. 3.36. John Peel Radio Show. 1982-07-06            . Bonus track on KC boot: Half Moon Putney 1990-02-19.
  2. I Talk to Myself. 3.36. John Peel Radio Show. 1982-07-06. Bonus track on KC boot: Half Moon Putney. 1990-02-19.            
  3. We're Not Gonna Work Anymore. 2.26. KC Boot: Zeche, Bochum. 1982-10-19. Heaven Trousers.       
  4. Dont Let Me Down. 4.47. KC Boot: Zeche, Bochum. 1982-10-19. Heaven Trousers. 
  5. Just My Imagination. 4.25. KC Boot: Pumerend, NL.  1982-12-03
  6. I Love Everything in My way. 2.37. KC Boot: Liestal Palazzo, Switzerland.1982-05-20
  7. Rockin' On. 3.40. KC Boot: Regensburg. 1982-10-07. Three idiots in Love
  8. I'll Keep On (Where did she go?). 4.04. KC Boot: Half moon Putney. 1982-12-26
  9. We're Not Gonna Work Anymore. 3.20. KC Boot: Audimax, Duisburg. 1983-12-09. I’m Lost.
  10. Nothing Seems to Matter. 7.09. KC Boot: Leeuwarden, Live at Zaal de Schaaf, NL 1984-01-19. Mark 2 The complete show. Restored edition.
  11. Islands. 3.47. Zeche, Bochum. 1984-12-21. Walking to Nowhere.
  12. We're all Angels. 5.26. KC Boot: Quartier Latin, Berlin. 1985-12-26.
  13. Cant stand it No More. 6.08. KC Boot: Manege, Münich. 1985-03-21.
  14. Cry Baby Cry. 4.35. KC Boot: Manege, Münich. 1985-03-21.         
  15. All your Love. 3.50. KC Boot: Manege, Münich. 1985-03-21.         
  16. Dont get Lonely. 1.39. KC Boot: Manege, Münich. 1985-03-21.         
  17. You're The girl for me /Crazy about you). 2.09. KC Boot: Manege, Münich. 1985-03-21.
  18.  Cant stand it No More. 5.00. KC Boot: Mainz. 1986-02-28 a.k.a. Diguise     s.
  19. You say you're mine (Rambling' Operator). 3.43. KC Boot: Mainz. 1986-02-28. a.k.a. Diguises.
  20.  All your Love. 3.30. KC Boot: Mainz. 1986-02-28. a.k.a. Diguises.                  

CD3 Front Back Insert

  1. Dance Ballerina. 3.17. KC Boot: Kevin Coyne & Martin Odstrcil. 1984-1986.
  2. You were the One. 3.36. KC Boot: Schwimmbad Musik club, Heidelberg. 1986-08-27.
  3. Harry from Magdeburg. 3.23. KC Boot: In German Democratic Republic. July, 1986. Mr Industry.        
  4. I am a Lonely Little boy. 1.05. KC Boot: Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL. 1988-12-16. Hey, There’s a monster on TV.                
  5. The avant-garde section. 0.58. KC Boot: Half Moon Putney. 1990-02-19.            
  6. Everytime I see your face. 3.12. KC Boot: Bradford Wool Exchange. 1990-09-13. I dream of Sausage.                    
  7. Everybody's got somebody. 3.01. KC Boot: Bridge St. Art Center, Newcastle upon Lyme. 1990-03-07.            
  8. Fresh & Vital. 2.14. KC Boot: Vertigo club, London. 1990-06-30. The dog with Impossible shoes.
  9. This Friend of Mine. 3.33. KC Boot:  Half moon Putney. 1990-11-20. I dream.
  10. Rap Impro. 0.43. KC Boot: Live at Scheune, Germany. 1991-12-11. Little bad bear
  11. Does anybody love me. 4.38. Darby, January 1993. Included on KC Boot: Rock garden, London 1982. The Knife. 
  12. I Can See. 4.28. KC Boot: Wolverhampton 1993-05-23. Hat with Baby Dragon.
  13. Something Coming your way. 0.55. KC Boot: Harrogate 1993-01-28. James Joyce at the Bar.
  14. Moonface. 2.18. KC Boot: Zundfunk, Bavarian Radio. 1994-06-29.
  15. Every Night. 3.50. KC Boot: Live at Cave Dimiere, France. 1998-10-10.
  16. I'm gonna try to make you love me. 2.30. KC Boot: Musiktheater Rex Lorsch. 1999-03-13.
  17. Turn on your love light. 1.18. KC Boot: KC Boot: Musiktheater Rex Lorsch, 1999-03-13.
  18.  I never chill out. 1.55. KC Boot: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. 1999
  19. Waiting and Wondering. 0.27. KC Boot: Empty Glass, USA, spring 2000.
  20. Things Gonna Be better. 5.27. KC Boot: Empty Glass, USA, spring 2000.              
  21. It Must be Love. 6.15. KC Boot: Bremen. 2001-09-30.
  22. I Miss you. 1.40. KC Boot: Giessen MUK, Germany. 2001-02-01.
  23. Sugar Baby. 3.06. KC Boot: Giessen MUK, Germany. 2001-02-01.            
  24. My Pretty Girl from Giessen. 0.32. KC Boot:   Giessen MUK, Germany. 2001-02-01.
  25. I was wondering. 2.44. KC & Croker Boot: Windsor Arts center. 2002-03-03. I Was wondering,
  26. I Believe in the Man Upstairs. 3.38. KC & Croker Boot: Verviers,Belgique. 2002-11-10. Spirit of 66.
  27. George Bush Blues. 3.50. KC & Croker Boot: Verviers, Belgique.  2002-11-10. Spirit of 66. 
  28. I Got a Feeling. 3.26. KC & Croker Boot: Verviers, Belgique.  2002-11-10. Spirit of 66. 

