Are you Deceiving me? (Kevin Coyne)

Are you deceiving me?

That's not what I see

Are my eyes just like a child's

Am I just the product of a mind

A head gone wild

Are you deceiving me?

Are you deceiving me?

I know that you will see

The face, the grace of the eyes I never saw

My heart cries out

What is more, this room is dead

It's almost gone, I don't like the bed

The bedhead is wrong

Are you deceiving me?

When you say that I'm alright

You shout through holes in the lino night after night

Don't undress in front of the mirror

I've seen it all before

And I've still got my Social Security, I'm not really poor

Are you deceiving me? (x2)

I'm not deceiving anyone (x2)

Are you deceiving me?

I can recall my family tree

The heart and soul of any man

Is it anyone really understands

Are you deceiving me?

Come Down Here (Kevin Coyne)

(Come on) (repeat)

Chorus: Come down here, why don't you come, come down here? (x2)

Your lines are crossed, you seem to lose

Everytime you get depressed, you rush, you rush, you rush to the booze


You race around like a man on the town (with no money)

They will put you down, I'm your one, I'm your honey bunch

Come down here, why don't you come, come down here?

Come down here, why don't you come, please come down here?

Nightmares I know, they can spoil the daylight glow

Build on top of your head, drive you silent into bed

Daytimes, they are rough, come down to see me, I will show you some stuff

Well a better night, I will persevere

Alright, I won't give in

Come down here, you know it's not a sin

Dead Dying Gone (Kevin Coyne)

You sleep, you wake, there's nothing more, you wake

I'm not dead for heavens sake (x2)

Chorus: I'm dead, I'm dying, I'm gone (x2) , I c an't carry on

You say, you know

You rule every show

I'm here, I'm gonna stay

You'll never change me anyway


You cream and you scream, you dare to see me

I'm not like you, can't you see, I'm not you and you're not me


Nightmares I have none, I am the chosen one

Slippered fools die in bed

I'm the one that's got the head

Dead and dying, I'm gone

I am dead and dying, I'm gone

Can't carry on (x2)

What's the point of carrying on? (x2)

Stand up (Kevin Coyne)

Stand up, stand up and be counted baby (x2)

I'll be, I'll be your good friend tonight, alright

Wait on, wait on just one minute (x2)

I'll be, I'll be your good friend tonight, alright

Stand up, stand up! Get up, get up! Stand up, get up!

Stop breaking, breaking down, y ou're making me cry , s top breaking down

(repeat the whole 3 times)


Lonely Man (Kevin Coyne)

Lonely man crawling in corners

Opening drawers with nothing to hide

Seeing doors that don't exist

Living your life in a vacant mist

Creeping down and falling around

Lonely man, you're not walking

Never go on streets, you're not talking

You remain so silent, it seems so sad

Your heart is good, I know it isn't bad

There's someone downstairs waiting for you

Chorus: You've still got your mind (x4)

You've got it if you want it

You can get if you want it

Don't lose it, don't let it go, don't lose, don't lose, don't lose your mind.

Lonely man, you're never crying

There's no-one to hear you when you cry

There's no one you know to hear you cry

I can hear you, I can see you, I'm everywhere, I'm watching over you


Lonely man, there's something

There's a new generation coming

They hold hands, they smile at each other

Every sister, every brother

Something's there for you to find


I Really Love You (Kevin Coyne)

Nights I've wasted waiting in that lonely bedroom

Face pressed against the window, face all full of gloom

Watching wild men screaming in the public bars

Seeing the headlights whirling, wondering where you are but oh

Chorus : I really love you baby (x3)

I want you to get down and come on round (x2)

You are so far away, you seem so distant now

Just a line or a letter, a word to reach me somehow

I'm burning inside and the rage is climbing to my head

I suppress my anger, spend most of my life in bed but oh


So it seems that has to, has to be the way with me

I'm not thinking too much, most sensible men would agree

That I shou\d leave you, somewhere some way

Never talk of you again

But then I can't do that darling

Your very face gives me a yen


Sun Shines Down on me (Kevin Coyne)

Daylight's shining through at last

It's running right through my past

I know that everything is alright

Oh because the lord let the sun shine down on me

Oh because the lord let the sun shine on you and me

Crying, it somehow don't seem right

I've gained back my soul and my appetite

I'm happy like I've never been before

Oh, because the lord let the sun shine down on me

Oh because the lord let the sun shine on you and me

I know I was crazy

Never did the right thing at all

I know I let my mind go lazy

I let my spirit fall

I know there was something wrong

But now it seems to have truly gone

The lord let his sun shine down on me

Oh, because the lord let the sun shine on you and me

I said now smile everybody

Don't you see it's gone

I'm surrounded by good spirits

Day and nigh time long

And when I walk, I walk like I've just been born

Oh, because the lord let the sun shine down on me

Just because the lord let the sun shine on you and me

I Confess (Kevin Coyne)

I confess that I killed the cat

That cat was speckled and fat

It was an angry cat

But I thought it was laughing

I confess that I hit my brother

Then I trapped my mother

And then I struck my sister

Her nose was bleeding

I confessed to the priest one day

He said undress your soul and go away

I undressed and what did he say

He started his laughing

I recall a big black bird

Flapping his wings

The sound was heard over the town

As he pounced on me

I wasn't breathing

Chorus: I did it, I said it, I did it, I said it all the time (x2)

I've cried a million tears

I'v e been crying through the years

Too many wines and too much beer

I'm feeling dozy

I know that I'm not the one

I'm a rebel and a rebel is alone

Wherever you go you'll find the same

They're always breeding

And you reach out and you say that you're mine

You make me much better

And I'm waiting on time

For the time come when I feel like you

So optimistic

I confess I killed the cat

That cat was speckled and fat

Oh it was an angry cat

It was laughing


Sweetheart (Kevin Coyne)

