FILM AND TELEVISION (in red: my want list)

(Oct 20 1973)
Excellent sound and performance.The band plays live in the TV studio.
Intro by Bob Harris 0:41
House on the Hill 4:53
I Want My Crown (trad. arr KC) 3:03
Total time 9:00
Gordon Smith (guitar) and Chili Charles (percusion). Soundtrack is included in the IN CONCERT AND MORE boot.

- RENCONTRE AVEC RICHARD BRANSON. French TV show "Pop Deux", Nov 1st 1973. A feature about Branson and the new Virgin label. Features an absolutly great acoustic show of Kevin with Gordon Smith performing Marjory, Good Boy and I Want my Crown. Also a nice interview.

(1974). This was probably only a sound recording for BBC in Concert programme.

- FILM "Van Oekels Discohoek" Dutch TV show, broadcast Jun 20 1974. Kevin lip synchs to Marlene. Exists on boot DVD.

- Poor Swine and Marjory Razorblade in Hyde Park (June 30 1974)
Gordon Smith (guitar), Tony Cousins (bass), Rick Dodd (tenor sax), Tim Penn (keyboards) and Terry Slade (drums).
These two songs were filmed by Virgin Records during this very important outdoor show.
Poor Swine was
broadcasted on the Old Grey Whistle test with a short intro by Bob Harris.
In 2005, someone sold the 16mm film on e-bay. I managed to have a DVD of the 16 mm projected and filmed again on a DV cam - rather bad quality but worth it anyway.
Complete soundtrack of the show can be found in the HYDE PARK boot.

- DON'T MAKE WAVES (1974) Read the script of the play.

- Strange Locomotion at the Rainbow
(Mar 16 1975) Again broadcasted on the Old Grey Whistle test with a short intro by Bob Harris.
Gordon Smith, Andy Summers (guitars), Tim Penn (piano), Archie Legget (bass), Peter Wolff (drums).
Soundtrack is included in the IN CONCERT AND MORE boot.

(1975) One song... mute! You can play trying to discover what song the band was playing... The band includes Andy Summers, Archie Legget, Zoot Money (in the strangest outfit...) and Peter Wolf.
Then, in 2004, out of the blue Universal Benelux released a DVD (actually the first commercial DVD featuring Coyne): "Pinkpop vol. 2 The Vintage Years 1975-1979" with 2 tracks by Kevin: Lonely lovers and It's not me. THIS DVD IS A TOTAL RIPP OFF!! don't buy it Lonely Lovers is the track from the LP and shows nothing but footage of the festival audience. It's not me is, again, from the LP and shows the Kevin Coyne band, totally out of sync. All of this, they forgot to mention on the DVD artwork... For shame... when will sharks from all over the world stop feeding on Kevin?( who by the way did NOT know about this dvd...). Liner notes: "Not so long ago (august 2002) Ruud van Wersch (Pinkpop filmer since the beginning of the festival) took contact with Kevin Coyne about the video footage taken in the first 5 years of Pinkpop. After listening Kevin went totally out of his mind from enthousiasm, so he wanted to see the footage. After watching the footage Kevin will find out which songs he has played, as the footage is without sound." IMAGE

- A 1975 film called "Other Than Art's Sake" directed by Peter Kennedy, Sydney, Australia included a shooting of the 1973 performance at I.C.A of "The Institution" performance. Tony found a clip from The Institution film.

- MUSIKFILMEN (1976) directed by Tommy Goldman, Dick Idestam-Almqvist, Stefan Jarl, Jan Lindkvist, Axel Lohman, Lennart Malmer.
The film documents the alternative festival, made to protest against the Eurovision Song Contest held in Stockholm 1975. There are many Swedish and international artists on stage, as well as some clips from speeches, riots, civil wars, and the people at the song contest itself. (Summary written by Per Johansson; thanks!). Kevin sings "Let's Work Together" with Gordon Smith, Andy Summers (guitars), Tim Penn (piano), Archie Legget (bass), Peter Wolf (drums). At one point, Kevin is actually dancing with the people in the audience. The footage was DVD-bootlegged in 2005. Audio included in the Kevin Coyne on Film boot. Excelent stuff.

