On January 11 2010, EMI released a 4-cd box Anthology called I Want my Crown, as well as a 2-cd reissue of Marjory Razorblade with bonus tracks.
Other reissues announced as the same time but download only include Blame it on the Night (available again for the first time since the LP came out in 1974!), Matching Head and Feet, Dynamite Days, (those three with bonus tracks) and In Living Black & White (without bonus tracks and missing a track - Saviour). Those 4 download only reissues are NOT remastered.

In 2009, it was said that most of Coyne's albums from the 70s would later be available either by EMI and/or Cherry Red/Esoterica - as of today – Jan 2010 – there's no news on this.
Most of the albums from the 'German years' are still available (some of them through the official website).

My personal opinion on unofficial/sharing/download is: "Support the reissues by buying them. The Anthology and the Marjory are beautiful objects, with remastered sound, photos, liner notes, unreleased live and studio outakes, all of this made with the help of Kevin's sons Eugene and Robert. Tell EMI they were right to spend money on this and should issue more. Download should be left only for out of print albums and live bootleg unavailable music." Just my two cents.

Eugene Coyne on the Kevin Coyne website and mailing list (January 15, 2010):
'I Want My Crown' Anthology And Remastered 'Marjory Razor Blade' Finally Available
Monday the 11th of January finally sees the release of the four-CD anthology 'I Want My Crown' and the remastered double disc 'Marjory Razor Blade'. It's been a long haul. Over two years ago, when we first heard that EMI were planning to reissue my father's Virgin catalogue, we contacted them and asked to be involved. We offered them unreleased songs, unseen photos and advice because we didn't want the re-releases to be as shoddy or as ill thought-out as the Virgin 1991 CDs. We wanted the CDs to be the best they possibly could be, and they welcomed our involvement. At times it was difficult but I'm satisfied that for the most part we achieved what we set out to do. New listeners will hear the best of my father’s music. Hopefully they'll want to learn more. And existing fans will see, hear and learn things that they never knew before.
We did our best, and I am so pleased and proud of what we achieved, especially when at one point it looked like they could have gone the way of 'Blame It On The Night', 'Matching Head And Feet' and 'Dynamite Daze', and become download-only releases. For us it was important that Dad's wonderful music was backed up with the best possible presentation. This would not have been possible if the anthology and the remastered 'Marjory Razor Blade' were only available as digital downloads.

A Few Words On The New Digital Downloads
Originally EMI intended all my father's Virgin catalogue to be remastered and made available as expanded editions, beginning with 'Marjory Razor Blade', 'Blame It On The Night', 'Matching Head And Feet', 'In Living Black And White' and 'Dynamite Daze'. Last year however, they made the decision to just make the anthology and 'Marjory Razor Blade' available on CD. The others would be available on download only. This was disappointing but not devastating, as Mark Powell – who was already involved with the reissues ('Project realisation, mastertape research, artistic liason and additional compilation') – seemed to be keen to release them on CD through his label Esoteric. Based on emails from EMI, and on Mark telling us that he would specifically raise the issue with EMI when he visited them (we never heard back from him to the contrary) we expected just the albums themselves, without outtakes or bonuses, to be available from January 11th. Instead, 'Blame It On The Night', 'Matching Head And Feet' and 'Dynamite Daze' are now available online, each with a second disc of outtakes, sessions and unreleased material (as is 'In Living Black And White', with no extras but still missing 'Saviour', a song that was cut when Virgin released it in 1991 so the double album could fit on a single CD). Which is fine... sort of. Obviously we're pleased that the albums are now legally available. But we're not happy that the albums haven't been remastered (EMI have confirmed this), and that we didn't have any involvement in choosing the bonus tracks (what do they sound like? We don't know. I've asked EMI to send me copies of the songs but they haven't arrived yet. When were they recorded? Who can say? There's little or no information about any of the unreleased songs online). After lavishing so much love and care on the anthology and 'Marjory Razor Blade' it seems a shoddy way to make them available. To be honest, while we would encourage any fan of my fathers to download them, the way that they have been made available makes it impossible to stand 100% behind them. And as for seeing them released on CD, through Esoteric or some other label... Who knows? Even assuming someone still wants to release recordings that are now readily available over the internet, EMI (or Esoteric, come to that) are under no obligation to let us know of any impending releases, or to involve us in them. EMI own my father's Virgin catalogue and they can exploit it in any way they see fit. In our opinion our involvement has only strengthened the anthology and the remastered 'Marjory Razor Blade'. Time will tell if EMI agree.

