Kevin Coyne Discography updated over the years by PASCAL pascalregis (a)

Originally compiled (16 pages) by JOHN C. FALSTAFF

Pascal wishes to thank the following fans and musicians around the world: trading and talking with them (on and off the Kevin Coyne Group) was a big help:

Alexander, Berlin, Germany; Jay Bakker, The Netherlands; Frank Bangay, London, UK ; Dave Belbin; Paul Bennets, London, UK; Tony "Bones", UK ; Steve Bull, London; Nigel Burch, London, UK; Cactus Joe, Oullins, France; Hakon Christensen, Oslo, Norway; Graham Corby, Leeds, UK; Cornelius; Steve Dinsdale, Harrogate, UK; Didier Dirix, Hollogne, Belgium; Tony Donaghey, Huddersfield, UK; Knud Franzkowiak, Germany; Eric Frauenflder, The Netherlands; Anders Geijer, Hässelby, Sweden; Steve Glabman ("Steve In Space"), Chicago, USA; Wil Gommans, The Netherlands; Roland Hall, Brösarp, Sweden; David Heale, West Looe, UK; Hartmut Kunz, Schnaittach, Germany; David Heale, West Looe, UK; Lou "Goodie", London, UK; Michael Lampert, Heidelberg, Germany; Tim Littlewood, UK (The "Tim Tapes Man"); Maurice Maes, Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium; Maxiphone, Belgium; Chris McGorey, Canton, Michigan, US; Adrie Meijer, The Netherlands; Nobby, Mekons website; Sébastien Oddos, London, UK; Robert Olver, Winnipeg, Canada; Martin Odstrcil, Germany; Norbert Oyarzun, Rouen, France; Georg Pachernegg, Recklinghausen, Germany; Tim Penn, London; Pertti, Tampere, Finland; Stuart Petty, Walsall, UK; Chris Plummer, Baltimore, MD, USA (first Kevin site - thanks Chris!) ; Chris Potts, UK; Michael Rae, Penfield, NY, USA; Frédéric Richard, Rouen, France; Alan Richardson, Isle of Whight, UK; Guy Rowe, Derby, UK; Germany; Dierck Schlie, Hamburg, Germany; Chris Schlosser, Germany; Serge, France; Phil Smith, Halifax, UK; Horst Spandler, Burghthann, Germany; Michael Starr, NY, NY, USA; Robert Steinhart, Nürnberg, Germany; Jonathan Sturm, Tasmania; Thomas, Hamburg, Germany; Thomas K., Germany; Patrick Trouvé, Argenteuil, France; Jos Van der Berg, Ijsselstein, Netherlands; Erik van der Scheer, Amersfoort, Netherlands; Waldo van Leeuwen, Driehuis, Netherlands; Michel Vanmarsenille, Mont Saint Guibert, Belgium; Rob Venables, Warrington, UK; Erik Wikman, Sundsvall, Sweden.

Not forgetting a great record seller: Russ Pinnegar (Excalibur), UK.

"Beautiful Extremes, Conversations with Kevin Coyne", a book by Clive Product, was very useful too.

(To all the people above: if you want to see your e-mail adress below or a link to your site: let me know!).

Please do not use, alter, diffuse or put on line without the authors agreement.

Thank you.

A very big thank you to Tony Donaghey who helped me a lot with his additions, corrections, memorabilia and his countless tapes and to my friend Uwe Schillhabel, from Bamberg, Germany.

Tim Littlewood is a English fan who taped MANY live and radio performances in the late 70s and 80s. In 2002, he put them to CDR. Thanks Tim! They all are of a wonderful quality!  I designed the artwork and called them The Tim Tapes!

Steve Glabman is a Chicago artist; check some of his work on You can reach him at sunny.enteract (a); he wrote a great poetry book called "Black Olives."

Horst Spandler is a German musician; his band "Van Bluus" once played with Coyne!

Roland Hall's website

Waldo van Leeuwen's Mark Knopfler (and Kevin's buddy Brendan Croker) page

Alexander's great website (with tons of Kevin Coyne photos)