KEVIN COYNE LYRICS - ALBUM: Room fool of Fools - 2000

Sugar Turning Sour (RobertCoyne/Kevin Coyne - 199)

My memory's failing, don't know where to go, I switch from up, way down below

Everybody tells me I could do much better, but I don't like this city and I don't like the weather

Now if you kiss me, put some sugar in it, when your eyes light up, don't let them dim it, I want to feel your love everywhere, I'm getting old, whisper, tell me you'll care and share

Tell me you'll care and share, tell me you love me, even in my underwear

Sugar's turning sour (x3)

I used to be funky but I think I've lost most of that, everything that was muscle has certainIy turned to fat

I'm abrasive but nohody takes no notice anymore, when I start shooting, they just slam the kitcheen door

I look out the windows for friends that might arrive, I'm lost and lonely, I can't even drive

They took my license, took my number, took everything away, take me out into the countryside, I want to feel the sun

Sugar's turning sour (x3) sour, stinks, alright

Sugar's turning sour (x3)

I'm on a train, it's travelling somewhere but nobody really knows, I'm leaving this city at last and I've just got a change of clothes

I'm aiming for the seaside, for all those hobbing boats, I want to get out on that blue, I want to float

I want to float on an empty sea, to a land that's far away, I'm looking for a little paradise, a lovely happy day

But there's no chanc ehere (x2), till I get to that wondeerful place

I think they call it heaven (x2)

Sugar's turning sour (x7)

I'm Wild (RobertCoyne/Kevin Coyne)

Anyhody talking to me might get the wrong impression (x2)

That I'm fading away, fading away

But that's incorrect (x2)

I'm as strong as a bull (x2)

I'm wild (x2)

Anybody talking to me might get the wrong impression (x2)

That I'm drifting away in a hazy blue (x2)

But that's incorrect, certainly incorrect

I'm as strong as a bull (x2)

And I'm wild (x2)

Anybody talking to me might get the wrong impression (x2)

That I'm falling to pieces like an old jigsaw (x2)

But that would be incorrect, certainly incorrect

I'm as strong as a bull (x2)

And I'm wild, can't you hear it, I'm really wild (repeat)

Fade away

That's enough, I'm really wild

More Than Enough (RobertCoyne/Kevin Coyne)

My diary, Brigton, March, 1987:

I hear the rattling teacups, see your face across the chequered tablecloth, you stare, you stare for hours looking at me disapprovingly, and then you pick up the teaspoon, flick some tea in the direction of my pink nose, my rose nose, you treat my like a fool, are we both cracking up? Or is it me? Is it you? Is it me or is it you? Is it you? Is it me or is it you?

I've had more than enough (x8) of you

When we get on a bus together you insist you bring your little white dog that pisses on somebody's shoe on the top deck of the bus and then you turn round and blame the man next to me you say, "Why don't you keep yourself under control, all men are dangerous, all men are dangerous, all men are very dangerous, extremly dangerous and I include you in that list of notorieties, notorieties"

I've had more than enough (x8) of that

One of us got to go, one of us got to leave, we can't go on like this

This is causing me to wonder about my sanity, do strange things, draw the curtains during the daytime, shut out the light, I don't want to see the sea, the heaving grey sea, the sand, those awful people running around in silly suits, pink hats, noses, that's what I'm obsessed with tonight, diary, noses, I'm always talking about rosy nosy, rosy nosy

Oh I'm gone

I've had more than enough (x6) of that, of that

Diary ends for today, tomorrow might be the same. Who can tell? But anyway, I'll do my very best to remain at least on terms with the human race, in a reasonable sense, I might keep a reasonnable sense of things, I might keep things in proportion, I'm not really sure but as I say, diary, tomorrow, I hope we'll have a better day, oh I don't know, I've had enough, I don't know, I've had enough, I don't know, I've had more than enough

More than enough, more than enough

More than enough but I'm celebrating you know, the future looks good, I get this strange feeling it might all come together and ?? at the mouth with it all

(The second - spoken - part is really too low in the mix to be written down except for he last sentence: But I'm celebrating, making a fool of myself, everybody laughing at me, pointing to me, saying, "He's the one she used to know)

God Watches (Kevin Coyne)

Let your heart sing, let it take wing, let your little soul trill, life is wonderful, super, every moment's a thrill

Sing to the clouds late at night, don't let the dark get you down, imagine you're a princess sitting somewhere on a long tall seat with a crown

God watches over you (x3) at least that's what he says he does (x2)

Keep on singing although you can't sing, imagine you're Mantovani

You're a lush little dream, a chorus of strings, oh , you're a salami

You're something delicious and something fair and fine, you've got everything you need

Nothing is wrong wi th you even though you sometimes find your heart it bleeds

God watches over you, he certainly watches over you, God watches over you, at least he promised that, he made a promise that he does

So when the night draws in and it covers you all in gloom

Go out with your little dog and stand in the garden and bay at the moon

You can't be got down, you're strong as strongest, as tough and strong as can be

There's nobody quite like you, that's what I believe, that's what I really believe