Apr 2008:
By the same Martin:
A new compilation of covers, out of the bootlegs, (3 cdr) (1974-2002). Download here.
      CD1 Front Back Insert total time 1:18:34

  1. Boogie Children + Let's work together             5.39            J-L Hooker+Canned Heat              KC Boot: Dutch Radio 1974, 1998.
  2. Boogie Chillum            10.28            J-L Hooker                        KC Boot: Hyde Park, London, 1974-06-30.  
  3. Rolling and Tumbling            4.02            Muddy Waters                            KC Boot: Live at Southampton University, UK. 1974.
  4. Madison blues             2.45            Elmore james                        KC Boot: Live at Southampton University, UK. 1974.
  5. Hound Dog             2.53            Big Mama Thornto            KC Boot: Live at Southampton University, UK. 1974.
  6. Nobody's fault but mine             2.19            Blind Willie Johnson            KC Boot: Postaula, Bremen, Germany. 1975-08-18.
  7. Georgia            2.04            Carmichael/Gorrell            Excalibur: Shaw Theater 1977-03-06.
  8. As time goes by            2.40            Steiner/Hupfeld                        KC Boot: Bus Palladium, Paris 1978-03-14.
  9. You win again            2.10            Hank Williams                        KC Boot: Bus Palladium, Paris 1978-03-14.
  10. Happy day            1.06            Trad                        Excalibur: RockPalast 1979-01-04.
  11. If six was nine            4.22            Jimi Hendrix                        KC Boot: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 1979-08-01.
  12. Mr Sandman            1.46            Pat Ballard                        KC Boot: Live de Melkweg, Amsterdam 1979-04-16.
  13. Keep it Burning            4.14            Blind Willie Johnson            KC Boot: Bataclan, Paris 1980-05-20.
  14. Hey baby            4.11            Bruce Channel                        KC Boot: Theatre de Gally, Villepreux 1981-11-07.
  15. Louie Louie            3.45            Richard Berry                        KC Boot: Theatre de Gally, Villepreux 1981-11-07.
  16. I want to be Happy            1.15            Youmans/Caesar            KC Boot: Greyhound Fulham Palace Road 1981-02-02.
  17. F.B.I.            4.05            Paul Gormley                        KC Boot: Torrington, Finchley, London 1981-01-25.
  18. Living Doll            1.02            Lionel Bart                        KC Boot: Forum, Paris 1983-04-07.
  19. Dimples            3.00            J-L Hooker                          KC Boot: Forum, Paris 1983-04-08.
  20. Hush Hush            3.49            Jimmy Reed                          KC Boot: Forum, Paris 1983-04-08.
  21. Send me some Loving            3.20            Price-Marascalco            KC Boot: Pumerend, NL.  1982-12-03.
  22. Siting on the top of the world            4.40            Trad                        KC Boot: Pumerend, NL.  1982-12-03.
  23. You’ll never walk alone              2.26            Trad            John Peel Radio Show 1982-07-08. Bonus on KC boot: Half Moon Putney 1990-02-19.