Illegal Downloads
Finally, if you are hosting downloads of albums that are commercially available, please stop. You're not a freedom fighter liberating my father's music. You're part of the industry that meant he had to gig and tour constantly because he was never paid fairly for his recorded work. Provided no money changes hands we have no objection to out-of-print recordings or live shows being traded or made available for download. But as far as commercially available recordings go, if we want EMI or anyone else to release more of my father's music we have to demonstrate there is a demand. And we can't do that if no one is prepared to pay for his work. Albums that are legally available for download include 'Marjory Razor Blade', 'Blame It On The Night', 'Matching Head And Feet', 'In Living Black And White', 'Dynamite Daze', 'Millionaires And Teddy Bears' and 'Babble'. A more complete list can be found on Amazon's UK website: just look under 'MP3 Downloads' and type in 'Kevin Coyne'. Eugene Coyne

On this page:
Marjory Razorblade
I want my Crown, Anthology
Blame it on the Night
Matching Head and Feet
Dynamite Days
In Living Black & White


Downoad links

Here are the tracklisting of these albums, plus my comments regarding the bonus tracks - in bold type, the never-heard-before-even-on-this-website-tracks!)

double cd EMI VDR 2501:
Disc 1
1. Marjory Razorblade (2010 Digital Remaster)
2. Marlene (2010 Digital Remaster)
3. Talking To No One (2010 Digital Remaster)
4. Eastbourne Ladies (2010 Digital Remaster)
5. Old Soldier (2010 Digital Remaster)
6. I Want My Crown (2010 Digital Remaster)
7. Nasty (2010 Digital Remaster)
8. Lonesome Valley (2010 Digital Remaster)
9. House On The Hill (2010 Digital Remaster)
10. Cheat Me (2010 Digital Remaster)
11. Jackie And Edna (2010 Digital Remaster)
12. Everybody Says (2010 Digital Remaster)
13. Mummy (2010 Digital Remaster)
14. Heaven In My View (2010 Digital Remaster)
15. Karate King (2010 Digital Remaster)
16. Dog Latin (2010 Digital Remaster)
17. This Is Spain (2010 Digital Remaster)
18. Chairman's Ball (2010 Digital Remaster)
19. Good Boy (2010 Digital Remaster)
20. Chicken Wing (2010 Digital Remaster)
21. Eastbourne Ladies (American Edit) (2010 Digital Remaster) *Bonus Track

Disc 2: BONUS
1. Lovesick Fool (2010 Digital Remaster) single
2. Sea Of Love (2010 Digital Remaster) single

Three songs recorded at The Manor studios, Oxfordshire in July 1973 - Previously unreleased even as bootleg:
3. Breathe In Deep
4. Jackie And Edna (Take One)
5. Pretty Park

6. I Want My Crown (BBC 'Old Grey Whistle Test' Session live session 20th October 1973 - Previously Unreleased officially (TV version available on youtube)

Three songs recorded for BBC Radio One Bob Harris show session – Recorded 24th October 1973. Previously Unreleased officially:
8. House On The Hill
9. Chicken Wing
10. Poor Swine

Three songs recorded for BBC Radio One John Peel “Top Gear” session – Recorded 31st January 1974. Same as Peel Sessions:
11. Need Somebody
12. Araby
13. Do Not Shout at Me Father

Live at Hyde Park June 30th 1974, from ‘V – The Virgin Sampler’, VD 2502, released 1975 - Previously unreleased on CD
14. Marjory Razorblade Suite (Live At Hyde Park) (2010 Digital Remaster) First time on CD

Two songs recorded Live at the 100 Club, London, 1974 – Previously unreleased even on boots
15. House On The Hill (Live At The 100 Club, London 1974)
16. Boogie Chillun (Live At The 100 Club, London 1974) *Previously Unreleased


EMI 684 0232:
Disc 1:
1. Marjory Razorblade
2. Marlene
3. Talking To No One
4. Eastbourne Ladies (album version – first time on CD)
5. I Want My Crown
6. House On The Hill
From ‘Marjory Razorblade’, originally released as Virgin VD2501 in September 1973

7. Lovesick Fool
Released as single VS104 in October 1973

8. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
Studio version - previously unreleased

9. River Of Sin (first time on CD)
10. Sign Of The Times
11. I Believe In Love (rough mix – previously unreleased)
12. Blame It On The Night
From ‘Blame It On The Night’, originally released as Virgin V2012 in May 1974