- TV: CHASING RAINBOWS Extracts from ENGLAND ENGLAND. Zoot Money (piano) and Bob Ward (acoustic guitar)..
They Love Their Mother 0:40 [reworking of I Love My Mother]
We're The Brothers 2:06
Well Well Which Way Can I Go 1:39
Mother Where Are You Now 2:09
A wonderful TV show about Kevin and his England England play. Kevin talks a lot, there's some footage of him singing the songs which is the closest we have of a "music video clip" of Kevin. Sadly, the DVD boot version is incomplete.
(audio only version is included on the DYNAMITE DAYS OUTAKES boot)

- KILBURN CINEMA SHOW (a show filmed on Apr 21 1977, broadcast 23rd July 1977 on TV as "Star Rider"
The show was called "An Evening With Kevin Coyne: His Words, His Music and His Band"
More info on this by Steve Dinsdale: "These [Kilburn and TV Star Rider] are one and the same. Star Rider was the title of the programme, the film was made at the Kilburn venue. This was my rather astonishing introduction to KC! Imagine the scene…a Saturday morning on National TV (and I mean 9.30 am morning, not late night!) me aged 14 and my brother (10) confronted with a fat woman sitting at a table on a poorly lit stage looking disinterested in proceedings, filing her nails and staring into space whilst a guy with lank hair and a beer gut belts out songs in the most amazing voice you ever heard, all the time smoking and drinking.  It made an immediate connection with me which I never forgot, although it took me a couple of years to take the plunge with Marjory, KC was indelibly burned into my psyche. It seemed that Branson had hit upon the idea of filming Virgin artists and getting a free half hour promotional slot on TV as the series `coincidentally’ featured fellow Virgin artists: Steve Hillage in Hyde Park, The Mighty Diamonds, and Tangerine Dream at Coventry Cathedral, the latter for which Branson managed to lose the original 2 hour concert recordings by Tony Palmer, and instead replace the film soundtrack with unrelated music from their live Virgin album `Ricochet’ instead. Never let art get in the way of business eh Richard?"
In 2008, Haze provided a dvd transfer of a recording of the tv show: "I came by the video in about 1983, at the time I was working in the Virgin shop in Sheffield. One day I found a pile of U-matic videos in one corner of the stockroom. I have no idea where they came from. As U-matic was a professional format they weren't for sale and we didn't have a machine that could play them either. Luckily a friend of mine worked for a video company and he copied them to VHS for me. All were single track promos apart from the Kevin Coyne tape."
Incredible concert footage of the Summers/Money/Thompson/Wolf band. Fantastic. And yes, there was this 'fat girl', was played by Joanna Dickens, sitting on the side of the stage, spending the whole show reading newspapers and looking bored. The TV show was directed by Lindsey Clennell.
There's an audio boot of the show. It adds Marjory Razorblade but omits two songs.
Songs on the video: Talking to no-one [not on audio boot] / Strange Locomotion / Sunday Morning Sunrise [not on audio boot] / Shangrila / Turpentine / America / Big White Bird
Bootleg video artwork front and back
View it on youtube part 1, 2 and 3

- "THE INSTITUTION", a film by Kevin Coyne and Ian Breakwell, 1978, colour, 16mm, sound, 50 minutes feat. Kevin. Here, an article about the film; also, a site with stills of the film and a video extract with Coyne.

- French INA has a 1978 KC show: Kevin Coyne sur la scène du Théâtre de l'Empire à Paris, Chorus - 12/11/1978 - 19min55s. Extract here. After registration one can buy the 20mn thing for 2,99€.
Kevin Coyne, guitar, and Zoot Money, keyboards, perform the "World is full of fools," "Strange Locomotion," "Roses In Your Room "and then, only Kevin Coyne sings" I want my crown. " The concert is interspersed with an interview with Kevin, by Patrice Blanc Francard, about his involvement in social activities in the neighborhood of Camden Town in London.