      CD2 Front Back Insert total time 1:17:55

  1. Lucille/Jennie, Jennie            3.01            Little Richard                        KC Boot: Regensburg. 1982-10-07.
  2. Singin the blues            3.37            Melvin Endsley                        KC Boot: Radio Bremen, Germany  1983-12-06.
  3. Ain't Nobody's business            3.09            Grainger and Robbins            KC Boot: Audimax, Duisburg 1983-12-09.
  4. Nobody's bundle of Joy/Dimples            6.59            J-L Hooker                        KC boot: Live at Zaal de Scaaf, Leewarden 1984-01-19.
  5. Sex Machine            4.58            James Brown                        KC Boot: Zeche, Bochum. 1984-12-21.
  6. Money             4.37            B. Gordy Jr/J Bradford            KC Boot: Quartier Latin, Berlin. 1985-12-26.
  7. Shake that thing             4.01            Jimmy Reed                        KC Boot: Quartier Latin, Berlin. 1985-12-26.
  8. I like to boogie            3.19            Marc Bolan                        KC Boot: Club Vertigo London 1990-06-30.
  9. Baby, Please dont go            1.57            J-L Hooker                        KC Boot: Bradford Wool Exchange. 1990-09-13.
  10. Serves you right to suffer            2.37            J-L Hooker                        KC Boot: Bradford Wool Exchange. 1990-09-13.
  11. Rock Me baby            5.23            BB King, Joe Josea            KC Boot: Live at Franz Club, Berlin 1992-05-20.
  12. Keep a Knocking            3.11            Little Richard                        KC Boot: Live at Franz Club, Berlin 1992-05-20.
  13. Blue suede shoes             3.46            Carl Perkins                        KC Boot: Derby  1993-01.
  14. Shakin all over            4.03            Johnny  Kidd                        KC Boot: Hebden Bridge 1993-05-27.
  15. Young Love            3.20            Carter/Joyner                        KC Boot: Half Moon Putney, London 1994-05-01?.
  16. The twist            1.53            Chubby Checker            KC Boot: Half Moon Putney, London 1994-05-01?
  17. Donna            2.49            Ritchie Valens                        KC Boot: VPRO night Train 1994-05-22.
  18. Wild thing            5.51            Chip Taylor                        KC Boot: Feuerwache, Mannheim 1997-05-29.
  19. Wipeout            2.25            J. Cole                        KC Boot: Feuerwache, Mannheim 1997-05-29.
  20. The sky is crying            6.26            E. James-et all                        KC Boot: Feuerwache, Mannheim 1997-05-29.

       CD3 Front Back Insert total time 1:11:10

  1. Mad Man Blues            6.04            J-L Hooker                        KC Boot: Feuerwache, Mannheim 1997-05-29.
  2. Be-Bop-a-lu-la            3.49            Gene Vincent                        KC Boot: Live at Cave Dimiere, France. 1998-10-10.
  3. I want somebody             3.43            Clarence Edwards            KC Boot: Chemnitz, Südbahnhof 1998-10-30.
  4. Keep a Knocking            3.20            Little Richard                        KC Boot: Chemnitz, Südbahnhof 1998-10-30.
  5. I dont want to leave you now/Louie, Louie 4.19 Coyne/Richard Berry     KC Boot: Chemnitz, Südbahnhof 1998-10-30. 
  6. Send me some loving             3.47            Price-Marascalco            KC Boot: Chemnitz, Südbahnhof 1998-10-30.
  7. Rock me baby            5.08            BB King, Joe Josea            KC Boot: The Middle East Club, Cambridge USA 1999-08-28.
  8. Knockin on Heaven's Door            3.50            Bob Dylan                        KC Boot: Empty Glass, USA, spring 2000.
  9. Stand by me            5.07            Ben E King                        Excalibur: Kneistival, De Bolle 2000-07-26.
  10. Hush Hush            3.53            Jimmy Reed                        KC Boot: Giessen MUK, Germany. 2001-02-01.
  11. Love you so            3.43            Ron Holden                        KC Boot: Musiktheater Rex 2001-10-27.
  12. Suzie Q            5.39            Hawkins & all                        KC Boot: Musiktheater Rex 2001-10-27.
  13. Take out some Insurance            4.12            Jimmy Reed                        KC Boot: Musiktheater Rex 2001-10-27.
  14. You win again            2.48            Hank Williams                        KC & Croker Boot: Windsor Arts center. 2002-03-03.
  15. With a Girl Like you            2.43            Reg Presley/The Troggs            KC: Boot: Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2002-08-15.
  16.  I'm So Glad            5.07            James                        KC & Croker Boot: Leffinge, Belgium 2002-11-16.
  17. Singin the blues            3.34            Melvin Endsley                        KC & Croker Boot: Verviers, Belgium 2002-11-10.

Frank Bangay put up a Tribute to Kevin in London on June 5 at The Poetry Cafe, feat. Nigel Burch, Dave Russell, Goodie Sweeny, Stumble on the Valves. Flyers here and here and Time Out adds.
A 2 CDR bootleg documents the show and here's a report of the show by Frank, included in Poetry Express, Survivors Poetry's internet magazine. This report also appeared in the Southwark Mind newsletter see 1 2 3

Oct 2008: a new compilation by Chery Red:
I'll Give You My Heart, I'll Give You My Heart - The Cherry Red Singles Collection1978-1983
crcdbox4 - This 4 cd-set includes So Strange and Father Dear Father

Oct 08: a new commercial CD "ON AIR", a more complete version of a very good bootleg called "Postaula, Bremen, 1975". Read more.

