A selection of press articles about Kevin Coyne. Thanks A LOT to Tony for providing most of these articles.
In red, my want list.

- First Kevin Coyne interview in Zig Zag Mag #9, 1969 ? (thanks to Jim Phelan).

- Interview (about Siren) in Zig Zag Mag #21, probably 1969 or 70. page 1, 2 and 3

- Articles about Siren found on the official Facebook page (2012) 1 2 3

- A review of several Dandelion albums, including Strange Locomotion in Time Out No. 59, March 21st-April 4th 1971. "Try to hear "Shake My Hand" which Kevin Coyne sings to the eerie and highly effective accompaniment of his own guitar playing." Thank you Nigel for this one.

- Articles about the Dandelion years, taken from the "John Peel's Dandelion, The Complete Dandelion Records Singles Collection 1969-1972" box: unknow article about Siren's first LP, an ad for the Dandelion sampler, a Case History review in Time Out.

- 'FROM A CRUSHED DANDELION TO A RAMPANT VIRGIN-K. COYNE ESQ by John Tobler (about Marjory Razorblade), Zig Zag Mag #36, 1973? Page 1 2 3

- A 1973 Virgin press release page 1 and 2

- 'THERE'S A BIG RED BUZZ GOING ROUND ABOUT KEVIN COYNE', a full page ad for Marjory Razorblade.

- A flyer (Aug 4 1973) and a Marjory review (MM Sep 29 1973) here.

- 'KEVIN COYNE AND GONG ON TOUR' ad (Nov 17 1973) with a nice photo of the band.

- 'NME VIRGIN CRISIS TOUR', The New Musical Express cover, Nov 2 1974. Cut-out discount vouchers for the tour here!

- 'DEM OLE CRISIS BLUES' about the same.

- A full page ad for Blame it on the Night.

- A Blame it on the Night review by Bob Woffinden.

- An ad for the 'V' album in the Melody Maker, Feb 8 1975.

- Another one for Matching Head and Feet (NME Apr 26 1975)

- 'COYNE: HEAD AND TALES', by Allan Jones, Melody Maker March 22, 1975 (about Matching Head and Feet).

- A 'Matching Head and Feet' review in the Melody Maker, Apr 19 1975.

- A Apr 26 1975 'Rock'n'Roll Hymn' single review in the NME by Charles Shaar Murray.

- 'OUT OF THE CORNER - AND INTO THE LIMELIGHT', another Matching review (and more).

- 'KEVIN COYNE BAND', Melody Maker band breakdown by Allan Jones, May 19 1975.

- 'WRAY RUMBLES ON', MM, June 14 1975 about a Link Wray/Kevin Coyne at the Lyceum in London.


- French Review ATEM published two long articles and interview of Kevin: "Kevin Coyne" in their Jan 76 #2 issue and "My Message to the People" in April 78 #12 - Kevin was on cover of that one. All available in a book called "ATEM 1975-1979" (Ed Camion Blanc, 2010).

- 'HEADS I WIN, TAILS YOU LOSE...', by Steve Peacock, Sounds, July 26, 1975. Page 1, 2 and 3

- OEDIPUS ROCK, by Dave Fudger and a Sounds article about Heartburn

- 'KEVIN COYNE GOOD BOY!', by Malcolm Heyhoe and Irena, Liquorice #7, 1976. page 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

- "COYNE, THE UNFROZEN CURRENCY", by Chris Salewicz, NME, 27 March 1976


- 'KC'S SUNSHINE BAND' by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, April 17, 1976 (about 'His Music, His Words, His Band')

- Melody Maker, Apr 17 1976 about 'His Music, His Words, His Band' by Alan Jones

- 'LITTLE KEVIN AND HIS STRUGGLE AGAINST THE EUNUCHS', by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, April 24, 1976. Page 1, 2, 3 and 4

- '8 DAYS A WEEK', by Kevin Coyne, Melody Maker, July 19, 1976. IMAGE

- A list ok Kevin's shows from Jan 1975 to Apr 1976.

