22 Betterton Street


Covent Garden, London WC2




Thursday 5th June


 An evening celebrating the writings and music of


Kevin Coyne


Artists taking part include Nigel Birch, Dave Russell, Goodie Sweeney (who will be reading some English translations of KevinÕs German stories), Big Mehr and Joey Stack, Stumble On The Valves - plus Razz and Frank Bangay. Clive Product, author of Beautiful Extremes: Conversations with Kevin Coyne will be sharing memories of his friendship with Kevin. As Clive lives in Berlin, and cannot make it to the gig, Barry O'Brien will read on his behalf. Clive has also sent Barry some memories from the last time he met up with Kevin alive. KevinÕs most recent book That Old Suburban Angst will be on sale


 Evening starts at 8pm


Admission £2 50; £2 Concessions, £1 Floorspots



Organised by Frank Bangay, in collaboration with Survivors Poetry


Flyer designed by Dave Russell