New Compilation cd Plain Sailing an acoustic alternative" feat. Siren's "I wonder where" (released 24-03-2008)

Another virtual collection of covers:
Various Artists - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Kevin Coyne!
1.Kevin Coyne: The World Is Full Of Fools (extract, Waahnsinns-Festival, Burglengenfeld, 26. or 27.07.1986) 2:05
2.Frank Bangay: Are We Dreaming 5:31
3.Topsy Turvy Band feat. FB: Something Gone Wrong 5:11
4.FB: Looking For The River 3:26
5.David Scull And Friends: Sign Of The Times 5:12
6.T. Geib: The Sun Shines Down On Me 3:19
7.Robert Lloyd: Good Boy 2:42
8.Niclas Hallberg: Jackie And Edna 4:56
9.Sexton Ming: You Canít Kill Us 2:07
10.Skullfucker: Evil Island Home 6:24
11.Jealousy Party: No Melody 3:18
12.Eve Couturier: Votre Sainteté 4:13
13.Serge Zeni: Big White Bird 5:04
14.Rini Van Willigen: Saviour 5:48
15.RVW: One Fine Day 3:09
16.RVW: I Really Live Round Here (different version) 4:16
17.RVW: Juliet And Mark 4:33
18.RVW: Fooled Again 5:07
Total running time: 77"03
1.Dave Russell: Good Boy 2:00                   
2.CP: Ze-Ze- 3:48
3.Elizabeth Nichols: Smile Right Back 3:38
4.John Howard: I Only Want To See You Smile :04
5.Geert Pelzer: De Zondagmaerge Is Van Meej 4:26
6.Thomas: Sugar Candy Taxi 2:54
7.Novemberclub: The World Is Full Of Fools 3:12
8.NC: Take Me Back In Your Arms 2:43
9.NC: Really In Love 3:44
10.NC: Pony Tail Song 2:46
11.Bruynen: House On The Hill 1:35
12.J.W. Sound and Vision: The Heaven Song 2:25
13.Will Oldham: The Sun Shines Down On Me (Ashville, 02.07.2001) 4:00
14.Bonnie "Prince" Billy aka WO: Beware Your Only Friend/I Confess (The Vogue, Vancouver, 25.03.2009) 6:30
15.Angel Racing Food feat. Jowe Head: Evil Island Home (Bull And Gate, London, 10.02.2007) 6:23
16.Gogoís Box: Elvira (live, unknown venue and date) 3:24
17.Robert Coyne Band: Sugar Candy Taxi (Rising Arts Centre, London, 13.02.2009) 3:55    
18.Stumble On The Valves: I Believe In Love (live, unknown venue and date) 4:48
19.Jon Langford: Having A Party (Matrix, ?, 07.12.2008) 2:59
20.Everything But The Girl: So Strange (live, unknown venue and date) 3:49
Total running time: 72"40
1.Sir Vincent Lone aka Jackie Leven: Coyne Of The Realm 3:25
2.Clive Product: Pass Into The Night 3 :26
3.Martin Odstrcil: Remember Kevin 3:11
4.Michico 66: KC 5 :08
5.All Dilly & Laas: Feeding Swans 4"37
6.Phil Hundley: Jar Full Of Fireflies 5 :08
7.JL: Here Come The Urban Ravens (King Tuts, Glasgow, 24.03.2007) 8 :16
8.Kirsche feat. KC: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Schweinfurt, 1991) 6 :09
9.Van Bluus: Around And Around (Club Kaulberg, Bamberg, 29.02.2008) 4 :07
10.WO: The Sun Shines Down On Me (?, 01.07.02) 4 :34
11.Nikki Sudden: Marlene (different version)     2"04
12.FB: Looking For The River (different version) 3 :34
13.NC: Take Me Back In Your Arms (different version, diff. vocals) 2:38
14.NC: Take Me Back In Your Arms (another different version with diff. vocals) 2"36                             
15.NC: Really In Love (different version, incomplete) 3 :14
16.CP: Pass Into The Night (electric demo) 3 :28
17.CP: Pass Into The Night (acoustic demo)  :33
Total running time: 69"44
Compiled by: "thebestmixtaperintown"

