Paul Bennets has been investigating about the songs in the muscial called England England:

"Going back a few weeks it was dicovered that there are songs listed with Virgin Music Publishers that have never been released. Some of them were suspected as having been written for Snoo Wilson's play 'England England'. I made some enquires with Snoo and while it doesn't solve the mystery surrounding these unheard of songs his mail might be of interest to the group":

"Dear Paul,
I don't have a playlist of the earlier songs from the musical to hand. You could try contacting the Bush Theatre who produced the piece, at the Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre. We would call the songs "Jim and Jake" and "I am the one" and so on after key lines.
But I'm sure Kevin certainly recycled songs afterwards on themes which I had asked for in our collaboration, and I may not have been the first to hear the tunes he hit on initially. I don't know all his later work. His palate was surprisingly wide and he could come up with different or improved versions, [after considerable persuasion.] I think "Big White Bird" from a later and unfinished musical project went to be briefly number 40 in the hit parade, in the late seventies (?). There was a also a joke bluesy number "[No more] Rivers of Blood" from the same project which I'm sure I heard him perform. I'm sorry I can't recall any more:
Blame it on the night......
Best wishes
Snoo Wilson"

Big White Bird is included in HEARTBURN and IN LIVING BLACK AND WHITE
Rivers of Blood appeared in the PEEL SESSIONS