13. Poor Swine
Alternate version. From ‘Let’s Have A Party’ (first time on CD) Virgin 89800 ET, 1976 * "There were at least three studio versions of Poor Swine recorded. The version that was released on Blame It On The Night, a slower, unreleased take featuring wah-wah’d guitar and this one. While it’s origins aren’t clear – it has been suggested that a version might have been recorded at the studio session that produced the fake ‘live’ single, “Let’s Have A Party”, so perhaps it was recorded then - it stands up well next to the official LP cut". [Eugene Coyne's notes to the 2009 reissues]

14. Dance Of The Bourgeoisie
BBC session, recorded November 26th 1974, first broadcast December 10th 1974

15. Saviour
16. Lonely Lovers
17. Sunday Morning Sunrise
18. Rock’n’Roll Hymn
19. Turpentine
From ‘Matching Head And Feet’, originally released as Virgin V2033 in April 1975

20. Let’s Have A Party B-side of single VS 126, November 1975
21. Lorna A-side of single VS 126, November 1975

Disc 2:
1. Which Way Can I Go
2. A Life Divine
From ‘England England’ - previously unreleased Recording date/location/ 1976 most likely. The songs were played on the CHASING RAINBOWS tv show. England England was performed on stage in Aug 77, at the Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre

3. I Love My Mother
4. Shangri-La
5. America
6. Big White Bird
7. Daddy
From ‘Heartburn’ - originally released as V2047 in March 1976

8. Case History No. 2 (live)
9. Fat Girl (live)
From ‘In Living Black And White’, originally released as Virgin VD2505 in January 1977

10. Roses In Your Room (first time on CD)
11. Mona, Where’s My Trousers
12. Rainbow Curve (first time on CD)
From ‘Beautiful Extremes’, (HOL) Virgin 25527 ET (Ariola 25527 ET), released late 1977.

13. Rivers Of Blood
BBC session recorded February 22nd 1978, first broadcast March 1st 1978

14. Dynamite Daze
15. Brothers Of Mine
16. I Really Live Round Here (False Friends)
17. I Am
18. I Only Want To See You Smile
19. Juliet And Mark
From ‘Dynamite Daze’, originally released as Virgin V2096 in March 1978

20. Older Woman
From the LP ‘Virgin Song Sampler’ (first time on CD) VMP 13, 1978

Disc 3:
1. Having A Party
2. I’m Just A Man
3. Pretty Park
4. Marigold
5. Don’t Blame Mandy
6. The World Is Full Of Fools
From ‘Millionaires And Teddy Bears’, originally released as V2110 in January 1978

7. Burning Head Suite
Live at The Rockpalast, Köln, Germany, Jan 4 1979 for German Television in WDR Studio L.

8. Are You Deceiving Me?
9. Lonely Man (alternate? studio version - previously unreleased)
10. I Confess
11. It’s My Mind (alternate? studio version - previously unreleased)
12. Happy Homes
Tracks 8, 10 and 12 from ‘Babble’, originally released as V2128 in June 1979

13. Children’s Crusade
14. Learn To Swim, Learn To Drown
15. Dark Dance Hall
16. Day To Day
17. The Old Fashioned Love Song
From ‘Bursting Bubbles’, originally released as V2152 in February 1980

18. New Motorway
19. A Loving Hand
20 Wonderful Wilderness
21. You Can’t Kill Us
From ‘Sanity Stomp’, originally released as VGD3504 in November 1980

Disc 4
1. Chicken Wing (BBC In Concert, Golders Green Hippodrome 1974) *Previously Unreleased
2. Marjory Razorblade Suite (BBC In Concert, Golders Green Hippodrome 1974) *Previously Unreleased
3. Blame It On The Night (BBC In Concert, Golders Green Hippodrome 1974) *Previously Unreleased
4. River Of Sin (BBC In Concert, Golders Green Hippodrome 1974) *Previously Unreleased
5. Poor Swine (BBC In Concert, Golders Green Hippodrome 1974) *Previously Unreleased
6. Fat Girl (BBC In Concert, Golders Green Hippodrome 1974) *Previously Unreleased
7. Mad Boy (Live in Hyde Park) *Previously Unreleased
8. Mummy (Live in Hyde Park) *Previously Unreleased
9. Marjory Razorblade Suite (Live in Hyde Park) ** First time on CD
10. Let's Have A Party (Live in Hyde Park) *Previously Unreleased
11. Poor Swine (Live in Hyde Park) *Previously Unreleased
12. Need Somebody (Live in Hyde Park) *Previously Unreleased
13. Chicken Wing (Live in Hyde Park) *Previously Unreleased
14. Boogie Chillun (Live in Hyde Park) *Previously Unreleased
(this 4th cd had been available on boots)