CDS 4 & 5 were compiled in March 2011:
Various Artists - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Kevin Coyne! / Vol. 4
1. Will Oldham aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Come Down Here (with Angel Olsen as "The Babblers"; unrel. studio recording; 2010) 03:26
2. WO: Are You Deceiving Me (with Emmett Kelly; live WBEZ Radio Chicago; 28.09.2010) 03:23
3. WO: Lonely Man (with "The Babblers; live NYC; free download; 08.12.2010) 04"53
4. WO: Sweetheart (same as above; live Chicago; video convert; 28.09.2010) 03"20
5. Angel Racing Food: Evil Island Home (with Jowe Head; live London; video convert; 2006) 05"33
6. The Highlanders: Majory Razor Blade Suite (live Uzice, SRB; video convert; 29.05.2010) 07"43
7. Justin Grounds: Sunday Morning Sunrise (live Newcastle; video convert, 20.12.2009) 05"40
8. Frank Bangay: The Sun Shines Down On Me (with Sophie Mirrell; live London; video convert; 2010) 05"21
9. FB: Good Boy (with Tunde Busari; same as above) 03:13
10.Robert Coyne: Sugar Candy Taxi (from "Woodland Conspiracy" CD; live KŲln, GER; 11/2009) 03"07
11.Eugene Coyne: I Confess (with other artists from the tribute shows; live Gent, BEL; video convert; 18.12.2009) 03"56
12.Amy Rigby: Marlene (same as above; live Ingelmunster, BEL; same as above; 14.12.2009)  03"17
13.John Langford: Saviour (incomplete; same as above) 03"43
14.Brendan Croker: I Want To Sit With The Girls (live Bruxelles, BEL; video convert, 11.12.2009) 03"12
Total running time: 60"21
Compiled by: "thebestmixtaperintown"

Various Artists - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Kevin Coyne! / Vol. 5
1. Chris Strickland: We Know Who You Are (cut video covert; 2011) 01"48                   
2. Clive Product: A Loving Hand (different mix; free download; 2005) 02"56
3. Johray: I Want To See You Smile (video convert; 2009)     02"09
4. Voice Of The Rain: I've Got The Photographs (download; 1994)     02"43
5. Lungmustard: Eastbourne Ladies (video convert; 2009)     04"50
6. Owen Patrick: Mrs. Hooley Go Home (video convert; 2010) 03"55
7. Dynamite Daze: I Only Want To See you Smile (from "Greatest Hits" CD; 2010) 02"19
8. DD: Pill Poppin Son Of A Bitch (DD original with "Marjory Razor Blade" coda; same as above) 05"42
9. Rini Van Willigen: Monkey Man (video convert; 2010)     03"27
10.RVW: Dynamite Days (same as above) 03"39
11.RVW: Happy Band (same as above)       03"58
12.RVW: Coconut Island (same as above)     04"24
13.RVW: Legless In Manilla (same as above)04"56
14.RVW: Sunday Morning Sunrise (same as above) 03"14
15.RVW: A Loving Hand (same as above) 06"06
16.RVW: Dance Of The Bougeoisie (same as above) 02"12
Total running time: 58"58
Compiled by: "thebestmixtaperintown"

From the Official website (Oct 09):
"Dear Friends, We are pleased to announce that the final dates and artist line-up for the long-awaited Kevin Coyne tribute concerts in Belgium can now be confirmed. All the dates are scheduled for this December at the following venues:
Fri. Dec. 11th - Muze en Meisse, Brussels
Sat. Dec. 12th - N9, Eeklo
Mon. Dec. 14th - Fagot, Ingelmunster
Thu. Dec. 17th - GC de Steenhoven, Herzele
Fri. Dec. 18th - Centrale, Ghent
Sat. Dec. 19th - Stadsschouwburg, Brugge
The performers who are coming together to pay tribute to Kevin share a long history with him, as musical collaborators, friends and family -- and all of them as fans. Forming the nucleus of the band for the six dates will be: Brendan Croker, Jon Langford (guitar), Wreckless Eric (bass), Amy Rigby (guitar and keyboards), Werner Steinhauser (drums), Eugene Coyne (vocals) and Robert Coyne (guitar). Frans Joseph Goof will also be appearing at all the shows and Brendan Croker at all except the gig in Eeklo on the 12th. Eugene Coyne will join the band for the final three shows in Herzele, Ghent and Brugge, with Patrick Riguelle also appearing at the final Brugge date and Erik Van Den Broeck playing at selected dates throughout the tour.
The setlist of songs will be drawn from every period of Kevin Coyne's long career, with each participant singing their own particular favourites prompted by their personal memories of Kevin. We hope that you'll be able to join us to remember and celebrate the life, work and lasting influence of this great artist. best" Helmi Coyne
P.S For further details on venues and reservation please go to the website:

- Flyer and poster (the line up changed after those were printed, hence Gary Lucas is announced and Werkless Eric and Amy Rigby are not)

- A report with photos from the Brussels show (in French).

- The De Muze show in Meize from March 25 2004 had been filmed by Jos. The film was shown on Dec 13 2009 during the Tribute shows in Belgium at the same venue. Only projection of the film scheduled.