God watches over you (x3), they tell me that's the truth

God watches over you (x2) you have to believe it's true

God watches over you

Whispering Desert (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

Your blue open-toed sandals, the glow from the candles in that gruesome Italian restaurant by the desert, the glow of the cacti, the purple cacti, curvaceous cars speeeding by, on that, on that little road out to the desert, that little road where we drove that fateful night, where we went and where the light disappeared from our relationship, where we discovered we didn't like each other, that we weren't even sister or brother, something sad and something strange but I can't rearrange the sequence, the time, the place, all I know is your little face looking at me, those strange curled ears and the hair you piled on your head, piled on your head in a little mountain, a golden mountain, speaking of mountains, do you remember our journey there, where we stoood and we surveyed the view and you said you'd like a little house somewhere on the mountain side far away from the desert, a garden with cross-eyed flowers and brambled bushes reaching almost to the heavens, darkening the roofs of that little place, somewhere spacious but also intimate where we could talk about ourselves in corners, sink into the shadows, we could sink into the shadows, we're a shadow kind of people, we don't like the light all, we don't need the light at all, not a single spark, we live in the dark, we laugh to ourselves, to our own own little jokes, we communicate by a kind of telepathy, I can hear whispering to me, as I sing I can hear you whisptering to me

Candlelight (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

Oh that candlelight, oh that natural glow, talking about candlelight, let the honey flow

Talking about that candlelight, from a long time ago, talking about that light on your face (x2), made you look so beautiful, made you look so right, so nice, wonderful

Candlelight in that dark cafe, the natural glow swept my senses away

Oh candlelight, when will you burn again? I miss that beautiful face (x2), you were so beautiful, so wonderful

Candlelight, that night, candlelight, that perfect night

You were so beautiful, so gracious and wonderful, like something form a story book

Candelight, bless the candlelight, candlelight all those years ago, you were so beautiful, oh so beautiful, so beautiful (x7)

Forgive Me (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

Forgive the way I dance, forgive my terrible pants, forgive my little red tie, forgive my little white lies, forgive my crazy ways, forgive the salad days, forgive the way I was, forgive me, I'm trying to change

Oh love me love me love me if you will, love me love me love me give me a thrill, oh love me love me love me if you will, oh love me love me

Forgive the way I laugh, forgive the way I cough, forgive the way I stand, forgive me when I squeeze your hand, forgive me I'm a little strong, forgive me I'm sometimes wrong, forgive me I don't know where I'm going, forgive me, forgive me

Love me love me love me plese, love me love me love me, I'm down on my knees, love me love me love me please, love me love me love me

Love me love me love me please (x2), love me love me and please don't tease, love me love me I'm down on my knes, love me, love me

Forgive me for the way I sneeze, forgive me I like cheese, forgive me, oh please forgive me

Einstein Song (the) (Kevin Coyne)

The boy's got funny eyes and legs like sticks (x2)

The boy's got a nose like a carrot and he's often sick (x2)

His mother says 'You're seventeeen, you should stop your dirty tricks (x2)

But I tell her, I keeep on telling her, 'He's so young (x2)

One day he could turn out to be the chosen one'

And the boy wants to drive a car and run old people down (x2)

The boy wants to curse and swear in the church on Sunday

He wants to drop abomb on his school most Mondays

But I keep on telling his mother, 'He'll improve, he'll turn out to be a credit to you' (x2)

She doesn't believe me (x4)

The boy says he's crazy, he's mad but he's feeeling like a saint (x2)

But Jesus Christ he certainly ain't (x2)

I tell his mother, 'He'll be a credit to you one day (x2)

That son of mine is going to take your breath away

Sugar Sugar Samba (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

You gave me a chance to dance in my drceams, this lonely man you understand had no dreams till he saw you dancing towards him, in the ballroom

His little face it sparkled, it shone, like a fresh little apple, his checks they glowed, they were lovely to see, under those strange lights

And later he drove with his Fiat, into the snow over the land, the deep deep snow grew grey, the slush from the tires dirtied his shoes

Sugar sugar sugar samba I want to get higher, I want to be your big silly bird, want to be your flier, I want you to know, want you to know you're my only only desire

Sugar sugar sugar samba, I want to get high with you

We took holidays, we did wonderful things. now we're thinking of getting married, thinking of childcen, little babies in rows by the window

There's nobody can stop us, nobody can stop us, the love we felt that night, it goes on, it's a light for all to see, how wondrous, it's almost a disease

Sugar sugar sugar samba I want to get higher, I want to be your big silly bird, want to be your flier, your love is truly my only only desire

Sugar sugar sugar samba, I want to get high with you, I want to get high with you, I want to get high

