You Can't do That (Kevin Coyne - 1981) (POINTING THE FINGER)

You can't do that (x4)

Yes you can, yes you can, yes you can if you like (x2)

You can't do that (x4)

Yes you can, yes you can, yes you can if you like (x2)

Don't let anybody tell you who you are (x3)

It's you, it's you, you're the star

(repeat everything 2 times)

You can't do that (ad lib)

You can't Kill us (Kevin Coyne - 1980) (SANITY STOMP)

You can say I'm neurotic, say I'm psychotic, say that I stink, say that I'll think but you can't kill me, no you can't kill me

You can call me a fool, say that I'm cruel, say that I'm smart, say I've got no heart but you can't kill me, no you can't kill me

You can talk behind my back, hear the crack, I can hear the smacks, there's nothing I don't lack but you can't kill me, you can't kill me

You can say I'm brave, you can say I'm a slave, you can say I don't shave, you can rant and rave but you can't kill me, no you can't kill me

Oh oh oh no they cannot, cannot kill me

Oh oh oh no they cannot, cannot kill us

Oh oh oh no no no they can't kill us

One more time

I said oh oh oh no no no they can't kill us

You Know Who (Kevin Coyne - 1977) (ON THE RADIO)

I've been waiting all my life for someone who really loves me

I've discovered of my wife, she 's the one who loves me

Don't stand around my bed as if I'm almost dying

I'm the one who's got the head, God knows why you're crying

You had all the expensive meals

You had all the four-wheels

You heard about all the deals

Why do you squeal, why do you, why do you, why do you, why do you squeal now?

I've seen your painted face in more than one bar

Your ideal of your self so that's who you are

Remember I know who is me and I always did

Don't want you like a servant, don't want you to do my bedding now

But you seem to be everything I never wanted to be

You stand in the rain, no wonder, no wonder you scream with pain

No wonder, no wonder you scream with pain now

You're living in a hole and it's dark inside

I know you laugh with my friends because I really love my bride

But that's the reason I'm there and that's the reason I'm here

You could never be me though you try to be, my dear

Pain after pain, it's just like a train

With a smoke poison, you're nearly gone, you're nearly gone, you're nearly gone, you're nearly gone

You're falling

Well you know who

I know you knew know who

Oh you, you know you

You don't know me if you think that'll do

You don't know me no you won't do no no

You're so Sophisticated (Kevin Coyne - 1974) (CAPITOL)

You're so sophisticated

You're so constipated

But you give everything and you sell it all, every little bit

Your big white suit and blonde hair *

Oh the scent of Devil, he may care

The hint of nanies guiding you through big halls, hallways *

And you are one of the Empire's survivors *

You could have easily been a deep-sea diver

Your father would have allowed you to be that if you wanted it, maybe you did

But I still see your tiny hands searching open doors and watching the man as he pours out the cocktails, little tiny drops for everyone, what about you?

You never had much ?? toys and you were never allowed to mix with other boys and

I think it's a shame that's why I can't talk to you, though I'd like to do

Well, you think I'm a working class man and you're right, so right, that's what I am

Playing with spoons for cars in the dirty things, I never saw a ring till I was 19

You're so sophisticated

God but I think you're constipated but my theory of life is Everyone to his own, but you didn't, you didn't, you didn't, you didn't want yours, you didn't want yours, you didn't want yours, you didn't want yours

Here's something anyway that says

There's a solution just for you

And ?? tell me what to do

But maybe I'm just as, just as bad off as you, suffering too

So let's us try to be sophisticated

At least we know the meaning of constipated

Let's shoot it out and get on with it all, get on with it all

*these lines hint that the song could be about Kevin Ayers: "Apart from being a fair description of Ayers' stage appearance at that time, this reflects his privileged upbringing in Malaysia", (Percy from whatevershebringswesing group)

You're so Wonderful (Friedl Pohrer/Kevin Coyne - 1995) (CRAZY FRANK)

