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How to use these pages. The bulk of these Kevin Coyne Pages is the "Complete Official and non-Official Kevin Coyne Discography", of which part of the Official Discography was originally written by JC Faltaff (see the Credits page) and that I have been updating and completing for years now. This website is a datebase of EVERYTHING Kevin Coyne ever recorded (or wrote or every film he appeared in). Kevin is also a painter but I declare myself incompetent on that part of his activity: you'd better check his excellent site:
One of its aim is to identify all those precious gems, often scattered among compilations LP or b-sides and so hard to find.
Of course, this is an ever-in-progress work and any addition or help is welcome (especially missing artwork, dead or new links..).

There are several ways to use these pages:

The album by album review, called "Better to be mad than sad" might a good overview and introduction to Coyne's work

If you are looking for that specific album or CD, go to the 'Album' List: each link will take you to the 'Discography', where you will find a detailed track list of the album, with songwriters names, timing, line up, artwork and every available info. In the same way, you can search for a particular single in the 'Singles' list, a Radio appearance on the 'Radio' list, a film on the 'Film' list and a compilation, guest appearance or a book in the 'Others' list.

The other way is to browse the Complete Discography. It is presented in a chronological order and cut out in 5 sections: "The Siren Years", "1970's", "1980's", "1990's" and "2000's" page.
Each song or record is presented at the time it was recorded. The actual release date of the record is indicated for reference. For example, the RABBITS CD is listed in 1970 since it presents songs recorded in 1970; it is NOT listed in 1994 when it was finally released. Exception to this: some compilation album like the PEEL SESSIONS or ELVIRA contain songs that were recorded at different periods of time. So, each song is normally listed at its recording times BUT the compilation album is also listed at its release time with all his songs. OK, that's not so clear, is it? But well I hope you Kevin Coyne fans will find what you may be looking for.

Finally, the 'Song Index' if you're looking for that specific song, the 'KC Bands' page with every musician he played with, Press, Photos, a couple of Interviews, Links, Guitar Tabs, and - since Dec 2006, the 'Complete Lyrics' page.

All songs written by Kevin Coyne except where indicated.
'Unreleased' means the song never appeared on any official album, but it may have appeared on several boots.
'Marjory Razorblade' is the a-capella song from the LP of the same name;
'Marjory Razorblade Suite' is the long song appearing on IN LIVING BLACK AND WHITE.

PS: This is some sort of scientific work, right? dates, number and stuff, BUT you know with music, emotion and personal opinion always pop here and there. So, since John Falstaff (who did the first draft of this KC disco) had peppered his text with a few of his likes and dislikes, I did my bit too... and mind you, we do sometimes disagree...


Where to find Kevin Coyne records.
I get a lot of mail from people asking where to find Kevin albums. It is true that most of them are out of print, especially the Virgin years... A reissue is scheduled for early Jan 2010: Check this page for info on this.
Your other chance is the official website; many things to sell there, including books and work of art.
You can try the second hand shops and website too of course, although I personally would not recommend to pay some of the obscene prices I sometimes see on e-bay.
My opinion on download is: "Support the reissues by buying them. They are beautiful objects, with remastered sound, photos, liner notes, unreleased live and studio outakes, all of this made with the help of Kevin's sons Eugene and Robert. Tell EMI they were right to spend money on this. Download should be left only for out of print albums and live bootleg unavailable music." Just my two cents.
Your best choice for finding Coyne out of print or bootleg stuff to download on the web is "The World of Kevin Coyne" blog (blog run by Poor not by me; every mention to 'Pascal ' on this blog is only reference to the information found on this website. Download of otherwise available music on this blog is NOT made with my consent).

Here's a nice podcast where you can hear some Kevin Coyne music ("Programme n°2")
Also, there's a good selection of songs on these two Myspace pages: "Kevin Coyne" and "Kevin Coyne Books" (with videos too).
For videos, check youtube. Also try these "Where to download Coyne stuff" hints

The Kevin Coyne Group is a Yahoo Group of fans. It might be a good way to find copies of out of print - original or cdr. This kind of trading is of course only for out of print stuff. There's also much bootleg circulating there for free. (see also "Where to download Coyne stuff" hints

The Group is kind of dead now, it seems more is happening on this Facebook page

You should buy official stuff but you should never pay for a bootleg

So, since people at one time or another always end up asking me what is the big deal with me about this guy Kevin Coyne and how can I spend so much time on this site and discography, etc... OK, in a word: Kevin is a great singer (what a voice!), a great songwriter, his lyrics are always worth listening (and that is VERY rare...), throughout his long carreer, he has been playing with many different musicians, in many different styles, but always managed to stay a remarkable, original and fascinating artist; despite some very hard struggle against various labels and majors record companies he always retained his integrity.
Last but not least, he is an incredibly funny and a very moving performer (and an improviser):
(that last point explains my ever-extending collection of Coyne boots...). To summ up, he really is one of a kind.

For those interested: my favorite LP would be "Bursting Bubble", my favorite song: "Case History #2" from "In Living Black and White".