- SUMMERS TIME BLUES about Andy Summers, by Allan Jones, Jul 31 1976

- 'APPROACH WITH CAUTION', by Giovanni Dadomo, Time Out, Aug 19-25 1976 (about England, England). read this article here

- A selection of articles about England England (1977)

- 'KEVIN COYNE: LAUGHING GNOME', by David Fricke, Trouser Press, January 1978. Page 1, 2 and 3

- Other Trousers Press articles

- 'KEVIN COYNE IN LIVING BLACK & WHITE', by Pete Silverton, Sounds, January 21, 1978.

- 'BEAUTIFUL EXTREMES, AN EVENING WITH KEVIN COYNE', by Dave Belbin, Liquorice, at the time of Dynamite Daze. Page 1, 2 and 3

- 'NORMALLY STRANGE BUT STRANGELY NORMAL', a Dynamite Daze review by Montly Smith.

- A Virgin press release at the time of Dynamite Daze. Another one, more complete.

- 'MATCHING GRITH AND VISION', an interview by Nick Kent in the New Musical Express, April 15, 1978. Page 1 and 2

- A Beautiful Extremes review by Pete Silverton. Another one plus a Sanity Stomp review.

- 'MUSIC OF A DIFFERENT COYNE', by Paul Morley in the New Musical Express, February 3, 1979. Kevin was on the cover too! ("Uncracked Cult, Unbowed Hero').

- 'TRANS-DERBY EXPRESS', by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, April 14, 1979. Page 1 and 2

- A Millionaires and Teddy Bears ad.

- A Millionaires and Teddy Bears review.


- 'KEVIN COYNE, ROYALTY THEATRE', NME, Feb 24 1979 by Ian Penman.

- 'UK' PROPHET WITHOUT HONOUR', a 1979 (?) review of a Manchester show with Zoot Money by Gerald Liddell in the NME.

- A selection of articles about Babble and the controversial show (1979)

- A 1979 bio by Virgin Image

- A review of the Queen Elisabeth Hall Aug 1 1979 show by Harry George.

- A 'Bursting Bubbles' review in Trouser Press, Aug 1980.

- A 'Bursting Bubbles' ad and a 'I hate everyone', a review by Pete Silverton.

- 'EPOCH CALYPSO NOW!', another 'Bursting Bubbles' review by Graham Lock.

- A Sanity Stomp ad.

- 'TAKES A WORRIED MAN', ? (about Politics).

- A CRY FROM THE CROWD by Joe Hosken in Soundmaker, Feb 26 1983 (thanks to Frank) Page 1 and 2

- Beautiful Extremes etcetra review from the same Soundmaker issue, by Dave Bingham.

- A 1985 press release page 1 and 2

- 'UNCLIPPED COYNE', by Robert Chalmers, The Independant, October 27, 1988 (excelent, this one)

- A 1988 bio, 1 and 2

- A short extract of an article about John Peel (The Sunday Correspondant, 5 Nov 1989)

- HORS D'OEUVRES, The Roy Harper Magazine, a Kevin Coyne Profile by Steve Dinsdale, May 89. Page 1, 2 and 3.

- A bio on the Shed site (no longer on line) page 1 and 2

- A "Peel Sessions" review. Another one.

- Melody Maker, Mar 3 1990.

- BAVARIAN DRINKING SONGS by Robert Chalmers, The Sunday Correspondent, Mar 4 1990.

- A review about the Virgin CD reissues. 'COYNING IT', another one in Record Hunter, Dec 1990 and again in Jan 1991.

- RHYTHM 'N' BOOZE, 1990?. A feature about music and booze, Coyne says 'I can speak with some authority'...

- A 'Everybody's Naked' review by Ian Gittins in the Melody Maker, Feb 3 1990.

- 'PEEL'S PETALS', about the Dandelion reissues.

- A stupid Jim Morrison Quiz with a reference to Coyne in Record Hunter, Jan 1991.


- 'CROSSBORDER: KEVIN COYNE' in the Guardian, Mar 3 1993.

