Stand up for England (Kevin Coyne)

I see the trees, the smiling faces of Nanny as she says to me that I love you

Daddy's there, provides the money, my underwear, my hair-do and a smile

I hear Mummy, she screams in the dark, she always does, it's Daddy, but he never says

Black eyes at breakfast, sobs and tears, but no one explains the problem, they never do

Elvira, stand up for England, Elvira, do us proud, Elvira, stand up for England, scream in the dark, but don't scream too loud

I see Nigel, his curly hair, his little hands on the table, they're laughing at him

I see Brian, with his dog, his cat, his nurse, red weals on the back of his hands

And I ask questions, but there's no answers, no one calls, no one says... you're not supposed to think

Still, they've planned my future, they have a plan, a master plan, and it's good, at least that's what they say

Elvira, stand up for England, Elvira, stand up proud, Elvira, scream if you like but God knows, don't scream so loud

Don't you dare scream (x3)

Don't you dare dream

I'm A Girl (Kevin Coyne)

Elvira, I hear you, you don't hear me, I hear you, you're talking to me

I'm a boy, I'm a boy (x3) you're not supposed to talk to me

I hear you boy , I hear you talking, I hear your laughter and I'm going to talk to you

I hear you, and I hear your swearing, I hear your cursing, you can hold me if you like

I'm a girl, I'm a girl (x2)

It' nice to touch, it's nice to say, it's nice to hold each other this way, it's nice to fall in love they say, that's love, that's love, that's love

But somebody's going to take it away, somebody's going to wash it all away, at least that's what my father keeps saying

Girls don't have any brain (x3)

I'm a girl, I'm a girl etc., and I've got a brain

Debutante (Kevin Coyne)

I'm a debutante, I wear pink and gold, I'm quite young though I feel quite old

With my pinky smile, my tight golden hair, my big smile floats everywhere

I've just met a duchess and my mother was proud, she laughed to herself but it wasn't too loud

She said "Good girl", and she took my hand, she said "Your father is a judge and judges understand"

He doesn't understand a fucking thing (I swore!), he doesn't understand a fucking thing

Oh but l'm a debutante and the future looks bright, there'll be no mornings, just perpetual light

And the light will bum as long as I am good, I'm flesh and bone and I'm not wood

But my father says and my Mummy agrees, I've got nice curly hair and nice plump knees

They don't understand a fucking thing (x2)

But I'm a debutante, I'm a debutante (repeat)

A Leopard never Changes her Spots (Kevin Coyn)

We're down at Piccadilly, Nigel's just jumped through a fountain... all the policemen laughed

We're up in Knightsbridge, nice nice Knightsbridge... tearing the flowers from a wall

I've just seen Simon, knock off an old man's hat... the man had to crawl

And it's fun fun funsy, fun fun fun fun funsy... nobody cares at all

Chorus: A leopard never changes her spots (x2) but when she gets the blues, the blues are hot.

I've spoken to Mumsy, she sent me a cheque in the post... be a good girl

I've chatted to Daddy, he's promised me some jewellery... six strings of pearls

God knows I'm crying, won't show Nigel... he'd only laugh

We're down in the club, twelve G & T's... I footed the bill


So it's nicey, nicey, just tore up a letter... it was from a friend

I've got plenty ... as long as the money's to spend

Got the little house, it's in the muse with the booze... We're having fun

It's a cocaine party, do your best... keep having fun


A leopard never changes her spots (x2), a leopard never changes when she's blues, she's hot

When she's blues, she's hot

Golden Days (Bob Ward/Kevin Coyne) see also BURSTING BUBBLES

Solitary pictures, children at play, vacant laughter, gloomy days

All of the money, all of the pain, hope that he's coming to ease the strain

My best friend Barbara stands away, don't get involved with him, take your soul away

Look at the world outside, follow the noise (x2)

All of the love and the laughter it's thrown away

All of the love and the laughter looking for golden days

I seek a rythm, perfect tune, happiness forever after, in my room

I've had a message, this is my last hope, the world's so tight around me, there's no scope

You can hear my breathing, feel my pulse, it's just racing, racing on and on and on and on

