Your Holiness (Kevin Coyne/Pete Kirtley)

Your Holiness, say a prayer for me

My brother and myself we beseech

You help us in our quest for eternal happiness

And money, money, money, money, money, and money, money, money, money, money, money

Your Holiness, now come down here

Give us the benefit of your advice

Keep on praying, keep on praying, keep on saying, "God will save us all, He'll save us all"

Your Holiness, with your baubles and beads

Your jewellery for all the world's needs

Send an aeroplane of snowy white through the clouds with Gods light

And money, money, money. money and money, money, money. money, money

Your Holiness, you're not listening to me (x2)

I'm dying day by day, millions of others are going the same way

Your Holiness, you're not listening to me (x2)

I'm dying day by day, I'm so confused

You can't help anyway

Liberation (Kevin Coyne/Pete Kirtley)

A row of cigarette burns upon your arm

A burst and bloody nose

Call the police for the hundredth time

Keep on getting a familiar line

"It's nothing to do with us" they say

"You shouldn't argue anyway"

"You should know by now, you're just a slag, just a cow

You shouldn't have let him down

After all he is your husband" (x2)

But what's that got to do with me?

I'm just a man and I've been there, you see

Felt the violence and felt the pain

Liberated, I won't go there again

Go there again (x3)

I can hear you crying

Not an answer from the room

He's out there somewhere drinking out his failure and his doom

He wants to know if you'll return again

But enough's enough, enough's enough, enough's enough, enough's enough

Here's your sister

She holds your hand

She's a woman, not a man

She's a woman and she understands

Let me tell you she understands

She knows and I know

There is a much much better road, much

Don't go there again, don't go there again, we won't go there again , we won't go there again

Fun Flesh (Kevin Coyne/Pete Kirtley)

In your Palladian mansion

Black swans on the lake

Staring from the silken curtains

Hear the laughter shake (x2)

See your son, your little brat of a son

Shooting down the sparrows

With his daddy's golden arrows

While you stand by just laughing

You're perverse and old, you're perverse and old, you're perverse and old and old and old


Your gloss lipped secretary just came into the room

Gave you the latest news of the day

They're letting down the tyres on your green limousine

They're taking all the Champagne bottles away

But you're still touching the fun flesh

Touching the fun flesh, rifling through the fun flesh, touching the fun flesh

Touching, yes you're touching, touching, yes you're touching

Touching yourself daily

With anguished memories, laughing inside, crying outside

Not sure what to wish

You could wish for a better life, eternal youth

But your son gives it all to you, you say you've told him the truth

But he is just a clone

He is on his own

He is just a clone and you're old, old, old

Your rabid dogs might bite you

They're old and they're blind

You've treated them so cruelly

But you don't mind

The golden gorgeous dollies

What a stupid word

But you never realise the times have changed and you look so absurd

Touching the fun flesh, riffling* through the fun flesh, touching the fun flesh

Touching, yes you're touching, touching, yes you're touching, touching

You never quite got to grips

With a sedentary life

But now your money and your legs fail you

And you've nothing left to hold

But this little boy with his little laugh

Who never understood

Who never ever will

Unless you set him free

Where's the remedy

Perverse and old (x2)

God damn this family

You may see a vision

But I don't suppose you will

Of another life for you and your offspring

But you are so bigoted

You keep reading the books

Keep sending for the mail order forms because you like to look

And you're touching the fun flesh (all you do), you're touching the fun flesh, rifling, rifling through the fun flesh, touching the fun flesh

Touching, yes you're touching, touching, yes you're touching, not touching yourself

You never touch yourself, you don't know yourself, you never touch yourself, it's all in a book

Touching the fun flesh, touching the fun flesh, women are fun flesh, women are fun flesh

Women are fun flesh, women are flu, flu, flu, flu flunkies, you fool

* Riffling: the 'i' sound suggests this instead of "rifling" - see #2 (through e.g. books, which are mentioned later in the song) - a note by Martin.