- Report from Tony Donaghey: "Got to Brussels and the first gig of the Tribute tour on Friday - as you can see
from this video of Brendan Corker - the gig was filmed by Waldo. All's I can say was the band and show was great - the songs were brought to life and it was a true celebration. Ami Rigby doing Tulip, Wreckless Eric's Eastbourne Ladies and Poor Little Actress, a Flemish version of Turpentine, Brendan perplexing the audience by appearing with a placard proclaiming Frank Randle For Pope. Jon Langford was on fire and Robert Coyne is making Sugar Candy
Taxi his own. Ami and Eric's I Want My Crown was riotous with the full cast romping thru Marlene.
Last bus was about to leave so didn't hang round at the end couldn't get to saturday's gig but from report by Robert/Eric/Amy and the promoter Karin -who I met at the exhibition on Sunday -that show was even better. By the time Pascal and the others who are going this weekend the band will be kicking even harder." Tony D

Other videos/

- Marlene @ Le Faggot

- I Confess at Gent, vocals by Eugene Coyne

- Saviour, @ Le Faggot, vocals by Jon Langford

- I want to Sit wth the Girls by Brendan Croker

- Photos from the show at Eeklo and a report too, in Dutch

- A report from Eugene Coyne on the Kevin Coyne website mailing list in January 2010: "Dear Friends, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone involved with the Belgian tribute gigs. After hearing such nice things about them from Rob it was wonderful to finally meet Jon Langford, Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby, and they, alongside Werner Steinhauser – my fathers' drummer and friend for 13 years, and a lovely man – and my brother Robert created a band that could really do justice to my fathers songs, from a delicate 'Are You Deceiving Me' (sung by Amy at the keyboards, with Eric accompanying her) to flat-out rockers such as Eastbourne Ladies (sung by Eric) and Saviour (sung by Jon, Eric and on the final night, guest Patrick Riguelle). With Brendan Croker adding guitar and acting as an anarchic 'Master Of Ceremonies' there were many wonderful moments. Family commitments meant I could only join the band for the final three of the six shows but alongside the songs I've already mentioned, highlights included Rob's version of 'Children's Crusade', Jon's 'God Watches Over You' and Brendan's 'Open Up The Gates'. Nightly contributions from singer-songwriter Erik Van Den Broeck and actor-turned-singer Frans Joseph Goof were deeply felt and affecting. For myself, it was a very moving experience. I had been very nervous about appearing, not having sung on stage for six or seven years since the band I played in with Rob ended. I wasn't sure I could do it any more, and I found the idea of singing four of my father's songs very daunting, especially emotionally – 'I Confess' is probably my favourite song of my Dads, and one that evokes strong memories and feelings. In the end it was all fine, due in no small part to the love and support I received from Rob and the rest of the band. The arrangements and musicianship were wonderful, and I really enjoyed performing 'Day To Day' (from 'Bursting Bubbles'), 'A Loving Hand' (from 'Sanity Stomp') and a hypnotic, keyboard-led version of 'Let Love Reside' (from 'Pointing The Finger'). The final night at the Stadsschouwburg in Brugge was very special. The theatre was old and very grand and sitting watching the band as they soundchecked I couldn't help but think how much my Dad would have enjoyed playing there. So when Patrick told me that he'd seen my father there in the late 70s with Bob Ward it really made me happy… waiting in the wings to join the band, standing where perhaps my father had stood, I felt very close to him. We closed the evening with 'A Loving Hand'. It's a wonderful song, with beautiful lyrics, and Amy's 12-string guitar gave it a chiming, Christmassy feel. It felt like the perfect song to send the audience out into the snow. I'd tried not to say too much at the gigs, mainly because I did find them so moving, and I was afraid I might get upset if I talked too much. But I wish I'd said… Dad believed in God and Heaven. If you believe in them too he was with us, cheering us on and enjoying the celebration. But regardless of your faith and what you believe, for me, if you are a great artist you never really die. My father's spirit is in the songs, and as long as they remain, he is alive. If you want to know what he was like, play his music. Read his books. Look at his pictures. He's in all of them. Finally, a big thank you to Karin for getting the ball rolling, and to Rob, for all his tireless work behind the scenes, from organising chord charts and liasing with the band, to leading the group on stage. I know it wasn't easy, but you did a great job. It couldn't have happened without you. And a final thank you to all the fans, who love his music and came out to celebrate his life with us. With a little luck 2010 will be a good year for all of us."