Walking down the avenue, the trees are bowing to look at you

It comes as no surprise to me because you're so wonderful wonderful

All my friends say, why are you living in a fantasy, I say I've found my dream on earth with her, she's so wonderful

And I dont know the time of day, I cant even find my way, I'm lost without control, you've taken over my soul

But it's wonderful, and I don't mind

Sitting in my hotel room, gazing into the mirror there, there's your beautiful face again and it looks so wonderful

Tomorrow you'll be gone, the ten o'clock train home but the memory lingers on because you're so wonderful

And I dont know the time of day, I can't even find my way, can't find the words to say, can't find the words to say, all I can say is wonderful, you're so wonderful, you're so wonderful, you're so wonderful. A wonderful one (ad lib)

You're The Girl For Me (Kevin Coyne - 1985) (MANEGE)

I just want to bleed for you baby, crazy about you, just when you hold my hand

Bleed for you baby when you touch me, I'm your loving man

All shake me all night long, that's all I'm really asking for

Oh honey when you touch me, baby that's all I adore

Oh my Stephanie, you're the girl for me, you're the girl for me, mein Frau, that's good

I'll be your little baby Kevin, cause I'm crazy about you, crazy about you when you touch me

Shake me up all night, put your hands in mine, all night, touch me with those longs ??

Your Holiness (Kevin Coyne/Pete Kirtley - 1982) (PØLITICZ)

Your Holiness, say a prayer for me

My brother and myself we beseech

You help us in our quest for eternal happiness

And money, money, money, money, money, and money, money, money, money, money, money

Your Holiness, now come down here

Give us the benefit of your advice

Keep on praying, keep on praying, keep on saying, "God will save us all, He'll save us all"

Your Holiness, with your baubles and beads

Your jewellery for all the world's needs

Send an aeroplane of snowy white through the clouds with Gods light

And money, money, money. money and money, money, money. money, money

Your Holiness, you're not listening to me (x2)

I'm dying day by day, millions of others are going the same way

Your Holiness, you're not listening to me (x2)

I'm dying day by day, I'm so confused

You can't help anyway

You Say You're Mine (Kevin Coyne - 1986) (MAINZ)

Rambling operator, going from town to town, way down

Try to put everybody down

Knocking on my door, two o'clock at night

Standing there ??

I don't really care and I don't really mind

I love you, I must be blind

Rambling operator, I don't really mind

I love you though I must be blind

You say he's mine

You say you're mine (x3)

Now I'll be your little playboy, I'll be your little fool

I'll be your little joker, you can treat me cruel

You cheat me up at night, you cheat me way down

But I'm just a little county boy, a little county mouse

You say you're mine (x2)

You say it all the time

You say you're mine

Now give me one kiss just before I go

Tell me you'll see me next time

I suppose I don't really care what I really do

But I know when I need you, I'm out singing the blues

You say you're mine (x4)

Rambling operator, going from town to town

Try to put people like me down

I may be paranoid, ??

But I don't want you near me, I don't want you around

You say he's mine (x4)

Rambling operator, I'll tell you one more time

Give me some relief for this ragged head of mine

I'm really shooked up now, confused, don't know what to do

Give me the telephone, I want to ring home

I want to ring home (x6)

I want to go home

She said she's mine (x8)

You Used to be my Friend (Kevin Coyne - 2000) (CELLAR 2 )

I told you last night, I told you before

Don't talk to me like that

You keep on saying: "Kevin, you look awful strange

You surely get more fat"

You still love me like you used to love me but now

Everything's drifted away

I love you so very very much

But those golden days have fled away

Oh you're my reason to live

You're my reason to be

Don't be like this with me (x2)

I used to your sweet little honey bee, yeah

But now you're talking to me like I was a fool

And thinking of throwing me outdoors

Dragging me and my name round the street

You're gonna take me ??