Flashing Back (Kevin Coyne/Pete Kirtley)

Flashing back through the endless photographs

Such faces and such memories, can't it be, can it be I'm just dreaming

I'm just leaving, leaving the ground again

Flashing back, I'm supposed to be so realistic, so objective, so realistic

It's just a trick, a trick of the light on my eyes

I prefer the lies, I prefer the air

Don't call me a fool (you're a fool) (x2)

Take your banners away from my eyes, take away your dogma and take away your lies

Don't call me a fool (you're a fool), such a fool

Flashing back, there were better times at last, it seems

I'm liaising with my dreams

Closer to the one I am

The floating, the floating little man

Flashing back

Don't call me a fool, don't call (you're a fool), don't call me a fool (you're a fool) don't call me a fool (you're a fool)

Take her away (you're a fool) your prayer books and your strain

The things you did again and again

When I was so young

But now I know I prefer to flash back

Sleeping on the way I do

Maybe that's the only truth

Flashing back with you (you're a dreamer, you're a fool, you're a fool, you're a fool)

Tell the Truth (Kevin Coyne/Steve Bull)

Have you heard the story about Robin Hood?

Now Robin Hood was really good

He fed the poor to feed the rich

He didn't do a thing the bitch

Heard the story about Guru Christ?

He was a man infested with lice

He thought he was really nice

But where is he now, we need him now

We need him now

Tell the truth (x8)

Hear the story about Josef K

A man who had his day

A lion in his lair

A man who knew anywhere

He could control your soul he said

Now that man is really dead

Is he dead? Dead. He's dead. Is he dead?

Tell the truth (repeat)

Banzai (Kevin Coyne/Steve Bull)

Hanging out your washing

On the Siegfreid line

Looking for a future

A life divine

I don't know

How you really feel

When they ask you to give up your freedom

Working in the factory (x8)

Working everyday

The company looks after you

Give you a house and a view

After several years, you may be allowed to drink

You may be allowed to think, who knows?

But you're working, yes you're working, yes you're working, yes you're working, yes you're working

Waiting for the call (x2)

Banzai (x2)

Time to die

Banzai (x2) oh banzai

Diving on the long ships

Like our fathers did

Emperor's bidding

We must do his bid

We're waiting for a leader that's strong

Someone who can help us live our lives, live our lives

Someone to help us live our lives

Banzai (x3)

Prepare to die


Working in the factory (repeat to fade)

Poisoning You (Kevin Coyne/Steve Bull)

Cripple cranked vision

A sheltered life

A millionaire's row

A naked wife

Doing my best to get it right

But I know

I'm poisoning you, poisoning my friend (x4)

Poisoning you, you

I don't mind, I do it all the time, I don't mind but I do it all the time, well I don't mind, do I do it all the time?

Do I? Do I?

I was waiting for the perfect embrace

A night of satin and crinoline and lace

A satisfied mind

A satisfied me

I'm waiting for an answer

But who are we?

Poisoning you, poisoning my friend (x4)

Cranky drivel from the corner of the bed

Looking at the shape of your pillow, is it your head?

Way down below, the real fire burns but I feel I'm turning, getting old and I'm...

Poisoning you, poisoning my friend (x8)

Poisoning you

Are you poisoning me, poisoning you? (ad lib)

Magnolia Street (Kevin Coyne/Steve Bull)

It's an understatement , perfect lie

To state you live after you die

I'm looking in Magnolia Street

Lines of windows, people on their feet

Dancing suburban disco

Alien beings bouncing up and down

Not a single line of thought, 'bout the truth seems to pass through their heads

At this club

Call it Magnolia, Magnolia Street, dancing to the beat, on Magnolia Street, dancing

Well the final conclusion, we're all wrong, I don't suppose you'll listen to this song

Because I'm deaf and you made me blind

Magnolia Street is on my mind

Magnolia Street, dance to the beat (x2)

Magnolia Street, try to be optimistic, try

You could die on Magnolia Street

Hear the beat (x2)

We're down at the club, the Universal Club

Have a good time (x4)

Clap your hands

Have a good time (fade)

I've Got The Photographs (Kevin Coyne/Pete Kirtley)

Look out greasy head, I remember you

The curls on the pillow

The white, the white and the blood

You were born (x3) just

You were born (x3) just like, just like me

I've got the photographs

Hey, little madam

With your dress on, standing by the fence

Powdered and alone

I can see you (x2)

I've got the photographs

Hey Guru, standing in your white and blue

Is it red tomorrow, what do you do?

I don't know I see the grease and the pain

And the rain and the stain

I'll see it again and again

And again and again

I've got the photographs (x2)