(also check the Press page and the December 2nd page)


The official site from Germany and the one from the UK

The official Facebook page

Tony Donaghey's website with a complete list of everything Coyne wrote and a publisher too

Ruff Records page about Coyne

KC was a member of "German Academy for Football Culture”...


The Complete Kevin Coyne Lyrics website

A fan myspace page; another one by Tony about Kevin books (both with MP3s)

The World of Kevin Coyne blog, with downloads

The first Kevin Coyne site, by Chris Plummer (not on line anymore)

Kevin Coyne- An Overview by Chris Plummer (May 1997)

A Facebook page

Bios and articles:

Very nice introduction to Kevin's work by Tony Donaghey

A nice blog who discovers Kev

An article about Kevin in German

Perfect Sound Forever page, with a list of Kevin Coyne's favorite music

An Italian bio

A good webzine (in French), including some articles by Maurice Maes on "Donut City" and a Mar 2004 show at the Spirit of 66: Also, some photos of the Spirit show.

A Dutch review of the Mar 2004 Den Haag show

A Sep 1999 review in MK19

A 2002 review in the (these pages are now off-line): page 1, 2, 3 and 4

An interesting interview about the One Room Man film (in French)

I wrote music reviews (some of them about Coyne...) in (in French). Reviews (1 and 2), photos and a translation of the interview from the Feb 9 2004 Paris show with Jeffrey Lewis (Froggy's Delight helped a lot with that show). Also, a Donut City review.

An other review of this show (in French): "Leur rencontre restera à n'en pas douter parmi les plus beaux moments scéniques de l'année 2004"

An incredibly good article today in L'Humanité (in French) about a show where Kevin was opening for U2 (!)...

Three film-fragments from a documentary VPRO (great Dutch TV channel) made about Kevin in '92. (klick the music note): very good acoustic songs from 'Night train' : VPRO music archive; songs introduced by Kevin himself (this has been bootleged of course...)

A French blog (2006)

Another blog entry, about "Having a Party"

A fan-page about Siren (in German)

Mr Kevin Hyde and Dr. Kevin Jekyll got friends” – a brilliant article about KC, from German weekly newsmagazine “Die Zeit”. Written in 1992

Recalling Kevin Coyne by Welsh poet & Author Mike Jenkins

About Case History

Kevin, you look beautiful

Kevin Coyne - an appreciation

Brit Idiosyncracy Always Waives the Rules

An illustrated story of KC's recorded works, in French.

Nice one about Babble (April 2012)

Album reviews:

An excellent review of Case History by Giallo on Head Heritage

A French review of the Politicz/Pointing the Finger reissue

A Peel Session review

Room Full of Fools and Sugar Candy Taxi reviews on Zicline (in French)

Marjory Razorblade by Jeff Young, for a Guardian competition "The greatest albums you've never heard"

A really good article (in French) about the Politics/Pointing the Finger reissue

About a Ruff Records sampler cd (2006)

About the 2nd tribute cd in Big Untidy (Dec 06). Also includes "Pass into the Night", a song about Kevin by Clive Product. Clive is the author of the book "Beautiful Extremes, Conversations with Kevin Coyne", he is curently working on an up-date of the book.

About "Opera for Sid" and "Rockpalast" (also here)

About "One Night in Chicago"

About the "Ruf Records Anthology"

Richard Marcus, about "Sugar Candy Taxi", "Carnival" and "Room full of Fools", Feb 2007

An Italien album review page

A Dutch page


Kevin Coyne Interview by Chris Plummer (September 1998)

An interview for Richie Unterberger's (excellent) book "Unknown Legends of Rock'n'Roll"

An interview for Jazz Dimensions

An interview by Steven Koenig for La Folia

An interview by Frank Bangay. see also here

"Störungen", a Karl Bruckmaier and Kevin Coyne project on Synapsen 6. Station, Jul 2004 (thanks Uwe). English translation by Goodie: DISTURBANCES White noise, black tie – the aesthetics of the White Noise. A sound impertinence by Karl Bruckmaier, supported by Kevin Coyne and Wilfried Petzi. Karl Bruckmaier looked – supported by the artists Kevin Coyne and Wilfried Petzi - into a third category of noise/music  - the sound between disturbing noise and the White Noise of Nothing. The evening questioned, with the aid of music, song, photos and newly invented machines and old play-back devices, if there is a noise which could not become music. The point was the last secret: the sound that can’t be domesticated. Blues was played after the sound impertinence.

