KEVIN COYNE LYRICS - ALBUM: Wild Tiger Love 1991

Bungallow Song (the) (Kevin Coyne)

Creepy wallpaper is creeping round on me, I can look, I can see through the windwow at a naked tree and there's a woman in an alcove, she's drunk and she's staring right back at me, she's almost as mad and almost as sad and almots as bad as me. I go to work each day and I never see a single thing, I just see a woman and I hear a bell and I hear a dog and I hear something ring, I'm so conlused, it's five o'clock, I got to go home, I got to find a place to rest, I got to get home, I got to flind you, you're the one I love the best

Chorus: I got to get back home to the one I love (x3) to that bungalow by the sea

I hear telephones ringing almost day and night, I can see the people out in the streets, there's skinheads and everybody and they all start to fight, bike-chains swinigng, everbodys swinging and everybody's singing but nobody loves each other, this is a crazy place to be most of the time, most of the time, most of the time and I know you don't love me and you don't want to see me and you don't want to hear me, you can't touch me because I'm diseased, it seems, this is a city dream and it's driving me mad, each day it comes to me and I feel your love getting closer, that's why


I didn't make a million, I didn't make a single thing, in fact, I'm in debt at the bank and everytime I hear a cash register ring I think of a Rolls Royce and a lot of style and a holiday somewhere but I can't even afford to pay even the price of the train and I know that if I keep on worrying about all this money in the bank (ah I ain't got no money anyway, I've got to be frank) that it stinks down here and I'm in the rat race now, I want to feel the sand between my toes


You might think I'm going a litlle bit crazy and all but you know when I get like this and I'm starting to crawl and crawl, there's only one thing I know, I've got to call you and all, I've got to hear you sweet loving voice once again, I got to hear you talk to me, speak to me, squeak to me, breath to me through those wires, every night, it keeps me alive, it keeps me right, I can hear you now and it feels so good, lift up the telephone, its home, its home and I'm not alone

Chorus (x4)

It's calling me

Sensual (Hans Pukke/Kevin Coyne)

Sensual, feel the ricochet, sensual, turning night into day, sensual got me down to the bone, sensual, I can't leave you alone

Chorus: I know and you know we're watching the river flow, I know and you know honey that's the way it goes (x2)

I'm gonna kiss you in the dark, I feel sharp, I want to kiss you in the dark cause I still got a spark , I'm gonna kiss you in the dark cause I still got a spark, I'm gonna kiss you in the dark, I still got a spark


Sensual, feel the ricochet, sensual turning night into day, sensual, got me down to the bone, sensual, I can't leave you alone


I'm gonna kiss you in the dark, I feel sharp, I want to kiss you in the dark cause I still got a spark , I'm gonna kiss you in the dark cause I still got a spark, I'm gonna kiss you in the dark, I still got a spark (ad lib)

Cafe Crazy (Crazy Cafe) (Kevin Coyne)

Here comes Big Bertha, spotted dress down to her knees

Here comes Mad Harold jangling a bunch of keys

Here comes Big Uta, German right down to the core

One word out of place and she'll flat you to the floor

Chorus: This is a crazy bar, this is a crazy place where they've got those mad eyes, bad looks in their face

Let's have some optimism here, don't you talk like that, I want to die in the suburbs, want to die happy and fat.

Here comes Crazy Coletta carrying a bunch flowers

She'll pray to the saviour and talk to you for hours and hours

Here comes Mad Maurice, coat dragging on the floor

He can shout like a lion, you want to hear him rant and roar


Here comes Bad Dennis, smiling at everyone

He says that he loves you and Jesus is his son

Here comes Bad Betty, crying in the rain, if she insults you, she'll insull you again and again


Looking in Your Eyes (Hans Pukke/Kevin Coyne)

Don't you look into my eyes just like that, don't you know it grieves me to think of what I've done

Don't you look into my eyes just like that, don't you know it hurts me to thing of what might have been

Don't you look into my eyes just like that, don't you know it grieves me to think of what I've done

Chorus: I was a liar and a cheater too, I ran around the town till you almost died

I was a liar, a cheater too, I know I bleeded you till I made you cry

(repeat everything - solo - chorus ad lib)

Open Up The Gates (Hans Pukke/Kevin Coyne)

Open up the gates, let us all come in (x8)

We're all waiting flowers in our hair, we're all waiting shadows in our hair, we're all waiting flowers in our hair , flowers in our hair, shadows in our hair

(repeat everything twice)

Shadows in our hair (x2)

Go, Sally, Go (Hans Pukke/Kevin Coyne)

It's Saturday night down at the club and I'm looking into your big green eyes, I'm acting rather foolish and I'm getting drunk again, I should act my age but I'm not so very wise, I'm in love with you, I've got you under my skin, there's nothing I can do or even say, I want to hold your hand, I want to dance all night, Sally, come out to play

Chorus: Then you go back home and wash you hair, listen to the blues singer on the radio, then you come back to the club again, dance all night, go Sally now go go go.

You're winking at me and your lips are shining under the spinning, spinning lights, I can see your eyes are getting sleepy butl you've still got that spark, it's feeling allright, we're moving together and you're clutching my shoulder and we're dancing in crazy crazy kind of way, it's a nice feeling to have you and to hold you for a minute, every dog has its day


You're a regular down here and all my friends they know you, they say you're wild and you're crazy and you're hazy and you're lazy and your kind just won't do, but I won't take advice cause you're so very nice in a bizarre and almost grotesque way, and I love you, I need you, want to hold you and squeeze you, there's nothing more this fat boy can say


I can hardly breath with feeling, I got pleasure right down to my bones, just touching you on that Saturday night meant I would never ever ever be alone, cause your memory will linger in my brain though I may never see you again, you've made me so happy, I'm feeling light and snappy, a bouncing middle-aged man

Chorus (ad lib)

American Girls (Hans Pukke/Kevin Coyne - 1991)

Moving, grooving, moving, grooving on some American road, I've got a pink Caditlac and I'm sitting in the back, no particular place to go, there's the big purple mountains and the big purple sky and the desert all around, I can feel the heat, feel the heat, I've got that American sound

Chorus: Is it Loretta, way out in New York? Is it Sybilla? She could talk that talk, is it young Wendy in California? Is it Loretta? She could cause a stir.