COMP: Jan 2010: OLD FLAMES, CLASSIC ALTERNATIVE LOVE SONGS (!!) (Cherry Red) feat. Love in your Heart

BOOK: Fitzgerald Kusz wrote "My Tribute To Kevin" from Thomas Kraft (pub.): Rock Stories, p. 216 – 220, München 2009. see extracts: 1 2 3

Comic – Cartoon – Caricature” exhibition with Kevin Coyne art in Gunzenhausen, Germany (Feb2010)

A Ian Breakwell exhibition in Derbay on Feb 2010:
Radio shows about it: Wavelength show shows broadcast by William English on Resonance 104.4fm 2010 February 12th (16mm 2006 20' silent)
Friday 12th February sees the opening of an exhibition "The Elusive State of Happiness" a retrospective of the works of Ian Breakwell (1943-2005) at the Quad Gallery, Derby. A fellow student of Breakwell's at Derby College of Art was Kevin Coyne (1944-2004) (as was artist Andrew Greaves). In 1977-79 Breakwell and Coyne made a film together called The Institution. Reading of an unpublished letter from Ian Breakwell to a former teacher asking for a job circa 1970. Poem; The Ape Age by Coyne from a catalogue for their first show after leaving Art School. Tracks from Marjory Razorblade by Kevin Coyne, originally released in 1973 and reissued in 2010 with previously unreleased material: Marjory Razorblade, Marlene, Talking to No One, Do Not Shout at Me Father and Marjory Razorblade Suite live at Hyde Park 1974.;

Wavelength When Fri, 12 February, 15:00 – 15:30
Description On the eve of an Ian Breakwell exhibition in Derby, a reading of an unpublished letter from Ian to a teacher of his, asking for a job in Birmingham. Breakwell attended Derby Art School in the early 60s with singer Kevin Coyne. They had an exhibition together in Derby 1962. Tracks from the CD marjory razorblade by Kevin Coyne. Wavelength has been described as a programme without an agenda. However, this is untrue, Wavelength consists of multiple agendas - sound art experiments, concrete poetry, documentary, cultural criticism and reporting. presenter: William English email:  web:;;

Mar 2010: new album by Robert Coyne: "Woodland Conspiracy" (Meyer Records), including a live version of Kevin’s ‘Sugar Candy Taxi’ recorded in Köln, Germany in November 2009.

May-June 2010: Exhibition in Erlangen, Germany: "Der Comic-Salon zu Gast im Kunstmuseum 60 Jahre Mecki | Kevin Coyne und andere" A couple of photos from the exhibition here.

June 12 2010 (2pm) : Festival "Filmer la Musique" will show the film "One Room Man", introduced by Pascal Regis. Point FMR 10 quai de Valmy Paris 10.

Nov 2010 - Compilation CD "RADIO 1 CLASSICS VOL. 2" features Sunday Morning Sunrise.

Late 2010: Will Odlham is playing live the entire 'Babble' album (check our Covers page).

Mar 11: NEW OFFICIAL WEB SITE!! "Despite recording and releasing albums over five decades on labels such as Dandelion, Virgin, Cherry Red, Golden Hind and Ruf Records, it was always Kevin’s ambition to take full control of his music and create his own record label. In 2004 Kevin finally achieved his goal with the creation of Turpentine Records, and the label’s debut release, ‘Donut City’. Assisted by wife and manager Helmi and close friend and long-time drummer Werner Steinhauser other releases by Kevin followed, as well as the debut solo album by son and frequent collaborator Robert Coyne, ‘Death Is Not My Destiny’, in 2007. Today Turpentine is preparing to finally make some of Kevin’s extensive collection of archive recordings available." We're waiting for the first CD that should be called "Nobody Dies In Dreamland".

Nov 11:
- Gary Lucas is uploading unreleased songs he recorded in 1998 with Coyne on his website
- a new book in French "Kevin Coyne et Captain Beefheart" by René Coquelet.
- Thirty-two years after its recording, the Kevin Coyne Rockpalast show is finally issued as a DVD by label Blast First Petite: "1979 Live at WDR-Studio L Cologne" (1979)

Dec 11:
- Karl Bruckmaier played 'Our little corner of the world' on Dec 5th 2011 as the closing one, the last lines “Schlaf gut, Gute Nacht, Tschüss” fitted perfectly at exactly midnight. The summary of Bruckmaier’s comments: In memory of KC, who passed away 7 years ago on December the 2th, “we buried him in Nürnberg”. The song was sent by KC fans, broadcasted with kind permission of Gary Lucas. (Uwe)

A very informative resonnance FM podcast about the collaboration of artist Ian Breakwell and Kevin Coyne.