- A page about Will Oldham's Babble project (2010)

Some extracts of Clive Product's Beautiful Extremes, Conversations with Kevin Coyne, first appeared in a mag called "Big Untidy" #6, Apr 95. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

- The `Rough Guide To Rock' by Steve Dinsdale (1996)

- Siren's 'Let's do it' review in Mojo (Feb 1996)

- A texte by Coyne in Mojo (June 1999). Very interesting that one. A "Sugar Candy Taxi" review in the same issue

- A Ruf press release for "Sugar Candy Taxi". p 1 2 3 4

- Two reviews on "Sugar Candy Taxi", by Gavin Martin for Uncut and by Andrew Collins (paper?)

- An interview by my friend Ivan Beavis for The Morning Star, Apr 7 1999 page 1 and 2

- A Sugar Candy Taxi review on Cdnow (1999), another one on Musicmatters 1 2

- A review about David Thomas and Kevin Coyne playing together in the UK in 1999

- 'MODERN DANCE', a 2000 interview and a Sugar Candy Taxie and Room Full of Fools review by Dave W Hughes (thanks Dave!). (Those are no longer available on the page 1 and 2.Those articles first appeared on the print version of Modern Dance, see cover here.

- A Ruf press release for Room Full of Fools. p 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

- Nice article and interview about Room full of Fools in the blog.

- The Charleston Gazette on line about Kevin in the US in August 2000 1 2 3

- "MOODY BLUES ", review of Kevin's show at the Borderline, London, Apr 26 2001 (

- "EXILE ON HAUFSTRASSE ", a good bio on (2001) 1 2 3

- A 2001 interview by Michael Heatley for Classic Rock Magazine.

- A review of the Croker-Coyne shows on

- Record Collector 'Short Takes' from Jul 2002 page 1, 2 and 3

- Uncut Magazine 2003, on The Executioner's Last Song (#113), on Carnival and an interview by Gavin Martin (Oct 2003)

- About Donut City (2004)

- 'Mieux vaut être fou que triste', an article I wrote about every Kevin Coyne albums. It was published in Crossroads in Dec 05. Engish translation here.

- 'Mad Boy', article and interview by Frank Bangay in Mental Health magazine, Feb 2005. Page 1 and 2. Also complete interview here. The interview and an article also by Frank appeared in 'Splitting in Two & Othr Rock'n'Roll Habits Part One': Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

- Two articles by Rychard Carrington: about RUFFSTUFF and a Kevin Coyne obituary, both from Songbook (May 2005).

- About Kevin's passing (Dec 2, 2004)

- About ONE DAY IN CHICAGO, Uncut, Nigel Williamson, Sep 2005. And another one (2008)

- Mojo's September 2005 issue, Will Oldham tells how "Babble changed his life". In the same issue, a very good review of the book "That Old Suburban Angst".
Sep 10, on a radio show Wil Oldham played an amazing version of Are you deceiving me from babble and had again many good things to say about Babble: "It's one of those very rare records. When I first heard it, it sort of turned the world on its end in very positive and frightening ways at the same time. And it's a good collaborative record. Kevin Coyne and Dagmar Krause ended up sort of confronting each other musically throughout the record. And very rarely does it feel like they're working together but that's the contruct. He also said he would play Babble songs in his next shows. (check also this article).

- Excellent review of ONE DAY IN CHICAGO in Rolling Stones (issue Sep 2005, 22), by David Fricke, with photos by Chris McGorey! As Chris noted, David Fricke goes way back on the Coyne front: he wrote 'KEVIN COYNE: LAUGHING GNOME', for Trouser Press in January 1978!

- A review of ONE DAY IN CHICAGO in Mojo, Dec 2005

- A review of ONE DAY IN CHICAGO in The Daily Telegraph, Dec 3, 2005. Another one in The Telegraph

- "Going Underground" by Robert Chalmers, in the Independant Sunday Review, Dec 11 2005. 3 full pages, a superb article. 1 2 3 4

- "Underground" press release by Mike Barnes (French version here).