- ROCKPALAST (read more)
Live at The Rockpalast, Köln, Germany, Jan 4 1979 for German Television in WDR Studio L
Kevin Coyne solo and with Zoot Money (piano).
Araby 3:48
Right on her Side 5:39
Amsterdam 5:17
Having a Party 5:26
Saviour (AL/KC/GS) 3:26
Uggy's Song 5:11
Marjory Razorblade 2:07
Brothers of Mine 5:50
Dance of the Bourgeoisie 6:37
That Girl of Mine (cover?) 0:54 [unreleased]
Dynamite Days 3:35
Are we Dreaming (KC/PW) 3:43
Pretty Park 6:17
Don't blame Mandy 3:46
Burning Head Suite 6:32 [unreleased]
The World is full of Fools (KC/BW) 4:32
Eastbourne Ladies 7:32
Roses in your Room 5:43
Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC) / Happy Day (Trad.) 6:16 [Happy Day unreleased]
Fantastic show!

See also below

(27 minute. Summer 1979) A German film by Claudia Strauven and Wolfgang Kraesze. English with German subtitles.
Kevin, Zoot Money and Brian Godding play an excellent "Having a Party" in a studio. Darby footage; Kevin talks about his childhood and Catholic education, more poetic narration than straight interview ("Some people say flowers can talk but I can't hear them"). Kevin's brother, wife interview. Kevin about painting. London footage to the sound of "House on the Hill" (LP version). Family dinner at the Coynes with the two children, Kevin's sister and friend Paddy Lovely (shown paiting a picture of Kevin); about success. Tea in the garden with Kevin's mother; about music in the family, about Eastbourne ladies. "Eastbourne Ladies" live with (probably) Bob Ward (acoustic guitar), Brian Godding (guitar), Al James (bass), Vic Sweeney (drums). "Babble" show in Berlin with Dagmar Krause with two guitars (Bob Ward and Brian Godding?), extract from "Stand Up".
Interesting film with a young Kevin.
Songs are included in the Kevin Coyne on Film audio-boot.

In 1980, Coyne played the Vienna Festival during a Austria Tour with Sigi Maron. That film "Volks stöhnende Knochenschau" features interviews of both musicians.

A German film of the concert of "The Last Wall" at The Tempodrom in Berlin (in front of the Berlin Wall). Directed by Diethard Küster. Oct 6 1982
Kevin Coyne with Pete Kirtley (guitar), Steve Lamb (bass), Steve Bull (keyboards) and Dave Wilson (drums).

For years we only had a bootleg version:

Sunday Morning Sunrise 5:47
The Monkey Man 5:59
Children's Crusade 4:37
Rockin' On 3:46 [unreleased]
Nothing Seems To Matter 4:28 [unreleased]
A Loving Hand 5:44
Total 35 minutes
Soundtrack is included in a boot called TEMPODROM, BERLIN but the bootleg dvd has some extra tracks: "Children's Crusade" by Kevin Coyne solo on acoustic guitar before the show and,
at the end, another acoustic instrumental Children's Crusade by one Wolfgang Wieder; these latter tracks are now included in the Kevin Coyne on Film boot.

Then the film was released as a DVD in June 2008: Kevin Coyne At The Last Wall (including 2 bonus songs: The Old Fashioned Love Song (3:05) and I Love you Baby (2:15) + "The Unknown Famous" documentary. Including a nice bio by Maria Gargiulo. Only available through Meyer Records and Toca records. Read this article about the release.

The DVD can also be ordered through this adress in the NL.

Read more about this dvd including a review by Robert Coyne.