Download only January 2010 reissues (not remastered)

Although the download-only version of this one might be disapointing, it is worth mentioning that this is the first time this album is available again since the LP came out in 1974!).
Disk (1)
1.             River Of Sin  3:24                            
2.             Sign Of The Times  5:32                            
3.             I Believe In Love  2:46                            
4.             Don't Delude Me  3:22                            
5.             Wanting You  5:07                            
6.             Take A Train  3:34                            
7.             Blame It On The Night  4:26                            
8.             Poor Swine  3:50                            
9.             Light Up Your Little Light  4:33                            
10.           Choose              4:33                            
11.           Witch  3:08                            
12.            Right On Her Side  4:04                   
13.            Queenie Queenie Caroline  4:25       [b-side of a 1974 single]                             
Disk (2) BONUS
1.             River Of Sin (BBC In Concert, Golders Green Hippodrome 1974)  4:02               
2.             Poor Swine (BBC In Concert, Golders Green Hippodrome 1974)  3:17               
3.             Fat Girl (BBC In Concert, Golders Green Hippodrome 1974)  5:00                            
These 3 songs and more were available as bootleg
4.             Mrs Hooley Go Home (BBC Radio One John Peel Show Session)  4:40               
5.             The Stride (BBC Radio One John Peel Show Session)  3:03                            
6.             It's Not So Bad (BBC Radio One John Peel Show Session)  3:27                            
7.             Blame It On The Night (BBC Radio One John Peel Show Session)  4:18   THIS TRACK WAS ANNOUNCED BUT IS NOT IN THE DONWLOAD!
These 4 songs and more were available as bootleg             
8.             Bewitched (BBC Radio One Bob Harris Show Session)  2:49                            
9.             Daddy/Marjory Razorblade Suite (BBC Radio One Bob Harris Show Session)  10:30                            
10.           Another Man Goes Down (BBC Radio One Bob Harris Show Session)  5:34
11.           Right In Hand (BBC Radio One Bob Harris Show Session 3:40        
These 4 songs and more were available as bootleg                    
12.           The Miner's Song (BBC Radio One John Peel Show Session) 4:06               
13.            Evil Island Home (BBC Radio One John Peel Show Session)               4:52                            
14.            Dance Of The Bourgeoisie  2:00                            
15.            Looking For The River (BBC Radio One John Peel Show Session)  4:18    
These 4 songs and more were available as bootleg                        

Disk (1)
1.             Saviour 5:34                            
2.             Lucy 3:02                            
3.             Lonely Lovers 4:19                            
4.             Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:33                            
5.             Rock 'N' Roll Hymn 3:36                            
6.             Mrs Hooley Go Home 6:04                            
7.             It's Not Me 3:38                            
8.             Turpentine 3:32                            
9.             Tulip 6:36                            
10.           One Fine Day 4:57                            
Disk (2) BONUS
1.             Face In The Mirror 5:20    [from Beautiful Extremes]                        
2.             Magenta 2:23                            
3.             Ronnie Don't Go 12:52                            
4.             Cedric 8:49                            
5.             Jocelyn
3:20 (since this is a download-only album there's no liner-notes and it's difficult to say where these tracks come from - read more here)
6.             Mona, Where's My Trousers (2010 Digital Remaster) 2:58 [from Beautiful Extremes]             
7.             Eastbourne Ladies (Live At The Lyceum) 4:40 [from Let's have a Party]
8.             Poor Swine (Live At The Lyceum) 2:53
9.             Tulip (Live At The Lyceum) 7:36 [from Let's have a Party]
10.            Saviour (Live At The Lyceum) 6:52 [from Let's have a Party]
11.            Knocking On Heaven's Door (Live At The Lyceum) 3:32 [from Let's have a Party]    
12.            One Fine Day (Anti-Eurovision Festival) 6:12                            
13.            House On The Hill (Anti-Eurovision Festival) 7:04                            
14.            Rock 'n' Roll Hymn (Anti-Eurovision Festival)   5:01  