- "Underground" on Schallplattenmann (German text + Translation by Goodie)

- "Underground" review on Penny Black by Jamie Rowland

- Unpeeled website ("The small, but perfectly deformed publication that covers the kind of music played by John Peel as well as material he’s never heard of!") has a nice article about ONE DAY IN CHICAGO (Dec 05).

- The "Rough Guide Book of Playlists" (2005). Under English eccentrics, alongside tracks by Eno, Wyatt, Barrett, Stanshall, and Kate Bush, is Kevin's "Good Boy": "Viciuously patronizing compliments from some unspecified authority blended with hostility from ill-defined peers and accompanied by the most angry acoustic guitar you've ever heard" (thanks Chris Potts).

- "Undergound" review in Uncut (Apr 06)

- About the "Whispers from the Offing" Tribute CD (Feb 07)

- Marjory Razorblade by Jeff Young, for a Guardian competition "The greatest albums you've never heard" (Nov 06):
" Kevin Coyne's mind was a dying seaside town; broken-windowed alehouses, charity shops, battered lives in bleak attics forgotten by everyone but him. His ugly-beautiful mutter bawling his stories like a mongrel locked out in the rain. One-eyed songs on crutches spilling fag ash in their drinks. Demented old ladies, like the knife-tongued Marjory Razorblade, who might just be Gracie Fields's bastard sister; Eastbourne Ladies flashing their knickers; Jackie in his boarding house, paper hat on head, pining for Edna, his love long gone. Lives played out in the shadow of the mental hospital on the hill where Coyne once worked. Max Wall singing the blues. A desolate, desperate, beautiful scrapbook of stories, a scuffed blues bestiary spat out by England's Gogol, the Bard of Derby, Kevin Coyne, dead at 60, coughing his lungs up, missed like mad." Jeff Young

- About the sampler cd "Ruf Records Anthology: 12 years of the Blues crossing over"; nice things about Kevin, who the writer didn't know before

- About the 2007 Kevin Coyne (with Siren) – The DandelionYears 1969-1972 Cherry Red 3CD box reissue.

- A review about this "new" (material was already available somewhere else) boot spotted on the net: "The Andy Kershaw Sessions 1999-2004".

- Marjory Razorblaeds made the « 1000 albums you have to hear before you die » list in the : "Kevin Coyne - Marjory Razorblade (1973) Kevin Coyne was a singular talent. His vocal delivery was raw and unsettling, but although his songs - often improvised in the studio - largely dealt with society's outsiders and misfits, they were leavened by a warmth and earthy humour. This double album is his masterpiece, a generous serving of English blues."  Tony D.

December 2009 issue of Survivors Poetry features Kevin Coyne on the front cover and some of Kevins paintings and a few of his short stories. This can be found here.

- About Kevin Coyne's Dandelion Years Box by Jason Gross

- About Dandelion in The Guardian

- Check the reviews about the January 2010 reissues and anthology

- A 2010 article on a blog

- A nice Marjory review Elliot Knapp

- About the Rockpalast DVD: "Coyne admits to feeling unwell, and breaks into a sweat almost as soon as he opens this German Rockpalast set, but the fever stokes his deseased, cynical and self-loathing songs. Lapsing into Beefheartian squawks on "Right On Her Side", declaiming heretically over a Suicide-style drum machine on "Saviour", and bravely doing "Majorie Razorblade" a cappella, Coyne is on manic, overdriven form, resulting in a musical theatre of cruelty that's impossible to switch off. Extras - None" Rob Young (Uncut January 2012).

A short article from "Nürnberger Nachrichten", 19.04.12: Preview of the Weiden exhibition and announcement of "Nobody Dies" CD.