A German film (three cool losers planing a hold-up) by Manfred Stelzer. Music by Kevin Coyne. Unreleased studio versions of 'Rockin' On' and 'Best Friend' (early version, different from ROMANCE ROMANCE) + some impro. Kevin on acoustic, most likely Steve Lamb on bass. It does sound like outakes from LEGLESS IN MANILLA. Also, an instrumental 'Rockin' On' with saxophone. Great music but most of the time covered by the film sound. The songs are included in the Kevin Coyne on Film audio-boot.

Live at the Alabama, Munich, Germany, 1984.
Kevin Coyne with Peter Kirtley (guitar), Steve Lamb (bass), Dave Sheen (drums).
Saviour (AL/KC/GS)
Monkey Man
Your Holiness (KC/PK)
Eastbourne Ladies
A great show
Martin says: "Actually "the world is full of fools" was recorded and broadcasted also. I've been looking for this recording ever since because it was the song that got me hooked. Back in those days "Live aus dem Alabama" was a split youth program with talking guests and live music. The music would end the show but they had a pause from talking with the guests in between with the live act playing 1 or 2 songs. I guess most people recorded the closing concert only that's why it's so hard to find. But i have witnessed it!"

- VA BANQUE (Point of no Return - 1985)
An extremly boring German film by Diethard Küster featuring Willie Deville and Kevin Coyne who plays the non talking part of a usher who appears for about 45 seconds...Diethard Küster is also the director of THE LAST WALL and THE UNKNOWN FAMOUS. Here are a few stills from the film: 1 2 3 4

- KEMPTEN, GERMANY, DEC 14 1985 with Martin Odstrcil (acoustic guitar). An amateur filming of an acoustic show; bad visual quality.
Kevin was having much fun that night. Martin Odstrcil himself provided the video (Kempten is his hometown), thanks a lot!
Havin a Party
Talking to No-one
Sitting on top of the World (Trad.) [unreleased]
Serves you right to suffer [J.L. Hooker]╩[unreleased]
Don't Know What To Do (KC/BG)
Gina's Song
Don't Blame Mandy
Pretty Park
Juliet And Mark (KC/BW)
The World is full of Fools (KC/BW)
Your Holiness (KC/PK)
Marjory Razorblade

We're Not Gonna Work Anymore [unreleased]
The Monkey Man
I Only Want To See You Smile
Here is a poster from that show

- KEVIN COYNE & VAN BLUUS. 1986 amateur (the quality of the video unfortunately is pretty bad) filming of this show of Kevin with German band Van Bluus provided by Van Bluus singer Horst Spandler who also gave the following information ART
Location: a gym in Postbauer-Heng, a village in the vicinity of Nuremberg
Date: July 11, 1986 (shortly before Kevin left for his GDR tour; I had got him in touch with somebody in the local music business who put together the Paradise Band; I remember Kevin said he was glad to get the money from our gig because he could use it well for this tour)
Line-up: Kevin Coyne (vocals) (I'm the singer in my band and therefore you don`t see much of me) Frank Michael Mčller (bass) Michael Heid (harp) Sandor Toth (drums) Lothar Kalau (guitar) (he`s my brother-in-law) Christoph Strubl (keyboard) Horst Spandler (intro and saxophone)
There are some difficulties with the set list. Not that I don't remember the names of the songs, but the problem is that Kevin used the tunes that we played and sang his own lyrics to them or lyrics by other artists. You will understand what I`m trying to say by looking at the following notes:
1. Funky Monkey (lyrics: KC; music: Van Bluus)
2. Ain't Nobody`s Business (If I Do) (originally composed/lyrics by Porter Grainger/Everett Robbins; a blues standard - among others Billie Holiday and Eric Clapton did versions of this song; but Kevin sings it to our own blues tune that we call "Swing Blues")
3. Help Me (I Can't Do It All By Myself) (composed by Sonny Boy Williamson/Ralph Bass or maybe Willie Dixon; there is also a version of this song by Van Morrison; Kevin sings it to a Van Bluus blues tune to which I sing the words of Blind Lemon Jefferson`s "Pneumonia Blues")
4. I'll Never Change (words: KC; music: our keyboard player Christoph Strubl+Van Bluus; I used to sing the song with different lyrics - we called it "Something`s Waiting" and the two different versions are supposed to be featured on the "Covers Project" CD of our group)
5. Hoochie Coochie Man (Muddy Waters made it famous, but maybe it was written by Willie Dixon or somebody else - I`m not sure)
6. Take It out on Me (maybe Kevin`s own words, but not sure; we called the tune "Brother Martin" and it was dedicated to the local blues singer Martin Philippi who had died in the mid eighties and I had my own lyrics)
7. Tougher than Tough (words: KC; written by our keyboard player and Van Bluus; we called the tune "Round&Round" and I had my own lyrics)
8. The set closes with a boogie tune - I believ KC called it "Baby Doll" and he claimed it was by John Lee Hooker (I have some doubts about his authorship, though; the music we played was "Green Stuff", which we`d heard from The Blues Band and their member Gary Fletcher composed it)