“A very uncomfortable interview”, KC went mad about the questions.

Video (posted on youtube)

Marjory Razorblade in Hyde Park, 1974 (from Loladamusica film)

Sunday Morning Sunrise (from The Last Wall film)

Amsterdam (from Rockpalast)

Eastbourne Ladies (from Herz aus Feuer)

The World is Full of Fools (extract from Waashnin)

New on Youtube: Old Soldier, a anti war clip with music by Kevin Coyne and Marlene, live De Muze van Meise (Belgium), March 25 2004.

Related (mostly musicians who played with Kev)

A German page about Siren

A nice page about Dandelion

Brian Godding's site. Brian played guitar on some of Coyne's masterpieces. His site is great and you can even buy his legendary Blossom Toes records!

A fan page about Brian Godding

The legendary Zoot Money's site

Achim Goettert's site with great photos (see 'Mansion of dreams' and 'Opera for Sid' cds). Here, the (more or less) English translation of the press section of the site 1 2 3

News of Brendan Croker and Kevin Coyne's collaboration on Mark Knopfler'site (these pages are now off-line): page 1 and 2

Waldo van Leeuwen's Mark Knopfler (and Kevin's buddy Brendan Croker) site
Oct 8: Waldo will soon upload video on his new Croker website.

A Gong site with a list of the 1973 shows with Kevin Coyne"Dandelion Exhibition"

A Soft Machine website with mention of Coyne LPs.

Hans-Jürgen Buchner aka "Haindling" was one of the first musicians Kevin met in Germany. On occasion of his 60th birthday he acclaimed Kevin as "a model who taught him being half drunk on stage". (site now off)

Jon Langford (Mekons) talks about Kevin (Rolling Stones - US only)

The strangest article in L’Humanité (French Comunist paper); the guy is supposed to write about U2 and Bono ... and writes only about Coyne!

Nigel Burch - contributor to 2 of the Tribute cds - cites Coyne as a major influence in St Petersburg Times (of all papers)

Hans Pukke page

A page about Hans-Jürgen Buchner aka “Haindling”'

A website about The Police with a list of Summers-Coyne page, very well documented

Photos and stuff:

Photos from Kevin's burial, December 13, 2004

EMI Music Publishing, where you can make a search for the list of Coyne songs published there (no lyrics though). I added a new page here about this list.

The Gazometer website where Coyne played in Nov 2004; with photos.

A French translation of No Romance and another one of Kevin's last interview and more by by Plaisantlouian

Photos from a show at The Edge in Toronto on Jun 5, 1981 with Brian Godding.

Photos from the May 18 2002 show at the Okiedookie with Keili Keilhofer (guitar), Harry Hirshmann (bass) and Werner Steinhauser (drums).

Some of the most beautiful Kevin photos I've seen by Bernd Schweinar (1986?)

Photos of Kevin Coyne in Schöneiche, Sep 9 2003: with Andreas Blüml (guitar), Harry Hirschmann (bass), Werner Steinhauser (drums)

Extended Play's site with a paintings exhibit

Dave Clague's site, selling three Siren CDs (see also here for great Siren stuff)

Two sites in Germanßentraum

Up-Tight is a discussion forum for the influential groups and artists of the 1960's and 1970's as mentioned in Richie Unterberger's "Unknown legends of Rock 'n' Roll" (including Coyne) and Clinton Heylin's "From the Velvets to the Voidoids"

Another one, who helped promote the Coyne-Lewis 2004 Paris show

A German KC concert announcement from 1988 and 1994

The Rockpalast Kevin Coyne page.

This is a personal statement but I think Graham Smith's photos are a fascinating parallel to Coyne's universe. Put on Marjory and search hi sphotos on this website (the last one being Jackie and Edna?)

for more photos, see here

last but not least...

A place where fans can meet and share!