KEVIN COYNE LYRICS - ALBUM: Sugar Candy Taxi - 1998


Sugar Candy Taxi (RobertCoyne/Kevin Coyne)

Sugar candy taxi on the highway to Hell

Al Capone is in the back seat, his cigar it really smells

Blonde Tina's in the front seat, diamond rings all on her hand

She turns to Al, she says Hey pal, you never understand

A woman is a woman, she's got to be treated smart

It's not just dresses and fancy furs, a woman's got a heart

A woman's got a soul as well, she's not just high heel shoes

She gets down at the kitchen sink, even blonde girls get the blues

Sugar candy taxi on the highway to Hell

Al Copone is in the back seat, his cigar really smells

The wind is blowing outside, the storm is up ahead

Within five years, within five years, Al Copone will be dead

Porcupine People (Kevin Coyne)

Porcupine people down in Porcupine Street walking up and down with those sharp old Porcupine feet , t hose Porcupine minds always following behind, talking about, talking about me (that's what they do)

Oh well down on Porcupine Street, they love Porcupine minds, they have minds that are cruel and jagged, search behind my back, they point their finger at their Porcupine victim (that's me)

Maybe I'm paranoid (x3) (all shout) he's paranoid, maybe I am? (I don't know really, I can't understand but maybe) maybe I'm paranoid (x3) I should be paranoid, maybe I am? (Yes you are, you said that)

Porcupine people with Porcupine hair, walking up and down their Porcupine stairs with their Porcupine flair, with their little chicy, chicy, chicy ways (so smart)

Those Porcupine people with the Porcupine caring, that means that Porcupine's just cut you, they don't do no sharing, they look out the window and they give you that Porcupine laser beam, laser beam

Maybe I'm paranoid, I'm paranoid (x2), maybe I'm paranoid, shut up paranoid (that's what you say I am, maybe I am?) maybe I'm paranoid (x3) there's not much joy in being paranoid (listen to me, listen to me)

Ah those Porcupine days in the Porcupine sun when the Porcupine people really all have fun, their jagged little fingers all scratching down my spine

If I had a Porcupine knife, I'd cut off their Porcupine quills and I'd treat them badly like they treat me and I'd take them out to Porcupine tea and I'd poison every cup

Maybe I'm paranoid, I'm paranoid (x3) I'm paranoid (it's clear, you can hear me), maybe I'm paranoid (x4), I'm paranoid, I'm paranoid

So this Porcupine song it keeps going through my head, in the Porcupine night with the Porcupine dead that cling to my bed, that make Porcupine noises in my ears

I have a Porcupine wish that you'd all go away and leave me for a Porcupine holiday, go away, go away, you Porcupines

Highway Of Dreams (Kevin Coyne)

I want to take you to the highway of dreams, introduceyou to all my plans and a million schemes that'll make you feel good when the darkness comes, you've got so much from me, the Devil's got to run

I'll love you forever, forever more, I'm opening up Heaven's Heaven's precious door, see the silver, the glint of gold, there's enough for you when you get old, when you get old, when you get old

I don't want you to be sad, I don't want you to be blue, I don't want you to think there's no one for you, I want to take you on the highway of dreams, I want to show you my plans and all my all my all my all my schemes

Happy Little Fat Man (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

Let love shine, shine so bright, don't let it drift away

Keep your heart open wide, this is a happy day

No more pain and no more grief, Paradise is here

She smiles at you from across the room, there's nothing dark to fear

Chorus: Hi, hi, ho ho happy little fat man me (x4)

So here I go, I'm travelling on to a wondrous place

There's a smile so wide and love in my eyes

I love the human race (x3)

Garden Gate Song (the) (Kevin Coyne)

I can see you now standing by the garden gate, back in 1958 . You're smiling at me, we're talking about butterflies, birds with purple wings with little yellow beaks . We often use to go to the park and bicycle there and you and me would stare for hours into each others eyes . It was honest stuff, we didn't tell lies but you let me down, you married a man from the factory at the end of the street and you said it was fine, you said it was fine to leave me there and cold and without a care, you wandered away to a house by the sea, to a bungalow where I don't know but I'll find it one day and I'll go there and I'll knock on your door, knock your husband to the floor (x4), the police will come and take me, they'lll take me away and maybe they will say that he's as mad as a hatter and has got to be locked up but I don't care because it's lonely here and I want to find a friend like I had a friend in 1958, I'm sure it is not too late (x2). Memories of that garden gate in 1958, I'm sure it's not too late, not too late, not too late

I'm into your Game (Kevin Coyne )

Well I just called somebody far away, she said she loves me so much, I don't believe a word she said but I...