Taking every ??, taking my house and everything

Left me stranded outside

It was only twenty years ago

You used to be my happy blushing bride

But I, oh what you're doing to me

Oh little old me

Your little fat honey bee

What you're doing, what you're doing to me

You've taken all my Lou Reed records

And you fucked up my life, oh my God

You've taken all my Lou Reed records

And you fucked up my life

You used to be a very adoring person till you became a feminist

And now you don't even want to be my wife

I think I'm collapsing on this song, I'm getting very very upset, the memories are still painful

I don't like well made songs and well tailored songs, I don't like songwriters in fact

They bore me to fucking death

So I'm doing this as a negative sort, a negative way just to prove that anarchy can be emotional too

So I tell you this song is about somebody I used to know but we're still the best of friends

And I'm always, you know, I'm making it up as I go along to remind you

That friendships end

You used to be my friend (x4)

You Were the One (Kevin Coyne - 1986) (SCHWIMMBAD)

I'm lonely, I'm crying, you know

Walking down London streets on my own

You locked the door and I can't get in

A drunken fool, a crazy little man me, alright

Chorus: You were the one with those ??

At London Bridge, down by the river Thames

Watching all the drunks in a ??

It's a dark and dreary place with nowhere to go

I know you treated me bad but I still love you so



I'm just drunk again, sipping in this beer

Let me in, I loved you so twenty year

Don't throw me out (x2)

See my tears


You Won't Like It (Kevin Coyne - 1982) (HALF MOON 90)

Out on the balcony, starts to rain

The prescription was wrong

It's dull again

And your mother don't like it and neither do you

There is no future, less you know you die

In a big church, gold everywhere

A man with long arms, prays, says he cares

But he doesn't like it, he really knows

There is no heaven, it's just silk and clothes

Talking to you, give me a line

About a future, a life divine

But I don't believe it, neither should you

You're just thirty-eight and learning the truth

Well you've got a friend, a friend in me

Tell you what I know, but I hope you see

You won't like it, nobody does

Maybe you'll curse me but I'm telling you the truth

Telling you the truth (x3)

You You You (Kevin Coyne/Jon Langford/Pat Brennan/John Rice/RobertCoyne - 2002) (ONE DAY IN CHICAGO)

It’s an illusion to expect me to be normal like you

I’m quite special and precious in my way and I don’t want anything to do with you

I don’t need your lurking about, your fuuny games, I don’t need it, it’s all a shame

I’m very special, I’ve got a special brain

Some say that I’m insane

I’m very proud, prouder than you think

I’m very proud, this world stinks

I’m engaged to a woman

She’s 57 tomorrow morning

I’m always wondering what she’s doing when I’m not around

But something’s dawning in my mind

She’s confusing me with all the letters she sends

She tells me that she’s got special friends

But I belive it’s a man who’s tall and dark

This man is evil, he’s a shark

He’s stealing my girl

Stealing my girl (x3)

I’m so special, I usually am

Not too many friends in here who understand

I’m a strange little fellow at least that’s what my mother used to say.

She said ‘You’ll never be anything particular, you’re just being normal, going your way ; up the street, down the street, nobody will say ‘He’s a glamourous thing!’.

You’re a little dull, you could have been an angel but let’s face it, you never grew the wings.

You’re so ?? cantankerous, funny, in a odd kind, oh such a perverse way.

Oh I’m perverse

I am not like you

I’m perverse

And I am not like you

Ascend, ascend my friend

Act angelic and do something special today

Sitting on the window sill, look over the sky

Leave that 9 to 5

You can enjoy yourself if you really try, there’s something in the back of your head, in your brain, that could sustain a brand new generation of optimistic, frequently optimistic, young people

You don’t have to be like that

You don’t have to be like them

You are yourself

You’re truly yourself, yes you are, truly yourself

That’s it then. Got the message? In the midst of some insanity, there’s always a little comon sense. Just remember that. You are yourself. You are yourself. You’re nobody else. You’re yourself. You’re nobody else.

That’s you (x2)

You’re not me, no

That’s you (x2)

You’re not me, no