- WAAHNSINN. Film from the July 1986 festival in Germany, with an extract of The World is Full of Fools - view this on youtube. This extract is now a boot (cd with WMP file): ART

Kevin Coyne with the Paradise Band: Hans Pukke (guitar), Robert Steinhart (bass), Falk Steffen (drums),  Henry Beck (keyboards)
Audience film, bad image and sound
Here comes the Morning (HP/KC)
City Crazy (HP/KC)
Juliet and Mark (KC/BW)
Saviour (KC/AL/GS)
We don’t talk too much (HP/KC)
No Revolution (HP/KC)
Victoria Smiles (HP/KC)
Tear me up (HP/KC)
The Millionaire's Song
Take me back in your Arms
Dynamite Days
Dark Dance Hall (KC/BG)
Love for Five Minutes (HP/KC)
Havin’ a Party
The Slave (HP/KC)
The Monkey Man
Pretty Park
I Couldn’t Love you (HP/KC)
Back Home Boogie (HP/KC)


- Unknow date in 1991: Kevin sang “We gotta get out this place”, an original by The Animals, with East German band “Kirsche & Co” in Schweinfurt, Germany 1991. Available in the bonus sections of a DVD of Kirsche & Co. called "Komm am Bord!" (2007). Uwe tracked this one down.

Hessen 3 german TV. Good image and sound
Kevin Coyne with the Paradise Band: Hans Pukke (guitar), Friedl Pohrer (bass), Henry Beck (keyboards), Martin Mueller (drums)
This was probably recorded on October 7 1991 and broadcast on February 27 1992. An audio bootleg of the show exits: FRANKFURT, GERMANY, 1992-02-27 ("DADDY DIDN'T UNDERSTAND ME")
Intro and interview by Roberto Cappelluti
Saviour (KC/AL/GS)
Sensual (HP/KC)
Take Me Back In Your Arms
Go Sally Go (HP/KC)
Dynamite Daze

Sunshine Home (HP/KC)
Victoria Smiles (HP/KC)
Fish Brain
The Bungalow Song
Passions Pleasure (HB/KC)
American Girls (HP/KC)
The Monkey Man (complete)
Outro by Roberto Cappelluti
Back Home Boogie Boogie (HP/KC)
Looking In Your Eyes

- POUSSIERE D'ANGE (Angel Dust) (1993?) A French film by Edouard Niermann, featuring Fanny Cotencon and Bernard Gireadueau. At one point, one can hear "Sleeping-Waking" on a juke-box.