Oh honey I'm into your game

I called a faceless number in Berlin, a number in the city of sin

Oh honey I'm into your game

It's a long long way, a long long way from home, I'm sitting on the settee sleepy and stoned

Oh honey I'm into your game, I'm into your, I'm into your, I'm into your endless endless expensive game

I keep on ringing, I do it almost every night, I must be so lonely, you're only my only little light

Honey, I'm into your game

When the telephone bill it arrives, I shall scream, I'll shout "It's a rip off" but I don't mind cause I'm into your game

It's steamy and it's hot and I'm all alone, you're whispering something naughty, oh keep on and on yeah

Oh honey I'm into your game, I'm into your, I'm into your, I'm into your game

I don't even know your name, I like what you say, I'm into your game

I'm into your game, I'm into your game

I'm into it, I'm into it for life, I'm into it, I'm into it for life, I'm into it, I'm into your game, I'm into your game

Talk to me, that's nice, now you're so sweet, do you really want to do that? Do you really want to do that? That's wonderful, I'm into your game

My Wife's Best Friend (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

My wife's best friend, she really loves to ball

My wife's best friend, she really loves to do the rock'n'roll

She can hully hully gully like nobody, like nobody I know

She dances out in the garden most nights without any clothes

My wife's best friend, she really turns me on, turns me on

I get kinda hot when she knocks on the door

Oh baby you're the one

My wife's best friend, she's my secret love

My wife's best friend, she's really my secret love

She talks to me sweet on the telephone like a turtle dove (x2)

Oh talk to me sweet, talk to me, oh sweetheart

My wife's best friend, she's coming round tonight (x2)

We're going to dance in the living room, I'll hold her tight

Hope my wife stays out of the house, I hope it tonight, I hope it tonight

Come on, all fade on

I hop my wife stays away, I hope she stays away tonight

Little White Arms (Kevin Coyne)

A divine vision in pink and black w alking by my pink Cadillac

A dream come true, well I love you, you wild girl, well I love you

I'm sitting in this lonesome bedroom

I'm dreaming of you (x2) of all your charms

Your little white arms, well I love you, well I love you

Rusting Away (Kevin Coyne)

I saw you waiting at the bus stop, I saw you rattle your teeth

I saw you cry just a little, I saw the sadness beneath

I saw your husband waiting in his green grey overcoat

I saw his red handkerchief, I saw his rattling teeth

I saw his silvery grey hair and I wondered, yes, I wondered if he cared

I imagined your yellow canary at the window gazing at the blue

I saw your garden full of pansies, your gate swinging in a mild wind

No oil, needed oiling, iIt was rusting away

Rusting away (x4)

Bird Brain (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

Hey little bird brain, driving me insane, give me a little kiss, you naughty little miss

Hey little bird brain, I've had enough, I've had enough of your funky stuff

Hey little bird brain, you're putting me down, I'm jaded and I'm tired and I've lost my crown

Hey little bird brain, chasing you around, they're laughing at me all over town, all over town

Laughing at me all over town (x4) I'm about to explode (x3)

Everybody knows you're breaking my heart

Hey little bird brain, I've had enough of all your tricks, all that dirty stuff

Hey little bird brain, now leave me alone, I'm better in my little house, living on my own

Hey little bird brain, you're wearing me out, I'm exploding, you've got me everywhere, upside down, inside out, everywhere, upside, inside, out , got me

Oh leave me alone (x4)

I'm better off on my own, leave me alone (ad lib)

Tiger Lilian (Kevin Coyne)

It was a night in South London and there was rain and snow

It was dark by the common and you had no place to go

Your little oriental eyes were shining at me as I walked up to you

You said if you can help me, give me some money i f that's all you can do

I love you Miss Tiger Lilian, I need you Miss Tiger Lilian, I love you Miss Tiger Lilian

We went back to my flat, iIt was warm and hot inside

You were so lovely smiling, so grateful , s aid I was kind

We spent the night together , it was a perfect night of love

Every night I think of you lately , I pray to the stars up above, come home

I love you Miss Tiger Lilian, I need you Miss Tiger Lilian, I love you Miss Tiger Lilian

You never came back again, you were, you were so far away

You sent me a letter from Ethiopia, you said you might return someday

You remembered the warm coffee in the morning

And the warmth of my lovely smile

I wish you would come home once more and give me that oriental smile cause

I love you Miss Tiger Lilian, I need you Miss Tiger Lilian, I love you Miss Tiger Lilian

Love you Miss Tiger Lilian, I love you Miss Tiger Lilian, I love you Miss Tiger Lilian, always love you Miss Tiger Lily, Lily, Lilian

Fly (Kevin Coyne/Eugene Coyne)

I was walking through some woodland place the other day, I saw lots of birds, they were flying, wheeling away and the yellow beaks and the big black wings, I saw the raven, what a terrible thing