An article by Karl Bruckmaier about the April 2012 Weiden exhibition and about the "Nobody Dies in Dreamland" CD. Screen shots here courtesy of Uwe: 1 2 3 4

Early May 2012, Uncut on "Nobody Dies in Dreamland": ‎8 Out Of 10!!!! Uncut "Nobody Dies In Dreamlan (Turpentine) - Desolation Blues - This raw collection of 19 songs was recorded on a home tape recorder in Coyne's Clapham flat in December 1972,not long after the breakup of his primitive blues trio Siren, a group only John Peel would have signed to his non-commercial Dandelion label. Coyne remained a marginal figure throughout his life, pouring out funny, touching but fiercely uncompromising songs. At least half of the ones here will be familiar to Coyne's followers. Five appeared on Coyne's sole Dandelion album, Case History; "Marlene" surfaced on his Virgin debut Margory Razorblade and the vitriolic "Bitch" (retitled "Witch") on 1974's Blame It On The Night. These demos capture Coyne at his most primitive, thrashing the guitar with his thumb like a deranged Richie Havens, playing slapdash slide on the bleak " A Distant Desert" and wailing primordial harmonica on the brutal " Baby Man". Some of his later recordings were more artful but this is Coyne the impulsive bluesman, whose rasping vocals are part John Lee Hooker, part Beefheart. Among the unreleased songs, the abject lonliness of "Hypnotism is near unbearable while the characters in "Sleepwalking" could have stepped straight out of Syd Barrett's strange, isolated world. Uneasy listening that's hard to resist." - Mick Houghton

"Nobody Dies in Dreamland", by Ivan Beavis, The Morning Star, June 2012. Daily express, June 2012. (June 2012). Magic (July 2012). Classic Prog Magazine (July 2012)

From : Nobody Dies, Rockpalast, Dandelion Years.

Great article on Rick Dodd, Coyne's sax player from legendary Virgin years, featuring interviews with Tim Penn and Tony Cousins (Aug 2012)

Cherry Red/Turpentine press release for Siren and Strange Locomotion reissues (Dec 12).

Uncut had a 4-piece about "The story of the troubled genius who should have been an English institution" (Dec 2012 issue, out Oct 23). Scans are here. There was some cool readers feeback.

Nov 3rd 2012: There's a short-but-sweet piece by Toby Manning on page five of the Independent's 'Radar' magazine today, drawing attention to the forthcoming Siren reissues. Friend and Siren bandmate Nick Cudworth says: "He had the voice of Little Richard and Elmore James put together. We'd rehearse at the asylum, which suited our Kafka-esque taste." (from KC facebook page)

A double-page spread all about Siren and the forthcoming reissues in the new edition of Shindig! magazine.

February 2012 issue of WIRE about the Rockpalast reissue

Record Collector-Mag has a feature about Kevin (issue #410 - see scans 1 2 3 4 5) and a Siren reissue review.

Forty Years On: Kevin Coyne’s Case History, Cageian, Feb 2013.

Louder than reviews by by Frank Bangay about the Siren reissues (Feb 2013) and Case History (Mar 13).

The letters page of the Feb 2013 issue of Record Collector.

“Beginnings Of An Outsider” by Rudolf Görtler in “Fränkischer Tag”, 06 Apr 13. Part 1 & 2

Shindig about the Siren reissues (April 13).

Uncut about the Case History reissue (2013)

Mojo and Prog about Nobody dies in Dreamland (2013)

Ugly Things about the Siren reissues (June 13)

Extensive review of the Siren reissues by Brian R. Banks for (Aug 2013)



- Various years and paper on one page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8

- A list of Virgin's first LPs and singles.

- Kevin Coyne's newsletters

- Rockport newsletters, 1993 to 1999

- A selection of articles about Kevin's books



- A selection of German articles (some of them translated in English)

- Des articles en Français (here is the press about the Kevin Coyne-Jeff Lewis Feb 9 2004 at le Nouveau Casino in Paris).

- A few articles in Dutch, page 1, 2, 3 and 4

- New pages with Norvegian press by Hakon Christensen.



- Two pages about Trevor Griffiths and Don't Make Waves.

- About Ian Breakwell, who wrote with Coyne on several projects

- Coyne is listed as Stump and Mr and Mrs Morley favorite musicians.

- About the Mekons' cover of 'Having a Party'.

- About Bonnie Prince Billy and Kevin Coyne

- WATT-EVER YOU WANT, about Ben Watt (Coyne produces), in Sounds Mar 19 1983.