(1 hour. 1994) Live at the Alabama, Munich, Germany, late 1993. Kevin Coyne with the Paradise Band: Keili Keilhofer (guitar), Friedl Pohrer (bass), Henry Beck (keyboards), Werner Steinhauser (drums).
Daddy 4:36
Baby Blue (RC/KC) 3:42
Saviour (AL/KC/GS) 8:04
Really In Love (HB/KC) 5:39
Burning Head (HP/KC) 3:33
No Lullabies (HB/KC) 3:00
Dynamite Days 4:41
Rock Me Baby (King, Josea, arr. KC) 4:45
Turpentine 3:40
Pretty Park 3:26 [cut]
Soundtrack is included in the MUNICH DAZE boot

(57mn. 1993)

(The Great War in Songs), a documentary film by Gilles Nadeau (France), La Sept/Arte, Editions Morgane.
French, English and German songs from the WWI sung by Kevin Coyne, Hanna Shygulla, Mouloudji, Marc Ogeret, Gérard Viala. Exists on VHS ("Images à Lire", CNDP) and CD (artwork by French cartoonist Tardy).
Kevin sings "It's a long way to Tipperary", "Keep the homes fires burning" and "Take me back to dear old Blighty" (different from DYNAMITE DAYS). He is accompanied by Friedl Pohrer on acoustic guitar and Jean-Marie Sénia on piano.
Ultra rare!
The video is only available in schol libraries , the original cd is totally out-of-print. The CD was reissued in 2004 (without mention of the film) by Morgane and l'Historial de la Grande Guerre (e-mail them here).... Interesting to note that Kevin, unlike the other singers in the film, refused to wear a soldier disguise...
The three s ongs are included in the Kevin Coyne on Film audio-boot.

Cool extracts from a show at the Bradford Festival in 1990, edited by Joe Warren - includes extracts from Karate King, Talking to no-one and Good Boy.

- Jonas in the Desert (1994) ?

FILM: 5 Oct 94, Kanzleiturnhalle Zürich, in a gallery, nice editing of the 3 live songs and the pictures from the gallery, It's on youtube (posted by ccuirhomme, 15mn). Thanks to Uwe for spotting this one.
KC with Friedl Pohrer (acoustic guitar).
Victoria Smiles

- KNOCKING ON YOUR BRAIN sessions (1996)

- CAFE 'T PODIUM, VENRAY. Amateur filming of an acoustic show with Friedl Pohrer in The Netherlands, Feb 23 1997. 61mn. Provided by Wil Gommans, who had organised the show. Poster here. IMAGE
The boot DVD contains The Venray Podium show + Doornroosje show.
Gina's Song
I want my Crown (trad. arr KC)
Hey baby (The Easybeats) [unreleased]
Mad Man Blues (J-L. Hooker) [unreleased]
Heart of Hearts (FP/KC) (including a song going "The bungalow is cold without you"...)
Blame it on the Night
Havin' a Party
Shakin' All Over (J. Kidd) /Living Doll (Cliff Richard) [both unreleased]
Sea Of Love (Khoury/Baptiste]

(15 minutes 30 seconds. 1997). A German film by Diethard Küster. English with German subtitles.
Begins with "I Want My Crown" live in Bordeaux, France with Friedl Pohrer. Kevin says he likes the French audience. Alain Rivey (French tour promoter?) interview. Kevin talks about painting and Kaspar Hauser (who lived in Nürnberg), about loneliness, being an outsider. "I was one of the first punks". About the rock marketing. "R'n'R is rebel music". "Fats Domino will always be more interesting than John Lennon". His down-and-out years in Germany. About his books, drawings. Another extract (in-between songs jokes) from Bordeaux. About life on the road.
A good film with nice Coyne interviews. Songs are included in the Kevin Coyne on Film audio-boot.

This film was released as a DVD in June 2008: Live at the Tempodrom/Berlin 1982 + "The Unknown Famous" documentary, only available through Toca records. Read this article about the release