And l only want to fly, I want to flap my wings and fly away, fly away higher and higher, swooping , s ee you walk and loop above you, swoop down on you and sit on your shoulder

Swooping down over my head, almost biting my hair with their crusty old beaks, those dirty old birds, the grey feathers as they flaked and flapped, I saw the owl watching me, the owl watching me

I only really want to fly, lift up myself and fly away, higher and higher away, I want to fly, lift up my wings and see you drift out down to meet you, lay down my beak beside you

Speaking of beaks, there was a big blue and purple beak, a parrot like bird that descended down my chimney last night, it was very dark outside and I was very very very scared

I only want to fly, spread my wings and fly, send myself up high into the blue and stare down on you, see you walking by, I saw you standing and flapped my wings to fly and I ran, well I would land, s it myself beside you, beat my wings on you

They fade away into a grey sunset across the swampland, mosquitoes biting in the moonlight, mist of time

One day we will fly, one day we will certainly fly, one day we will fly in the bye and bye

Almost Dying (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

A rhapsody in pain, you think I don't know what you're up to when you're far away by the seaside and what you're doing

The seagulls up above they squawk, they talk, tell me what you're at and they give me the news by the seaside

Chorus: I want you, I need you, I love you, I'm almost dying.

Every moment, every second, I spend away from you it leaves me feeling blue and wandering around the town, all lost and lonely, oh I'm lost and lonely


I got a message from the bees, the lines are humming from the trees, the little mice they squeak and play, they tell me the bad news everyday

I'm looking for a paradise where the ones I love they don't tell lies but I can't find, can't find that precious place, precious place


I want you

Normal Man (Kevin Coyne)

I've been flying, I've been dying, I've been flying high over the top of my house

I've been dreaming, sometimes screaming, waking up the neighbors who shout out 'What is that all about?'

l am born and I feel strange, I feel mad, somebody help me out

I hear a voice but it's not my voice, it's not the voice of my choice, who the hell is it?

Help me Jesus, help me if you can, can't you see that I'm struggling daily, I'm just trying to be a man, trying to be a man

There's nobody really listening, nobody really trying, nobody wants to help me, nobody wants to help me at all

I'm ringing up my brother and my mother, sometimes I call my sister but they don't answer my call

I'm talking about trousers, I'm talking about skirts and blouses, anything, anything silly at all

I want to make you laugh, I want to make you scoff, I want to make you scream, drive you up the wall

Help me Jesus, help me out, I need a hand, I need a regular hand, I need somebody to love me who really understands, I need somebody to help me be a normal man, a normal man, somebody who understands, I want to be a normal man

What the hell is a normal man ?

It Hurts (Eugene Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

I remember my home town, the buildings red and brown, the velvet golden fields, the sun it wouldn't yield

I remember me and you, a loving me and you, I remember, I can't forget

I said to you Keep in touch, you said It is too much, that I drive you mad, my voice makes you sad but I loved you so much then, I'd do it all again just for you, just for you

But why, why do you turn away when all I need's a day for us to just hold hands or you to say hello and whisper sweet and low that you're not afraid, you're not afraid, you're not afraid

I pray to the Lord to help me, help me God, that she will understand that I'm a truthful man, the love I hold for her, it hurts and it burns

It hurts and it burns (repeat)

Lancashire Song (Kevin Coyne)

Sitting on the old sea wall, my feet are dangling down

My socks are lying in the sand, watching the tram cars rolling as they're speeding by

Some things I just don't understand

We were so happy for about five years t hen you drifted away to a house up north but you wouldn't say

How you felt when I held you tight for that very last day , a lready you'd planned, you'd planned to, planned to run away

I'll take a plane to Fleetwood, take a train to Blackpool, take the train to Ramsbottom, take the train to Lancashire, find you again

Oh the silly sea gulls flying in a V formation up above the holiday makers in the silly silly hats

And the smell of those soggy hot dogs almost made me sick, I ate too much, too many and I grew fat

Maybe that's why you left me, why you went away so so suddenly, you even, you even, you even took the cat, the cat, the fat cat

And I'm still missing you although it's a year ago, what can a poor lost boy really do? He has to search a way

Take a plane to Fleetwood, take a train to Blackpool, take the train to Ramsbottom, take the train to Lancashire, I've got to find you

Well there's nothing much that I can say, the search goes on, I'm looking out for you tonight, oh tonight

And I'm holding the card thay says you live at number 35, what town, what place? I don't really know

Maybe my mind is drifting, temporaly paralyzed. What is this? Number35? Who are these dark people, standing around, watching me, watching me?

Oh, I'm standing on a seashore, that loveless glint in my eyes. Somebody make me a nice, a nice cup of tea, I want to go home

Take a plane to Fleetwood, take a train to Blackpool, take the train to Ramsbottom, take the train to Lancashire, take a train to Lancashire