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"Kevin is a wonderful poet and his lyrical work can be far richer than any other of the so called singer songwriter poets such as Dylan or Cohen. Their work is based largly on the external world and is therefore very visual lyrically whereas Kevin can take us to somewhere else: an internal world with all its fears,etc. As you would expect, it may not be a world that is logical or rational at all and yet beauty and enlightenment can be found in the most unexpected places. Perhaps we can imagine standing with the Princes on the watchtowers or eating oranges with Suzanne at her place near the river but Kevin's fearless honesty seems to have the ability to take you to the very edge sometimes. That I would argue is his genius". Paul Bennetts

This project of writing down the lyrics to every song Kevin Coyne recorded was patiently done by Maurice Maes, Rob Olver and Pascal Regis in 2004. The Kevin Coyne Group, especially Chris Potts and Graham Corby, deserve a big thank you for their help. Thank you to Martin and to Jon Langford too.

We tried to write down the lyrics to all the songs from the studio albums but also to all those songs that were never recorded in the studio but appeared on live bootleg recordings (of course the project does not include the lyrics to the covers songs, ie: not written by Coyne). The links to the albums will take you to the chronology from PASCAL's KEVIN COYNE PAGE

Some of the official albums included lyrics sheet, which was easy work for us. Some other and, of course, every live songs, we listened and listened and did our best... yet, there's always the odd word we never managed to catch. If you think you can fill some of our '??', please let us know

Kevin often said he wanted to publish a book with his lyrics and was very interested with this project. Also, many fans - musicians and non-musicians - often mailed asking for that particular song. We hope this website helps.

November 2006


PS: Rob Olver, where are you?


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Siren: Strange Locomotion
Siren: Rabbits
Siren: The Club Rondo

Beautiful Extremes
Blame It On The Night

Burning Head
Bursting Bubbles
Case History
Donut City
Dynamite Daze
Everybody's Naked
Knocking on your Brain
Legless in Manilla
Life Is Almost Wonderful (w. Brendan Croker)
Mansion of Dreams (w. the Achim Goettert group)
Marjory Razorblade
Matching Head and Feet
Millionaires and Teddy Bears
One Day In Chicago (w. Jon Langford & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts)
Opera for Syd (w. the Achim Goettert group)
Pointing the Finger
Room full of Fools
Sanity Stomp
Stumbling Onto Paradise
Sugar Candy Taxi
The Adventures of Crazy Franck
Tought and Sweet
Wild Tiger Love


(with a few guitar tabs too)


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