(45 minute. November 1998). A German film by Steffi Illinger. The title is something like "Life lines, stumbling into a little luck". Intro by Peter Fraas. Life lines" is a German TV project of both Christian Churches.
Kevin is first seen drawing at home then singing "Pretty Park" live in the 90s. Kevin reminisces about his childhood; (his voice is covered by the German translation all along the film). Then, the opening of a Coyne exhibition in Germany. "Pretty Park" again, with improvised lyrics (the band includes Keili Keilhofer). Kevin talks about his arrival in Nurnberg. Helmi interview. The Coynes at home. How Kevin and Helmi met. "My Little Angel" live. Kevin, Helmi and their teddybears. "The Diary of a Teddybear" book. Coyne and band on the road. Reminiscing about Little Richard and Elvis. Soundcheck: "Burning Head". Kevin and Helmi go to Darby, Kevin's hometown, meet Angela, his sister, look through the family photos; Kevin and Angela sing "Because you're mine"; Angela sings an hymn (Kevin: "Brings the tears to my eyes"). More reminiscing about his childhood at his old school. Kevin's first marriage and two kids. Back to Nürnberg: pictures made in the early 70s when he was a therapist. About his nervous breakdown: "I'm always aware of the darkness". "Mad Man Blues", live, acoustic with Keili. The Siren years. Kevin and Helmi in London. Kevin as a social worker. Extracts from Rockpalast, "Having a Party". Kevin with his two sons, Eugene and Robert. "Pretty Park" from Rockpalast. Extract from the Alabama show, 84. Kevin and alcohol. Painting. Kevin sings "Porcupine People" in the studio.
Concert footage (all very short extracts) was shot in Leverkusen and Chemnitz
Quite a good film about Kevin's life and work; the very short music extracts and the German voice-over are a bit frustrating though... Songs are included in the Kevin Coyne on Film audio-boot.


- LIVE IN DOORNROOSJE, NIJMEGEN. Amateur filming of the show with Kevin Coyne solo (*) and with Robert Coyne (guitar, bass and keyboards) and Michael Lipton (guitars and bass) and Jupiter Little (drums). in The Netherlands, Dec 6 2000. 45mn. Provided by Wil Gommans. The audio show has been an Excalibur cd.
The boot DVD contains The Venray Podium show + Doornroosje show. ART
The list is the same as the Excalibur cd but some songs are cut and some others are missing:
Best Friend *
Pretty Park *
You Used to be my Friend * [unreleased]
Strange Locomotion (KC/DC/NC)
Happy Little Fat Man (RC/KC)
Out on the Park (AN/KC)
Mrs. Hooley Go Home
I'm Wild
Sugar Candy Taxi (RC/KC)
Burning Head (HP/KC)
Marjory Razorblade
Eastbourne Ladies

(Apr 2001) A Dutch music documentary feature from VPRO (Dutch T.V.) directed by Walter Stokman. "Turned out to be the best film about me ever made". More info here.
Begins with a telephone conversation with John Peel reminiscing about the early Coyne days. "Poor Swine" shot at the 1974 Hyde Park show. Kevin is seen painting and talks about his days as art therapist. He sings "The Einstein Song" at home, talks about his guitar playing, about "Case History" and "Marjory", shows his LPs. Jam ("I shouldn't bother") in studio, Nürnberg, December 2000 with Keili Keilofer and Werner Steinhauser. Kevin listening to English radio, taking the metro, going to the library. Helmi tells of her meeting with Coyne. Kevin sings "Best Friend" solo on acoustic at Doomroosje Nijmegen, Dec 2000. Kevin talks about Helmi, about music. Paintings to the sound of "Araby" from the Peel Sessions). "Marjory Razorblade" shot at the 1974 Hyde Park show. Kevin talks about his "German" cds ("The real Kevin Coyne has a little more edge"), plays "I'm Wild" (from the cd). "Forgive me " live (or soundcheck?) at Doomroosje Nijmegen, Dec 2000 with band (Michael Lipton (bass), Robert Coyne (keyboards), Juppee Little (drums). Robert interview. Kevin says he feels like in exile in Nürnberg but loves it anyway. "God Watches over you", CD version.
Songs are included in the Kevin Coyne on Film audio-boot.