In February 2011 a new Kevin Coyne exhibition was announced in Weiden (a town ca. 50 km north-east from Nürnberg), featuring Robert and Eugene Coyne and Fitzgerald Kusz on April 20th 2012. "In his lifetime Kevin was very productive. He used to draw and paint almost every day. After a wonderful exhibiton at the gallery Lutz in Nuernberg a year ago we're happy to show more of Kevin's work in Weiden , a beautiful town on the outskirts of Nuernberg. Every year there's a literary festival which draws a large number of people. The opening of the festival starts with the exhibition on 20th of April 2012 and includes music by Robert and Eugene Coyne. Karl Bruckmaier, long time friend, journalist and radio DJ introduces." (Helmi Coyne).
An article about this by Karl Bruckmaier. A TV feature. An article in
Photos by Horst Spandler 1 2 3 4. Two photos by Stefan Voit of Bruckmaier, Eugene and Robert Coyne.
More photos on the Kevin Coyne Group photo section. And a report by Horst too:
"Here is a short account of the opening night of the Weiden literature festival and the exhibition of Kevin's drawings and paintings. Apart from the mayor's opening speech and eulogies about the festival by two other officials (oh well, I guess they just have to be) it was a nice, successful evening. Approximately 200 people filled the assembly hall of the brand new townhall. After the introduction Karl Bruckmaier, music journalist, dj and managing editor for the Bavarian public radio took over the microphone and started with a personal account of his long-term friendship with Kevin and his family. He talked about the first time he met Kevin in Nuremberg during a gig there even before he moved to this city. In front of the audience he put an OXO cube that one of Kevin' sons had given him as a present into a cup of hot water to demonstrate Kevin's favourite way of relaxing - watching a football match with a cup of OXO in his hand. Then he continued with a sketch of Kevin's life, his ups and downs. He paused a couple of times to leave the stage to Eugene and Robert, who read two of their father's poems and performed six of his songs, among them Come Down Here, I Confess, Children's Crusade and Marlene. Robert played acoustic guitar. Their voices even sound a bit like Kevin's.
Then the exhibition was opened. I'm not sure, but it could well be that this is the biggest exhibition of Kevin's pieces of art so far. Some of them were for sale as well as books and CDs. The new CD was available, too, but unfortunately I had forgotten to take enough money along. What a shame. It was nice talking to Helmi and Karl again, whom I had not met in a long time. I also introduced myself to Robert and Eugene and gave them a CD with the two songs my band VAN BLUUS recorded with Kevin in the mid-eighties and also a pre-release copy of our new album. In return Eugene handed me a copy of his latest CD Castle of Blood, which features Robert on several instruments. It is well worth listening to and again I must say that several songs remind me of Kevin's music."
Another report.

Early March 2012; Cherry Red Records announced a new album NOBODY DIES IN DREAMLAND

May 2012: this from Uwe: "Nürnberg cartoonist Gert Bauer painted a train (excuse: The first train in Germany was from Nürnberg to Fürth, ca. 10 km in between) with historical persons from both cities. One of the travellers is Kevin Coyne.

May 18th 2012: this from Uwe: The Live Music Hour on BBC 6, feat. 3 tracks from October 1973 BBC session (Eastbourne ladies, House on the hill, Chicken wing) that are on CD 2 of Marjory re-issue and with a mention of NOBODY DIES IN DREAMLAND at the end. (starting at minute 30)

Nov 2012: new boot compilation by Uwe:
Kevin Coyne - It Doesn't Make Me A Bad Person (Rare And Unreleased)
1. The World Is Full Of Fools / Strange Locomotion 08"25
2. Roses In Your Room / I Want My Crown 09"18
3. Eastbourne Ladies 07"25
4. Saviour 07"55
5. Lunatic / Witch / Victoria Smiles 18"30
6. High Stakes Mama 03"21
7. Clockwork Pudding 03"58
8. You Don't Believe Me At All 03"38
9. Our Little Corner Of The World 04"30 03Ē13
10. Excerpt from "Institution" movie 04"15
11. "An Uncomfortable Interview" 06"45
Total running time: 78"05
1.-2.: ThéČtre de l'Empire, Paris, 12.11.1978 (plus Zoot Money (p) on tracks 1-3; convert of a download only video)
3.: Unknown place in Holland, 1982 (plus Peter Kirtley (gt), Steve Lamb (b), Steve Bull (keyb), Dave Wilson (dr); from: V.A. - Sounds Mirror Record Sampler, download only)
4.: Blue Monday, Freiburg, 03.10.1998 (plus Keili Keilhofer (gt), Friedl Pohrer (gt), Henry Beck (keyb), Werner Steinhauser (dr); from: V.A. - Blue Monday Concerts '98)
5.: Kanzleiturnhalle, ZŁrich, 05.10.1994; (plus Friedl Pohrer (gt); vimeo video clip convert)
6.-9.: Nurnberg studio recordings, October 1998 (plus Gary Lucas (gt)); unreleased)
10.: Convert of a promo clip from the 1973 Ian Breackwell movie
11.: Interview with Ralph bei der Kellen for German radio station DLF, 27.03.1999, broadcasted 06.10.2012 with additional comments by Helmi Coyne

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