KEVIN COYNE LYRICS - ALBUM: Millionaires and Teddy Bears 1978


People (Kevin Coyne/Bob Ward)

People living, oh I love their living

People loving, oh I love their loving

People giving, oh I love their giving

People holding, oh I love the holding

People smiling, oh I love the smiling

People hating, oh I fear the hating

People fighting, oh I loathe the fighting

People screaming, oh l fear the screaming

People dying, oh please stop the dying

People living, oh keep up the living

The world is for loving, oh I love the loving

Oh I love the loving (x3)

Oh I love the people (x2)

Having a Party (Kevin Coyne)

We're having a party, oh what fun

See the little girls now see how they squeal and run

Out on the patio, millionaires a go go

If you want another drink, there's plenty more under the sink

Chorus: Spot the millionaires, aristocrats, big teddy bears , f ools in fools hats

Discussing my future, I wonder why

They tell me I'd be much better off if I told one little lie

Smoke up the chimney

Bones of pop stars

They say you've got to to be tough and rough and tough and rough and tough and rough if you want to be a pop star


I had a nightmare boogie one last night

I dreamed l was trapped in a hall full of golden discs

Somebody said to me, "Which one is yours?"

And I had to confess I hadn't got one, hadn't got a single, hadn't got a single one at all

Not one at all

He said, "Get back, get back, don't want you here, get back, get back, go away "

I'll Go too (Kevin Coyne)

Little white hands in the atomic night

The face of the future so clear and bright

There's leopards leaping before your eyes

See your face so clear and wise

Chorus: Oh oh oh oh, I'll go too (x2)

You run down your garden, there's someone there

She's got white hands and long blonde hair

Now naked laughter is no more a sin

So enjoy yourself and jump on in


You're dancing there on a spiky lawn

You're singing past midnight until dawn

It feels so good, good to be alive

I had a vision of this in 1955 (and it's coming true)


Come round my house, we'll have some fun

You can dance on the tables and fire your guns

They're just rubber bullets, won't cause no pain

You'll laugh and love again and again (you're in heaven)


I'm Just a Man (Kevin Coyne)

It's not that I want to say anything that hurts you or demeans you

It's not that I want to say anything that will even make you cry for a minute or an hour or a day

I just want you any way to understand I'm just a man in love with you, you

Well it's not that I want to hold you to ransom with foolish lies or lies and eyes

And tie you down, it's not that and

It's not that Iwant to even marry you because marrying you would mean that I'd have to chain you, not choose you, chain you, not choose you

I love you and that is all I want to say and I've never wanted to say anything any other way, that the way I'm saying it now, this is the way I really feel

And if I sound a little confused, it's because I'm all feeling for you

Can you understand?

Well it's not that I want to say that it'll last forever and that we'll be in that never-never land where things always go right

Cause in my experiene the light can turn a little dark when tongues have been sharpened

Things have been said that were wrong and it's not that I want to say I've got a solution cause I don't have a solution and I sometimes don't have a notion as to whether I mean what I say but I mean it now, I mean it now, yes I

I always will if you let me do it but if I don't do it then it's not my fault cause I love you so much and I'm keeping it up forever if I can, I'm just a man and I love you

I love you, yes I love you

Pretty Park (Kevin Coyne)

Well it's summertime again down on pretty park (x2)

They're smooching, mincing, eyeing each other shining

Laughing into the wind (x2)

L aughing (x2)

Chorus: On pretty park (x2), hear the dogs as they bark on pretty park.

Well it's summertime again down on pretty park (x2)

They're doting, floating, boating, coats soaking

Laughing to themselves (x2) l aughing


Well it's summertime again down on pretty park (x2)

They're sinking, they're winking, they're thankful, they're a handful

I've never seen such fun (x3)



Sunshine and rainbows

See the rainbows

Doreen and Michael, they're still friends

They will be friends until the world ends

Always sitting on the same old bench

They don't want to go but they've got to go, now, what a wrench

And the sun keeps shining

Oh how it shines (x4)

How it changes your mind (x2)


Hear the dogs as they bark

Well it's summertime again down on pretty park (x2)

And they're smooching, they're mincing, they're eyeing each other shining

They're laughing into the wind (x2)

And there's a call from the gate, there's a call from the gate

And the transport is running late and the transport is running late

Chorus (repeat)

Let Me Be With You (Kevin Coyne)

Foreign city crowded, there's nowhere to go

See you in the bar, wandering round, I try to touch you

I try to tell you what, you can see the base in me

You can see what I've got

Chorus: Let me be, let me be, let me be with you (x2).

I'm half-crippled, savage guilt inside

Taking my best friend, my best friend for a ride

The pulse rate beating, filthy thoughts

I don't want anyone to say, I don't want a bad report, no


We were like kings and princes floating up and down around the room

I was a petal bursting flower, I was fully-fledged in bloom, in that room, in that room

So it's over, I'm whisked back home

Another fat failure, another alone

So riddled with guilt inside, what am I going to say?