1.             Dynamite Daze 2:44                            
2.             Brothers Of Mine  4:07                            
3.             Lunatic  4:52                            
4.             Are We Dreaming ?  3:39                            
5.             (Take Me Back To) Dear Old Blighty  1:27                            
6.             I Really Live Round Here (False Friends)  3:56                            
7.             I Am  2:21                            
8.             Amsterdam  3:00                            
9.             I Only Want To See You Smile  2:31                            
10.           Juliet And Mark  4:46                            
11.           Woman Woman Woman  4:06                            
12.            Cry  5:36                            
13.            Dance Of Bourgeoisie (reprise) 2:00                            
14.            You Know Who (BBC Radio John Peel Session)  3:42                            
15.            Araby (BBC Radio John Peel Session)  4:48                            
16.            Wanting You Is Not Easy (BBC Radio John Peel Session)  4:42                            
17.            Rainbow Curve (BBC Radio John Peel Session)  3:30                  
These 4 songs and more were available as bootleg          
18.            That's Rock N' Roll (BBC Radio John Peel Show Session)  3:13                            
19.            Lunatic (BBC Radio John Peel Show Session)  5:44                            
20.            I Only Want To See You Smile (BBC Radio John Peel Show Session)  2:09
21.            Rivers Of Blood (BBC Radio John Peel Show Session)  4:28   
These 4 songs and more were available as bootleg

same as the 1990 reissue, meaning it omits the song Saviour. No bonus tracks.


Jun 2009: This from the official website: "We're very pleased to announce that early 2010 will see the release of a 4CD anthology of Kevin's recordings for Virgin Records, alongside a remastered and expanded Marjory Razorblade, featuring unreleased songs, singles, b-sides and more. Both the anthology and Marjory Razorblade will be available as physical releases and digital downloads through EMI. The rest of Kevin's Virgin catalogue will eventually be available as remastered and expanded editions through Esoteric Recordings. More details about Esoteric are available here:
The anthology will feature three discs drawn from Kevin's studio albums from Marjory Razorblade to Sanity Stomp, with a tracklisting chosen by Kevin's eldest sons, Eugene and Robert. It will also include previously unreleased songs and rare recordings. The fourth disc features Kevin and his band live at Hyde Park on June 30th 1974. More details to follow soon.
Best" Helmi Coyne

Nov 2009: This from Bigozine, Nov 09: RETURN OF MARJORY RAZORBLADE
Kevin Coyne's 'Marjory Razorblade' is reissued as a 2CD deluxe edition. It arrives the same time a Kevin Coyne boxset is issued. 'I Want My Crown: The Anthology 1973-1980' (4CD + 24 page booklet) features selections from all Coyne's Virgin albums, including two Benelux only collections, plus singles like "Lorna"/"Let's Have A Party", presented for the first time on CD, unreleased sessions, a BBC In Concert from 1974, the Hyde Park show from the same year, unreleased performances for Rockpalast in Cologne, and more.
Coyne's well-known Marjory Razor Blade will have the entire album plus a second disc that features rare singles, unheard tracks recorded at the Manor, Oxfordshire, John Peel and Bob Harris sessions, an Old Grey Whistle Test performance and further live songs recorded at the 100 Club in 1974.
Both sets were assembled by Coyne's sons, Eugene and Robert, and are due Jan 11.

Reviews (big thanks to Tony) in Q, Uncut, Mojo, Record Collector, BBC on line, World Magazine, Morning Star (by Ivan Beavis)
In Jan 2010, Eastbourne Ladies made #8 in Q's "50 Essential Tracks to download this month"

There was a nice five star review of Marjory in the Observer Music Monthly - they made it 'Reissue Of The Month'.

A nice review of the Anthology by Steve Dinsdale on the Amazon website.

A long review in Swedish.

Muziekkrant OOr (NL), in its February 2010 issue, has published a review of the Anthology and Marjory Razorblade'' by René Megens.

Laurent Rieppi's Blog (French).

Article in Die (Austria)

Good Times – Music From The 60s To The Eighties # 2/2010 (Germany - Marjory, Anthology)

Frank Bangay's review of the Anthology in Big Untidy

About the Anthology in Nürnberger Nachichten's website (Jun 2010) and in Cellesche Zeitung (Aug 2010).

Volkskrant in Dutch, early September 2010


MARJORY and The ANTHOLOGY are available as cd/box; but, in cas you prefer download, here are the links -plus downloadr-only releases too:

Marjory Razorblade
Amazon Link (UK) link (ROW) link
iTunes UK link
7digital link

Kevin Coyne - 'I Want My Crown: The Anthology 1973-1980'
Amazon link (UK) link
iTunes link

UK download links:
Matching Head and Feet
Blame It On The Night
In Living Black and White
Dynamite Daze

French iTunes digital links
Marjory Razorblade
'I Want My Crown: The Anthology 1973-1980'
Matching Head and Feet
Blame It On The Night
In Living Black and White
Dynamite Daze

The Netherlands iTunes digital links
Marjory Razorblade
'I Want My Crown: The Anthology 1973-1980'
Matching Head and Feet
Blame It On The Night
In Living Black and White
Dynamite Daze