Oh what has happened to my soul (x2)

All of the love and the laughter it's thrown away

All of the love and the laughter in search of golden days

Boys Boys (Bob Ward/Kevin Coyne)

Boys, boys, talk about men, talk about men, six feet ten, curly hair and staring eyes, always telling terrible lies, leaving you and longing you, begging you and pleading you, I don't know what they do, God knows what they do

I know that they've made me cry, I know that they've made me fly, I know that they've made me sing, given me a pair of paper wings and bumt me down

Boys, boys, talk about men, talk about men, six feet ten, curly hair and staring eyes, plenty of perpetua llies, they give you a smile they own you, they give you a smile, they say they own you (x3) I give them wings, I give them flight, I'm sick of the lying, I want to live, I don't want to die and be burnt down

Girls, girls, talk about girls, talk about girls with diamonds and pearls, talk about girls as stiff as wood, talk about girls, they're no good

Help me now, where are my friends? Where are the ones that should be here? I'm struggling on my own, , I'm crying, I'm crying here, I'm crying here

You shoud have the wings to fly (x2), don't ever cry, show them your face (x2), don 't let them burn you down

Boys, boys, talk about men, talk about men six feet ten, talk about eyes, talk about hair, talk about this, that and there

Abusing me, losing me, wanting me. Do you want me? Does he want me? (x3). I don 't care

Long Arm of the Law (the) (Kevin Coyne)

It's like a palace in here, all the people they stare at me, waving papers for autographs... I'm a celebrity, a 'cause célèbre' in France, see the newspaper men dance, your face is on the front of the paper... you're a star for a day

Chorus: Oh the long arm of the law. (x2)

They've running now to catch the mail, Elvira's been let out of jail, she's free to fly, but where can she fly too? It was just a little bang, just a little mark, don't leave me now, don't leave me in the dark

Chorus (x4)

Think of Sunshine (Kevin Coyne)

You see me in Paris, you see me everywhere, you see me speeding through your town

That was my face you saw in a bar, that was my name you kicked around

That was my fateful life, that was me, that was you, I forgive you, all of you

You didn't realise...

You were stronger than me it seems, I know that you didn't mean to hurt me, didn't mean to hurt me

But I'm not sure, still confused, just another glass, just another dance

Rayrnond, play that tune again, play it loud, play it strong, play it forever

This is a tiny room, not much of a bed, not much of a place, not much of an end

This is a tiny room, draw the curtains, cut out the gloom and think of sunshine

Think, think of sunshine (x4) and don't, don't cry

Elvira (Kevin Coyne)

I'm just an actress, but I sang a song, gave you something to think about, I hope

I'm just an actress, singing a song, I gave you something to think about, I gave you something to think about, I gave you something to hold on, hold on to

Elvira, Elvira, what did they do? They left you so lonely and I'm lonely too, thinking of you

I'm just an actress, singing a song and calling on spirits, spirits so strong

Look at me and Elvira looks back, she was one of a million and a millions look back

Elvira, Elvira, what did they do? They left you lonely and I'm lonely too, thinking, thinking of you

I'm just an actress, I talk to you, you have to hear me, what I say is true

I've been inside her, I've found her head and it wasn't so different from mine, wasn't so different from mine, so sing, sing, sing

Elvira, Elvira, what did they do? They left you so lonely and I'm lonely too, thinking of you

One more for Elvira

Elvira, Elvira, what did they do? They left you so lonely and we're lonely too, thinking of you

But times must change

Better than You (Kevin Coyne)

When I saw your barbed wire smile in 1959, wasn't it a wonderful sight?