When the voice whispers in your ear, "Did you have a lovely day?"


We were like children then, we did what we could, we said what we could, we flew

I'm like a finished man now

What on earth is my mind going to do?

With memories of you

Those memories of you

Marigold (Kevin Coyne)

Marigold was dreaming about somebody

About a fight that she'd almost won with her man

Marigold was dreaming about a punch-up

About a scrawny-kneed fight on the kitchen floor

Marigold was dreaming over the stewpot

Holding forth imaginary blows and scars

Marigold was dreaming, she wasn't screaming

Her high-heeled foot was pressed upon the chest of a man

All men are fools she said and most of them would be better if they were dead

I wish they'd all get out of my well-permed head and leave women to rule the world, leave it to the girls

Marigold was dreaming she was creaming a big cream cake, she'd baked the cake to throw it at me

Marigold was dreaming she was a cat with claws so sharp they tore my skull away and most of the hair

Yes Marigold was dreaming, old old dreaming, she was richer than anybody could ever see and she trod on me with her riches

Marigold was dreaming she was leaping across a ravine on a horse made out of gold

Silly now to think that she never knew nothing

That she wanted to be my best friend

She said she was almost my best friend

But there was a girl called Julie or somebody somewhere far away

Who she knew who knew more than me and therefore would be a better friend in the end for her she said she knew anyway that most of what I said I'd got out of books and I didn't know what she was doing and that women were about to take over the world

I said, "Marigold, you're dreaming"

Don't Blame Mandy (Kevin Coyne)

Don't blame Mandy

Leave her alone

Don't laugh at her, don't sneer

She needs something better than

This locked life

You give her nothing

You make her cry

Leave her alone, she's flying on her own

She's flying on her own, flying on her own

Chorus: Don't blame Mandy, don't blame Mandy, don't blame Mandy , d on't blame Mandy

Blame me.

Don't blame Mandy

You bully boy

Laughing at her

Behind her face you can see the pain

She has a brain

She has a mind

Something of her own

Don't be kind

Be true, be right

Leave her tonight

Let her fly

Don't make her cry


Don't blame Mandy

She's going to another place

In another time

Where's she strong, where's she stronger

Arms up raised

Fighting on

Finding freedom

She's free as a bird (x2)

I can see it in her eyes

Please let her fly


Oh Mandy, oh Mandy, oh Mandy, oh Mandy


Little Miss Portobello (Kevin Coyne)

Little Miss Portobello, sitting on your own

Sitting by the jukebox, nobody loves you none

Chorus: Oooh oooh go home (x7)

Your mother's waiting, high on a country hill

Your father's anticipating, he's still crying still


Wrestling with your conscience, what on earth can you do?

Nowhere to sleep, nowhere to eat

Lonely, ragged and blue


Ah, I know how it feels

I know how you rock and reel

You wanted a city painted with gold

You wanted to live till you were old

Lots of money and lots of fame

But nobody cares (who's to blame?) cares (who's to blame?)

The shit is hard, the city's hard

The shit is hard, hard, yes, it's hard

Yes, it's hard, hard, yes, it's hard (repeat)



Go back home, go back home, home, home, home, home, home, home, home

Wendy's Dream (Kevin Coyne)

Wendy's dream of Ireland

Blue skys and green fields

Little men on white chalk roads

Their hearts all revealed

Wendy's dream of Ireland

Elfin houses in a line

Red-cheeked women at wicker fences

Speaking away the time (x2)

I kissed your face

I touched your lips

We gazed from the window onto the street

Rumbling traffic, straggling children

Running, aching, aching feet and loving, aching, aching, needing, needing, needing, needing, needing

Wendy's dream of Ireland

Cheap jewellery on her hands

Is there anyone in this dark place

Who really understands? (x4)

Wendy take my hand (x2)

I understand

World Is Full Of Fools (the) (Kevin Coyne/Bob Ward)

The big bookcase it hides the window

It means I cannot see out

No ragged heads, no ragged minds are

Going to mess me, mess me about

Going to keep it right, don't mention the night

Down by the lakeside, I'm sitting with pamphlets strewn all over me

White squares of paper full of ideas

I throw them all in into the sea

They sail away, sail away

Because the world is full of fools

Ah, the world is full of fools

Yes, the world is full of fools

But it doesn't make them bad people

It's a sunny day, sun like a bauble rolling over the sky

Telephone conversation, someone tells me the weather is

Mighty fine, the sun's divine

Come on outside, enjoy yourself

But I can't, I don't know why

Maybe you can change that for me

I know I'm deep

I seem to be asleep

Hold me now, squeeze me now

You can do it somehow

It's not too late

Tell me, tell me, tell me

The world is full of fools

Yes, the world is full of fools

Oh, the world is full of fools

But it doesn't make me a bad person