Celestial Bride (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

Call me Mr. Lucky, call me Mr. Right, here I'm sitting with my TV tonight, channel 4, channel 5, channel 9, it 's alright, and the ship is on the lawn, the silver cone pointing to the deep, deep blue, to home, the door is open, open wide, you wait at the door my celestial bride, you wait with a smile at my curly head, the sun it rises over my bed, the TV flickers on and off, on and off, flickers on and off, I turn to you, you smile and cough, you point to the sky (x2), to the deep deep blue, to the broad bye and bye, you point to the sky, we go arm in arm across the lawn, our journey's just begun (x2) flickering on and on, the TV, channel no 5, no 9, no 19, which is the one, which is the one that will guide us home? On and on

Take Your Pain Away (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyn)

You're the loveliest lady I've ever seeen, some thing out of Hollywood, sornething out of a dream

Saw you drinking hard in a north side bar, wondered why you were so sad and lonely, a jaded star

Chorus: I know you suffered before (x3) but I will take your pain away, yes I will

I got your telephone number last night, talked for two hours, tried to make things right

You didn't trust no-one and I don't blame you, they all let you down, told you lies, not the truth, all lied to you


I'll take it away , take it away, all your pain away (ad lib)


I'll take it away , take it away, all your pain away (ad lib)

Precious (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

The precious little picture that hangs over my bed, one day may come unscrewed, and fall on my head, until that day comes, I'll hold my dreams of you, think of you as the most precious thing in my life

Because you're precious, and very special, really precious and very special to me

That little flower that grows in my gardlen, we planted some time ago, might shrink and fade but until that day, that day arrives, I'll hold you in my heart and my arms, for all I'm worth

Because you're precious, and so very special (x2), to me

Because you're precious, and so very special (x2), to me

Your little dog, that you left at my house, I'll treat it like a saint, I won't push it about, I'm not an animal lover, but I'm in love with you, I see your smile as I sing and I'm telling the truth when I say...

You're so precious, so very special (x2), to me, so special to me (repeat)

Wunderbar mein Schatz, Himel ist hier mit dir, du machst mich absolut, absolut

Du bist die Beste, du bist die Beste mein Schatz

Speak To Me (Kevin Coyne)

There's a sun that rises, there's a sun that goes down, there's a light at my window, it's the world spinning round, there's a light on your face, comes from a strange sky, maybe I've heard it wrong, maybe all I've heard is lies, we don't live forever, I've not seen the signs, all I know what's in my head, it's dead and what's in my head is mine, I wished I could hear a call, that said home, come home, but all I know as I sit in this room, I feel so alone but there might be something out there, there could be something out there, there might be something out there, I hope there's somehing out there (x2), there must be somehing out there, oh speak to me, speak to me

But I Love You (Steve Smith/Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

Your leather jacket hangs on that peg, on that wall

You left it when you left in a rush, last winter

I believe you might return one sunny day

But since you've gone I just wail and wail the nights away

I sing songs of disillusion and despair

I touch the walls and somehow, I'm touching your hair

One fine day, one fine day you 'll come home

But at this moment in time, I know I'll have to stay alone

I play records, I hope you hear them through the door

As you pass in the corridor, I hear your footsteps on that parquet floor

The rattle of change in your sweeet little leather bag

You changed from the princeess of my heart into a hag

But I love you, yes I do, but I love you, yes I do, but I love you, yes I do, yes I do

But I love you, yes I do (x2), yes I do (x3)

I Can't Make It (Kevin Coyne)

White walls and red tiles, that's it, sea birds with their laughing beaks and little blacklirds picking up bits and pieces from the floor, you and I sitting on that same old, green bench, watching everything, laughing at things, secret jokes, lots of secret jokes we had, and more by the time when you said, "Kevin you're just a little mad, stop talking about these things. Get yourself together, get a prober job." I said, "What is a prober job?" you said, "Something to do with artillery or making walls or building balloons or blowing up balloons, something physical", I said...

I can't do it, I can t make it, I can't do it and I can't make it, I can't crack it, I can't break it, this mood I'm in, I can 't shake it, I can 't shake it, won 't go away, won 't go away

Maybe I'm idle. Day after day I want to do things but I can't do things and that leads to me be rather frustrated and sitting enjoying nothing and watching the grey sea and waiting for you to bring in the tea, the cakes, those cream cakes with that orange coloured jam and placing them on the table and laughing as you do it and saying "You lazy, lazy little man"

I can't do it, I can't make it, I can't crack it, I can 't break it, I can't do it, I can 't make it, I can 't crack it, I can 't break it, I can 't make it, I can 't make it, I can 't make it

Room Full of Fools (Robert Coyne/Kevin Coyne)

Where's the action, where's the fun? (x2)

Nothing happening here, not a single spark of joy

Chorus: Just a room full of fools (x4)

What am I doing here, and how did I arrive?

What am I doing in this place and how the hell did I arrive?

I'm messed up, mixed up, messed up, mixed up (x2)


That's how it goes

Hey baby, what's wrong with you?

Give me a smile or something, help me to lift the dark

I can't dance, can't sing, can't do a single thing (x2)

My arms are dropping down by my side

Chorus (x10)