You were smiling in a dress of taffeta and your arms they were speckled and they were white

I was a schoolboy undressed and ready to pose, you remarked about the spot on my nose

But now I saw you in the Abbey National just two years ago and I can tell you I'm doing much much better than you

I'm doing much much better than you (x2)

You called me big head and you pulled my hair, you thought your Polish descent it made you tough

You said you think you're a giant in your class, your're just a dwarf and you're really not so rough

I'm doing better than you I'm doing better than you (x2)

Keep on writing out those cards, keep writing out those cards, ?? this is for you

Rambling Germany Blues (Kevin Coyne)

Talk about Munich, talk about Berlin, talk about the cities, the cities of sin

Talk about me, talk about you, don't you touch me with your wire, that's not the thing to do

Talk about Dusseldorf, talk about Eichendorff, talk about Regensburg, talk about a big iceberg

Don't you touch me with your, with your wire, just you touch me with your teutonic fire

When we spoke yesterday we were lovers, you undressed in front of me like a brother

You said I never worked for a living at all, you said I should go and view the Berlin wall

You said my sense of history was corrupt, I had a missing value, a missing duct

You had me screaming in my last nightmare, the worst thing you said was I didn't care

Talk about Dachau, talk about Auschwitz, talk about anything but don't talk about the truth

Talk about where you are, talk about what was not, the truth remains and I give it all I've got

You said I didn't know anything at all, my father was dead and it was all to do with the war

I told you I don't mind but please leave me alone, I've got a good memory and my memory is my own

I've got a good memory and my memory is my own

Is that my memory calling back to me? Is that my memory or is it my father's memory? You know you could be right

Bimbo (Kevin Coyne)

I read in the papers there were robbers, they raped and pillaged all day, they never ever worked, and they stole people's money away

I heard they blamed you, they said it was your fault, you didn't get enough lemon juice and you didn't eat enough salt

Chorus: Poor, poor Bimbo.

Spoke to my mother on the telephone, she said it was the same where she lived, they woudn't work on the roads, and they wouldn 't stoop their backs to dig

They were far too strong now and they should all be sent away


So I pass you in the street now, I do it regularly everyday and my stares at you won't make your stares go away

I'm a little ignorant, you must touch my hand, and those of my parents, who can never understand

Rely on the children, I hope they understand. Rely on the children. God knows they've got to understand

Up North (Kevin Coyne)

The whistling fool from everywhere comes around, he doesn't care, works all night almost anywhere, he's just another victim

He goes on down to Darley Dale, he dreams of milk drunk from a pail, he's never seen the inside of a jail, he's always regular

And all the people that I know, they all wear almost identical clothes and they all shop for the very same shoes

Up north (x3)

And most of them despise me now, they feel that I'm a sacred cow, who lost the touch anyhow and doesn't really care

They think my sentimental heart has exploded in a terrible fart and exuding of a rotten heart that didn't belong to them anyway

Up north (x4)

But I'll be back home again, climbing up your flock wallpapered walls, hearing the postman when he calls at four o'clock in the morning, and gets me out of bed

I hope it's when I'm dead

Born in 1944 (Kevin Coyne)

Fledgeling in my underwear, standing by a little chair, waiting for your first response, lonely, cold as snow

Hoping like my mother for a dream that became a nightmare, that became nowhere, don't let me make the same mistake

Wrestling with my conscience now, somehow I'm alone, waiting for the answer now, when I look to the sky, there's nobody home

Screaming and talking like, like she used to do, like they used to do in 1944

Little boys all dressed in grey suits, polished ankle length boots, cast off clothing for a cast off life, I don't believe this could happen to my wife

Waiting for the same recall, the same screaming in the hall, the same set of walls, oh we're free, free

Little boys in the grey suit, wearing those ankle length boots, 1944, don't let it happen again, I can't stand it no more

Everybody knows the score, who was born in 1944, who was poor, I don't want to hear it anymore

Blood In The Night (Kevin Coyne-Steve Lamp-Martin Normington-Dave Sheen)

You give me an artifical smile, which means you won't be smiling in a while

You 've drunk too much, you don 't know wrong from right, it means there's going to be blood in the night

You're cursing every dream you ever owned, and if I say yes then you're bound to say no, I'm so afraid that I've turned out the light, I can smell blood in the night

Oh you 're screaming down my telephone for the third day running your're all alone, what you have is you're particular blight, it's all to do with bleeding in the night, oh bleed

Well you know I was supposed to be your very good friend, but then there comes a point when I reach a bend, I turn right back and and the message I send is

No more blood in the night (x2), please get it right (x2)

Now you were my friend, what happened to my friend? (x2)

No more blood in the night (x2), stop bleeding (repeat)