Everybody's talking to me and I can't understand a thing, I feel like an angel battered from London with battered London wings, I've got to call my baby on the telephone, tell her I'm doing well, I'm not drinking too much, smoking too much and I know my breath don't smell


So now a restaurant with my hamburger, burger and beans, I'm looking round at the mini skirts and at all the queens of the teens, I can hear the rock'n'roll on the jukebox playing Elvis Presley, Saturday night, it feels so good living here, it feels just cool and right


Everbody knows that I'm here and they're sending me letters everyday and I just don't know a word to write, can't think of a word to say cause I'm happy here, my ancestoral home is with this big blue sky, I feel the country's big and I want to groove, it's a million miles wide


Fish Brain (Kevin Coyne)

Wandering in your housecoat all around the house, seeing strange creatures, strange litltle mice, it isn't very nice what you say, you're not from Mars anyway

Chorus: Fish brain, you're dnving me mad, fish brain you're making me sad. (x2)

I'm going to fetch a doctor in a long white coat, he'll come in the house and he's going to gloat, he'll take you away for a year and a day, I'm finished with you, you just can't stay


You're out in the garden wandering all around, strangling the cats, jumping up and down, what are you doing now? Changing your hair, you're cutting it all off, you just don't care


I've had enough of this, can't take anymore, you've left all your cornfakes over the floor, you've smashed up the crockery, smashed down the door, I can't take this no no more

Chorus (x2)

Fooled Again (Henri Beck/Kevin Coyne)

This is a lonesome town, so much you can buy, look in the windows at night, everything catches your eye, there's a Donald Duck quacking on a string, there's a Mickey Mouse, wonderful little cheery thing, the children they cry to you Daddy we want it all, you've got no money to pay, you're in the trap and about to fall, you could cry for yourself but you cry for your children too, you told them this was paradise but this was not the truth

Chorus: And it's a shame and it's sad, you've been cheated in the end and its a shame and it's sad, you've been fooled again

Wishing and worrying. How can you pay? Bills keep coming day after day, your children are hungry, want all they see, it's strange my friend, you've become just like me, one of the rat race, a media fool, it spins you round and round, treats you cruel, it teases and cheats you, gets you every way, you can't buy but you tell lies to get by in the end


You're joining the queue now, the big lost cause, bureaucracy gets you, closes the doors, you're trying to smile now but it's hard it seems when the money machine has cracked your dreams, what can you do now, be like me, live from day to day, pain and mitsery, I'm wondering if there's a way buf I may find one one day, let's get down and pray


Don't you Look (that way) (Kevin Coyne)

Talked to my neighbour today, said 'You look a disgrace', he pointed his finger, grim look on his face, he said 'You can't sleep you ain't washed for a week, if you don't stop this, you're going to be on trouble deep'

Chorus: Everybody says, don't you look that way (x2)

Now I'm ironing my shirt, I'm lifting tIhe dirt, there's not much joy for this little schoolboy, you told me for years, I'm going to leave you dear but I wouldn't listen to that good advice


I'm a solitary man and I understand you're not coming back but I'll keep on wishing, hoping

Chorus (x3)

Raindrops on the Window (Hans Pukke/Kevin Coyne)

Raindrops on the window, kids toys on the floor, got a funny awful feeling, can't pay these bills no more

Landlady's knocking, crashing on the door, it's a sad sad feeling when you always will be poor

Chorus: In a few short minutes you're going to pour me a glass of wine, going to put your arms around my shoulder, tell me everything's going work out fine, just fine

Raindrops on the window, kids toys on the floor, got a funny awful feeling, can't pay these bills no more

Run over to the window, let's tear these curtains down, maybe the sun is shining, there's love always around (in here)

Chorus - Solo - Chorus (x2)

Raindrops on the window, kids toys on the floor, got a funny awful feeling, can't pay these bills no more

Landlady's knocking, crashing on the door, it's a sad sad feeling when you can't pay these bills no more

Raindrops on the window, kids toys on the floor

Passion's Pleasure (Henri Beck/Kevin Coyne)

Spoken: Passion's pleasure's got me in its spell, what a strange idea, what a thought, I'm 47 (...) to be still dreaming and fantasing (...) wonderful (...) Isn' it time you settle down? Somebody told me in a bar last night you're getting very old (...) It's about time you settle down. I still get these ?? ideas and maybe I'll never change, I can't stop, my mind's (...) always the same. Passion's to blame.

Passion's pleasure's got me in its spell, I feel dizzy and I don't feel well

Got me speaking in tongues late at night, I have nightmares and I fight

Yes I struggle to forget it all but your vision's got me against the wall

My hands are tied and I can't speak, think about you every minute of every week

Passion's pleasure's got me in its grip, I'm on a crazy sailing, sailing ship

Chorus: I count your photographs daily, conjuring visions of you but they're just pieces of paper and they just give me the blues.

Passion's pleasure's got me in its grip, a crazy captain on a crazy ship

On a crazy sea that goes up and down and round and round

Listening for happiness's sound but it's far away and long ago that I could smile

Every time I see your photograph I cry for awhile

I worry but then what can I do?

My life and every second dreaming of you, dreaming of you

Chorus (ad lib)