Same songs as the LEEFINGE boot. THANKS WALDO!
Now (Oct 8) on youtube here and here and also on Waldo's Croker website

COYNE/CROKER De Troubadour Hardenberg Dec 1 2002
From Waldo Croker website, watch here these 3 songs
Whispers in the Night
Blues stay away from me

- ONE ROOM MAN (2003) click here for an exclusive Interview with Boris Tomschiczek, director of One Room Man.
Here is an interesting blog talking about the film (entry is Tuesday, February 14, 2006).
"Kevin Coyne, one of the great British rock-mavericks, aimlessly wandering between Blues and Avantgarde, is alone in a narrow room: Old and chubby, it sounds like he is talking throatily to himself, then suddenly he grabs the harmonica - an astoundingly agile succession of sounds, then again a sudden break. Gloomy black-and-white pictures give a portrait of rather the brooding type than a musician. You seem to not only sit next to Coyne but you are inside him, in his head, or better: In his dark soul. Very powerful." Unerhoert Film Festival, 2009

- Marlene, live De Muze van Meise (Belgium), March 25 2004.

The De Muze show in Meize from March 25 2004 was filmed by Jos and later showed on Dec 13 2009 during the Tribute shows in Belgium at the same venue.

Old Soldier, a anti-war music video with music by Kevin Coyne, found on youtube

"John Peel's Dandelion Records" a DVD, out Nov 08 on Ozit/Morpheus Records. The DVD features the Siren reunion show in Shrewsbury in 2003. See the artwork for more info on this DVD. Inside art. To purchase go here.
Siren reunion show:
Kev with Cudworth (piano), Clague (acoustic guitar) and Hirschamn (electric and acoustic bass):
Strange locomotion
16 women
First time I saw your face
Gardener man
Ze ze ze
Cheat me
Kev solo:
Miner Song
Kev with Clague and Hirschamn:
Baby Blue
Kev solo:
Blame it on the night,
Kev with Cudworth, Clague and Hirschamn:
The Stride
Relaxing with Bonnie Lou

Here is a note by Siren's Dave Clague about this dvd (from the dvd booklet):
" Hi Chris, Thanks for your hospitality at Ozit Towers on Saturday and the opportunity to preview the Dandelion Records DVD Kevin and Siren section. It reminded me what a great performer and talent Kevin was. If he had just been a blues singer he was probably the most sensitive and spontaneous that this country has produced  - but he was much more than that. In his art and his music performances he was always in touch with, and responsive to, the people around him. It wasn't always easy for him and at times he got angry or sad at the human condition. I remember reading a review of one of his concerts - I think it was the Nashville Rooms - where 'Kevin was onstage singing his heart out' - that summed up his approach.
Thanks again for all that work you put in getting the Dandelion Concert together and giving Siren the opportunity to boogie again as we had done at numerous parties & gigs. It was great fun & was probably the last professional footage taken of Kevin performing.
I should also say a belated thanks to Siren's other long suffering members in those early days: drummer Tat Meager and guitarists Dave Gibbons, John Chichester, Mick Sweeney & Mick Gratton for their contributions.
Cheers. Dave Clague"


- finally: despite what The All Music Guide says, TAPDOGS is NOT a film with 'our' Kevin Coyne...)



Most of these films appear on different BOOT DVDs:

- "KEVIN COYNE AT THE BBC", a boot DVD of 4 BBC footage: "BBC OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST", "Poor Swine in Hyde Park", "Strange Locomotion at the Rainbow ", "PINK POP FESTIVAL". Only problem is a counter running on the image. These early films are precious. ART

- New version of "KEVIN COYNE AT THE BBC" (Jun 06) adds the "Van Oekels Discohoek" performance.

In 2005, came out a new version of this DVD with bonus Musikfilmen making it a great collection of early Coyne footage. ART

HYDE PARK - DVD of the 16 mm projected and filmed again on a DV cam.

- KEVIN COYNE AT THE LAST WALL exists as a boot DVD (transfer and artwork by Steve Bull) ART

ART 1 and 2

- ROCKPALAST was restored with a great sound in the summer of 2005 by Wil and Eric. New art

- LEBENSLINIEN boot DVD of this film. ART






- Boot DVD of both ALABAMA shows, 94 and 84. ART



see also youtube