Sweetheart, sweetheart

I know I love you, I'm taking you, needing you , I'm always wanting you

Sweetheart, sweetheart

Let's make it together, we can, yes we can, we can together now

We're walking down darkened streets

There's a daylight beneath our feet

Don't mind their smiles

Don't look at them

We have our little castle

We've really built a den

Sweetheart, sweetheart

Let's make it together

Let's mean it, let's mean it, let's try it

Let's really mean it

Sweetheart, sweetheart

Any kind of weather is my kind of weather

And your kind of weather now

It's raining, see the splashes fall

There are shadows on the city wall

Strangers we can take them

They can't move us, we can make them

Sweetheart, sweetheart

Let's keep on loving, let's hold it, let's hold it, let's hold it

Don't cold it now

Sweetheart, sweetheart

You know I'm making my life for you and you for me forever now

The birds are crying, so they say

It could be that you and I are on our way

We're steppin' out, steppin' out in style

We don't need no defence

We've got ourselves all the while

Sweetheart, sweetheart

You know I'm mumbling, I'm making up things and I don't know why I'm talking

Sweetheart, sweetheart

Let's keep on crying if crying's going to change it

Let's see the sun shine our way

Hold up the clouds, lock them back

I'm telling you now

We're on the right track

Hold onto everything

Don't let it go

We are here and everyone should know

Sweetheart, sweetheart

Here we are together, it's you and me

You're looking better

You're looking so much better now

Sweetheart, sweetheart

There's no denying that crying is lying

So don't let us cry forever now

I see you, you and me

My long hair shaking like a tree

Covering your body with every single strand

It's about time you saw

You really are a man

Shaking Hands With The Sun (Kevin Coyne)

Well they crucified the saviour because he knew

A little more than maybe me or you

Well they hung his head and they made him bow so low

But I tell you honey that's not the way we're going to go, no no no

Chorus: Shaking hands with the sun (x3) , let's hope the sun it doesn't burn.

Well Mussolini, he had it all

They pinned him and his mistress agains the backside wall

Well they hung them from a lampost

Hung them upside down

But I tell you honey they won't drive us to ground, no no no


Well Hitler, he marched through foreign lands

Tried to teach the people how to live and understand

Well I think he was a great man, I think he knew more than me

Yes he's sending us up together darling, sending us up to be free (I want to fly like him)


Well the marchers in the dark will never drive me down

You and I little woman we can run, we can run around

Let's jump in the city, show them what we can do

We've got our ideals and we've got our life style too

We know where to go


It doesn't burn (x7)

My Mind's Joined Forces (Kevin Coyne)

I said I'm so happy

There's a smile on my face

Well, I'm so happy

Loving you in this place

Well I feel like a princess

I'm so happy and gay

I've just changed my hairdo

Oh what a happy day

Chorus: My mind's joined forces with you (x2)

Well, I'm so happy

You can strike up the band

Tell everyone I'm so happy

Cos you're my man

We've got some big plans

We've got some places to go

I'm so happy and I think you know I know


Check out the whole world

Tell them what it's about

They can hear the whisper now, soon they'll hear a scream and a shout

We've got our marching orders and we are ready to go

So turn up the headlights and down the road we go


And I love you so , I love you so

Joining forces with you (x2)

We know what we do, I love you so

It's My Mind (Kevin Coyne)

Sitting out on the moors drinking bottles of wine

Getting drunk getting drunk to well past midnight

Watching your eyes as they stick like glue on me

I don't need it, can't you see I'm independent

My mind is free (x2)

Chorus : It's my mind. (x6)

What's that you said in the shop last night?

Words of love that didn't seem right

Long fingers running down my back

Leave me alone, you're on the wrong track, say...


It's my mind

I don't want to meet your mother, she bores me to death

All she needs is a smile and maybe a wreathe (for her head)

I don't want to know relations, I don't want to know in-laws

I don't want to paint the windows, I don't want to paint the doors (I want to be free, I want to be)


We can run around the park at night

We can gaze into the bright moonlight

Don't touch me when I don't want you to

If you keep it up our love is through, say...


It's my mind (x7)

Love Together (Kevin Coyne)

We can put our love together

Yes we can put it together

Don't mind what all the people say

You and I are here and we're staying this way

There is laughter from those that don't know

They don't know and why should we tell them so?

We're putting it together a nd that's all we need

We are putting our love together

Don't mind the faces at the window

Don't mind when they knock upon our door

We've got it made and what is more

I see you as my king

I'm prepared to be your loyal queen

Any lover would know what I mean

We are putting our love together

Don't you refrain from my love

I understand you and I don't need you to reject me

We're made like angels, we're like stars

We're the ones, our love is going far

We've thought it all, don't take it away

Don't take it away (x3)

We've got it made, really got it made

Don't take it away (x9)

Happy Homes (Kevin Coyne)

Happy homes in the moonlight

Snow on the East Lancs road

Little children at windows

Grandpa with a red nose

They're happy, so happy, they're happy (x3) ooh

Happy homes in the moonlight

Mother-in-law is having fun

Son-in-law's in the bathroom

He's toying with a gun

They're happy (x3)

So happy

Happy homes in the moonlight

It's festive time again

Remember all you people

It's good will to all men

They're happy (ad lib)

It Really Doesn't Matter (Kevin Coyne)

It doesn't really matter (x3)

(Repeat 8 times )

We Know Who We Are (Kevin Coyne)

It doesn't matter who you are (x3)

We know who we are (x2)

(Repeat 5 times)